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Cont. from old thread >>22418

I will post all further updates here


I guarantee 80% of the story is fabricated and they have a good reason to throw you out.



File: 1613539465923.png (123.79 KB, 450x405, 1555868109614.png)

What "story" are you refering to? If you are refering to my blog posts, they have literally replaced my diary for the most part at this point so they're 100% factual.

But it's to be expected you're still trying to gaslight and victim-blame me skitzoSpergY, you've been at this for more than a year in all of my threads kek



File: 1613539899436.png (302.43 KB, 844x1056, rbn thread.PNG)

Also again, the stated "reason" was that i didn't let myself get treated like a piece of shit/doormat at the birthday dinner they themselves invited me to in late 2018 (Pic related - To this day i still haven't received any kind of apology for that btw, not that i expected one either lol)

I literally have not interacted with or given any other kind of narc supply since then (they sent one flying monkey relative after me in december 2019 who tried to enable and take on the responsibility for what they pulled off and when that didn't work he tried the old fear/obligation/guild dynamic which i succesfully greyrocked aswell though), and i still got physically attacked again no less in august of last year over nothing

I guess the silver lining is that no matter the outcome i will be finally free of the narc's destructive outbursts and toxic influence regardless



Also i will literally ignore and hide all further troll responses from u so don't bother replying



i ain't readin all that shit nigga



File: 1613590637334.jpg (101.42 KB, 680x679, GTREEF.jpg)

I get the feeling if you make it through this you're gunna be p-unstoppable. Funny how strong the silent treatment can be for some people. It's especially harrowing to think of you dealing with all this as everyone else is losing their shit and watching their sandcastles crumble.

Best of luck moving forward and hopefully out of the social assistance web once you're on your feet.




>POS narc escalates the abuse on purpose and treats me like shit after luring me into a narc trap/highly abusive setting on my birthday

>I cease all contact according to the RBN protocol right afterwards
>Fast forward to mid-2019 she starts an eviction suit on false grounds
>Suit gets through because lawyer is lazy and incompetent af
>I lose my apprenticeship as a result, activates the eviction barely 2 weeks later
>See >>22418 now

Pm the gist of it

Yeah it's good that i don't have *that much* to lose in the first place, just everything i own basically. Make no mistake though i'd still be in a terribly miserable place regardless, anything is preferable over ending up in a fucking shelter, especially during the whole mask bullshit LARPery


Eeh i don't know about that, but definitely more hardened and resilient i think. I just hope the court won't dare me to kms or something but as i understood it from the precedent cases they usually don't do that and inactivate it right away if you write you might harbour feelium-esque thoughts as a result and stuff. I might just have to come up with "something" if they give the go-ahead regardless, which i doubt they will though from where things stand right now since no one who signs off on this will want to take the blame/heat if i actually pull something. I purposefully avoided any watered-down statements in the filing and stated shit pretty clearly and concise there heh



Also, as an added bonus the plea to being unfit for trial in the first place will probably make the whole costs of the trial she initiated back in 2019 fall back on her again so that's another aspect i considered there. In a way it's karma falling back on her really. All i ever wanted is to get along/get love and approval and i was treated like shit constantly for it and abused in all kinds of ways lel

Just fuck 'em, my egg and sperm donors don't exist anymore as relatives in my mind






I might have to go look for that tendie/NEETbux tutorial chart from r9k which teaches you how to fake being an insane person towards govt clerks, might come in handy in case i get examined by a court authority as a result of this application



File: 1614006057433.jpg (126.53 KB, 1124x1102, 1555448889539.jpg)

I'll prolly get a response from the court before thursday, the filing has been delivered late last week according to the letter tracking

I shud prolly start setting up a template for the formal objection too just in case, in case of a rejected filing i have two weeks tops to send that out



File: 1614172199618.jpg (60.73 KB, 650x665, 1576267960257.jpg)

Lill updaet on the apprenticeship thing, the employment office rejected my application for the fee coverage of the qualification course on some bullshit formality, i think i have around one month or something to file an appeal there (which i will do with the help of that social law-esque association i'm a paying member of)

Still it fits into this whole limbo thing going on right now w/the eviction scare and all that jazz

I have a telephone appointment with the employment cunt cum monday apparently, if i don't have a reply from the court by then imma contact them and ask if the appeal is being processed or not (and what this means for the supposed premature eviction date)

All this shit is way too kafkaesque i swear, it's like the whole system is geared to the max towards providing everything to shitskins and denying everything to straight white males. And it's women judges and women clerks lording over it all everywhere. It's not an exaggeration to say that most of the problems in my life are or have been caused by femoids



File: 1614250825961.png (162.14 KB, 1060x1036, 95c9b82ed64ef88a7ad1f62fce….png)

I'm not entirely sure if this applies but apparently the appeal which i filed was being sent to the opposing party aswell to give them a chance to comment on it w/a formal statement

I don't give a fuck if the narcs have seen it though, i'm completely through with them anyways and the main thing now is to avoid ending up in a fucking shelter and having to inhale the feelium at all costs

There's not much they can do here save for minimizing it and inventing further lies of their own, luckily i have proof in the form of video evidence especially of the physical attack when the insane cuck went apeshit on me last summer and invaded my room and so on

I will try reaching that other lawyer guy on Monday too most likely if i still don't have a response from the court by then. In any case if they reject the appeal i will go to the next higher instance either way with the "immediate appeal" option that exists



File: 1614530821924.jpg (35.37 KB, 472x430, 1563922430190.jpg)

Sent out a bunch of emails to the social law associaton, the court itself (asking whether my application for eviction protection is still being evaluated and what this means for the date they gave earlier) and some volunteer association which specializes in those abused in domestic/home settings like in my case

I will also very likely try and bargain with ngmom (she supposedly hates my guts for not giving her supply when she burst into my room unannounced earlier but it's worth a try) because if there's anyone that could sway the outcome more or less directly without any further formal court involvement it's probably her - It's pretty uncertain at this point in the game but there's a possibility of her throwing her weight around if i'll be laying it on honest with her, she has a kinda very narcish personality too but nmom wants to inherit her business at any cost so she would probably acquiesce to any intermediation on ngmom's behalf - IF she will intermediate to stop the legal proceedings that is, but she probably won't want to be responsible for a (fakeout) suicide attempt on my part there

There's also a good chance i will finally get a response from the court during this upcoming crucial week, but i'm not really counting on it. Push comes to shove imma get another evaluation from the doctor and contact the other lawyer guy on how to proceed. By friday i should have some solid results though in this regard i think, either way it's absolutely crucial to do everything in my power to stop/defuse this fucking thing from knocking me and everything i own and worked for out for good



File: 1614620000292.png (550.37 KB, 593x433, stevemfw2.png)

So among the responses i got to my outreach so far the one from the court clerk said the judge would announce the decision on my application later this week, which cuts way too fucking close for my liking since there's no guarantee it would postpone any of the proceedings/push them further down the line (let alone by how much) at all

I'm gonna have to get really proactive to avoid ending up in the bin or shelter at all costs and set up an orderly transition to my own quiet place where i can then start to breathe, listen to myself and pick up the pieces of my life one by one to reshape them into something appropriate (and grow/heal from the experience in the process)

When all is said and done i'm thinking about filing for a restraining/no contact order down the line too to avoid any future unpleasant surprises/attacks of any kind but stopping these current proceedings dead in their tracks before this week has passed is the number one priority i'm focussing on now



All squatters(you ) should be shot



File: 1614677307875.png (1.09 MB, 1038x1074, 1570758514594.png)

This fucking CPTSD and hypervigilance though is among the worst results from the abuse, i hope it won't take too long to fix all this

The noise aversion going along with this is the reason i absolutely detest the idea of living in a commieblock with no privacy, this is something i have to avoid at all costs



skitzoSPergy pls

If you had followed my story from the get-go you would have been aware that this particular case has nothing to do with squatting at all. Only when i didn't let myself get abused anymore in all kinds of ways did all of this even start in earnest because they knew full well the damage they had caused and that it would take me a while to fix all of it

Even the shitty first lawyer i went to back in 2019 shared this assessment, unfortunately he was a lazy asshole that didn't feel like doing his job so that went nowhere of course



File: 1614704275591.jpg (61.76 KB, 940x1024, 1565191554731.jpg)

So i took the gamble and tried the path of action described in >>22976 earlier today, just when i was about to hang up she answered the phone - Apparently she was about somewhere else so i couldn't drop by which sucked and made the whole endeavor pointless but at least i tried. Said i should contact her again later though which i did just now asking whether i can drop by first thing tomorrow morning.

Like i said it's the only remaining way to get this formally wrapped up outside of any action/threat of force by the court itself and i already have a gameplan at the ready regarding the (not-so-much) "fakeout" OD thing too should this fail. I will actually swallow the pills and dial the number before the OD kicks in properly (these pills are no joke and can cause strokes among other shit) so i'll only end up as a potato in the worst case scenario, i hope.

On a sidenote i do actually feel like shit emotionally right now because of all of this bullshit too

It's all so fucking unnecessary. Why the fuck wasn't i born into a normal and loving family rather than this small toxic pile of rabid narcs



>Sent out the sms yesterday evening as described in >>23052
>Was mentally in a very bad place so i didn't check up on any responses or anything
>Check phone this morning; Has a bunch of them
>Reproaches me again in them and shit, pm textbook fashion
>Sends me a bunch of other sms this morning tell me to come over; talks about an upcoming dentist appointment tomorrow (sic, likely a boomer-esque typo)
>Not entirely sure what to make of it but i take a ride there regardless (haven't really been to the place since the birthday incident in 2018 and subsequent VLC that shifted into de facto NC) with my keys
>I arrive and try the other door/backroute which is locked; Coulda unlocked it but i do another thing where i go downstairs again and call her up to inform her that said door was locked
>Picks up and reproaches me verbally in this particular borderline-narc needy fashion again; that dentist appointment mentioned earlier was for today after all
>Says she'd get back to me again when she comes back from it

This damn woman and her antics i swear



Fuckin hell this entire situation i'm in is so incredibly surreal and heavily depersonalizing



File: 1614784730965.png (36.78 KB, 300x250, 1578826411477.png)

Man ngmom is hard af to get a hold of with that stupid schedule of hers, shit is frustrating almost. I'm also having somewhat of a headache rn

It prolly would have worked out today if she hadn't booked that dentist appointment at an office way the heck out of town at 9:30 AM… But that way the earliest/last chance to get a heart to heart w/her which might still get this thing wrapped up as described in >>22976 would be first thing tomorrow morning probably, since her biz will stay open till 9-10PM now and her being a lifelong workaholic this always came before anything else for her (nicely reflected in how the 2018 incident played out too when she wasn't present there because the damn customers were more important to her in that moment)

Tomorrow is also when i'll get the judgess's decision according to that other clerkess, in the worst case scenario it might contain an order to have me committed over suicidality or something but if the reason for said stated suicidality dissipates it might not be too late



File: 1614869833203.jpg (6.16 KB, 221x228, 1584376491486.jpg)

Got back from the other place earlier (went there by foot in a heavily disassociated/semi-traumatized state along the main road when i got up, still having stomach cramps and shit) to do the other thing >>22976

Needless to say i got gaslighted to hell and back there (as expected, sure enough), but thanks to having swallowed the RBNpill i definitely recognized all the telltale signs (infantilization, invalidation, enabling and excusing physical violence, random gaslighting, martyr posing and all the rest of it) of that narccoaster she was taking me on there pm right away and called her out on some of it. I recorded the whole conversation aswell as a nice proof of concept of everything i've learned from RBN and so that i can look back on it and see that this environment actually was that bad this entire time, in case i ever wonder why the other relatives broke off contact long ago… Pretty telling that she had been reading all docs of the case from the get-go too, she really is the undisputed ultra matriarch of this whole remaining small gaggle of toxic n-persons. For the moment though engaging with strong boundaries (even if they get chipped away at) seems like a more reasonable directon to head in before i (have to) do anything stupid

The court also responded in a predictable fashion sure enough, the lawyer i was up against pulls out all the stops to defame me and i don't even think an appeal to the declined protection would be good for anything at this point. I have very few options remaining right now, but OD'ing on purpose and perhaps ending up in the bin for a while if i survive that is preferable to literally being forced to live inside a shitty hotel (fucking imagine that) practically against my will for an undertermined amount of time, that's for damn sure

If the proceedings are not halted (and it doesn't look like they will be) as per the bargain mentioned above i will very likely weigh out the next step carefully, totally have to get the room in order first though by the weekend because after that it'll be go time either way



File: 1615140862752.png (28.99 KB, 547x560, 1498751428486.png)

Been in contact with another lawyer guy who specializes in foreclosure/eviction cases and who claimed there might be another "promising" way to reverse/halt the eviction proceedings due to a technicality/lie on the part of the narcs (they claimed to have "rented" the property themselves with me as a sub-tenant but actually they've taken a mortgage on the house from the bank years ago, which is still being paid off right now).

It's going to be a very very thight squeeze if this lawyer guy decides to take up my case and immediately files on monday, and nothing at all is even remotely final yet in this regard. I left the guy a voice message too earlier today which i hope he picked up on time.

Like, even if he does end up taking it up i have no idea whether these barely four days are enough to get an injunction for when the judicial officer shows up with his police escort on Thursday.

I'm not holding my breath on any of it though, i put some of my most important shit in boxes already and will finish the other preparations tomorrow + on thursday. If all else fails i'm going to OD on purpose and let myself get transfered to the ER/committed to the bin or whatever the fuck else. Anything is better than the homeless shelter really

So yeah wish me luck there i guess. I will try not to die because of the narc's cruel unnecessary bullshit in any case



File: 1615159016629.gif (780.08 KB, 500x281, CIHc.gif)

What a harrowing tale. This is the type of stuff I'd imagine in an updated remake of Orson Welles' "The Trial" (1962).
>wish me luck
I wish you far more than simple luck as you've had a massive amount of luck to make it this far. What I'm wishing for you is a tangible victory.



can someone give me a way tl;dr for this series of threads?
I'm interested but too far behind.



OP has literally zero redeemable qualities. I hope to god he dies on the street, but he's almost certainly full of shit.



File: 1615172397289.jpg (42.27 KB, 898x701, confuss.jpg)

>literally zero redeemable qualities
and yet here he still is after all this time and you're still hanging on his every word. If that's not some sort of aetherwurldly luck, I dunno what is.



File: 1615211064941.jpg (25.01 KB, 548x559, 1583951914065.jpg)

Thanks m800, i'm appreciating the fuck out of your words

I brought one last appeal over to the court in person like an hour ago, the doc actually attested to suicidality on my part this morning. Usually this is what gets eviction proceedings stopped in their tracks according to the legal precedents here, but there is no guarantee for it at all.

If i don't hear back from the court by wednesday evening i will let myself get voluntarily committed on thursday (the "voluntarily" part apparently also means i won't need a judge's approval to get discharged again) to spare myself from the ordeal of being there when they take my stuff away with a police escort. I'll try to take as many essentials of my current life with me as i am physically able to. Will also make sure that my bike is out of reach for them and parked somewhere safe by wednesday at noon at the latest.

All of this is horribly traumatizing on top of everything else and feels like some kafkaesque fever dream as you said. However if i do manage to pull through/make it through this week unscated there's basically nothing that can truly faze me anymore so yeah

You likely won't be hearing from me for a while if it goes this way. Again, no guarantees on how it's going to go but i'm preparing for the absolute worst to happen here.



File: 1615215102228.jpg (206.09 KB, 900x873, 1548288937505.jpg)

I'll have gone thru every single tinyass crevice of this room before wednesday morning and taken anything of worth that's portable enough with me come thursday, the silver coins and GPU too for example. Gonna take the SSD and most of the HDD's with me aswell i think

None of the narc's actions have been necessary, none of it is warranted, and yet they continue to try and destroy me like it's nothing to them - Almost like it's some kind of sick game to them to try and tear me down like this and test my resilience, it's truly pathological in nature. They truly do not give a fuck about me at all.

When i had the phone conversation with the other lawyer this morning (third one i had to frequent during all this) he bluntly asked me outright ""why"" they were doing this, and i was at a loss to give him a rational explanation for the narc's behaviour, because there is no rationality to be found (even though their lawyer does an excellent job making it appear like so, kudos to the guy). There is no rhyme or reason to it when you think about it, it's just narcs being narcs. Appearing like responsible parents/martyrs suffering from the ebul horrible scapegoat child toward outsiders is all just an act to them, behind closed doors they keep showing themselves to be the literal monsters they are.

Neither my egg or sperm donor nor the narc!gmom actually gave a fuck at all when i said i'm going to kms. Just more accusations and gaslighting in response, they are unable to see me as anything but the designated scapegoat or separate from their own ego and as someone with his own feelings and needs.

Just fuck them, fuck them all. They are fucking dead to me when all of this is over and done with, which hopefully will be as soon as possible



File: 1615218274143.png (133.74 KB, 1506x1650, RBN22.PNG)

Felt deez posts aswell there

TLDR was already posted ITT >>22485



Have you ever looked into the history of concepts like the "Pharmakos"? At times in the past it was essentially a "state" religion to enact these horrific psychodramas on unwitting scapegoats/black sheep. Oddly enough it would crop up routinely around periods of plague and famine. Even before this was formalized on humans, it was routine for groups to find a sheep or a goat that stuck out (genetic deviation, aka "deviants") and systematically blaming all personal sins on it through a death of a thousand small cuts. To finish off the poor creature it was often placed in a barrel and rolled down a cliff, if it wasn't dead at the end of that, it was left to die of presumed starvation. Even with all that there were still tales of those same wounded and disfigured creatures living on to haunt those who did the deed from the fringes and knowing the impossibly high cost gaining true freedom entails.

Not saying this is the case for you, just might be helpful to put things in perspective. Awareness and discernment are great skills to have as they tend to breed foreknowledge.



File: 1615234540577.jpeg (97.17 KB, 775x436, 3829311B-7BAB-4AF4-9F14-4….jpeg)

>>narc trap/highly abusive setting
what is a narc trap? what happened on your bday?

>>she starts an eviction suit on false grounds

wait… this is your mom we're talking about or a landlord?
you live at home? I are confus.
you don't have to be evicted from your parent's house if you are over 18. you just have to be told to leave. unless you had a formal rent agreement of some kind, idk.

I don't want to pile on here but jesus christ dude get some dignity. it's March of 2021 now so almost two years later. did you not make some kind of alternative plan? why would you even want to stay where you aren't wanted? I'm sorry about your apprenticeship but the living situation sounds entirely your fault at this point. please do correct me if I'm wrong. I wish you the best though. If you need advice from a functional adult (financially at least) let me know..



File: 1615238758527.png (183.48 KB, 494x809, August 2018.PNG)

>what happened on your bday?

The "trap" they set for me refers to the thread in pic rel which documents what happened back then on my birthday. They essentially lured me in just for the heck of it, it was likely meant as some kind of twisted humiliation ritual. I was already out of the FOG dynamic and had started documenting most of the abuse 1-2 years ago at that point so i'm glad i have this record of all the events leading up to it.

>or a landlord?

Yeah i've been living here up to this point (slightly younger brother still lives here too but he gets left alone completely as the pampered golden child). It's a long-winded story but it essentially boils down to a verbal agreement we stroke up in 2018 which said i'd cover my costs for the health insurance through "rent money" (from the unemployment office) temporarily until i can get on my own two feet and move out when i've finished an apprenticeship. After this thing with the birthday happened i went very low contact, then had to lowkey re-engage at some point due to circumstances outside of my control and that's when the egg donor first hinted at breaking the agreement we made earlier. Couple months later when i'm in the middle of the professional job rehab programme she starts the eviction proceedings against me claiming that there was an actual rental agreement in place the entire time. I don't know *how* much different things would've turned out if i hadn't (mis)placed my trust in them honouring this agreement, but probably by a lot.

>some kind of alternative plan?

My health is in ruins and i had no one and nowhere to turn to during this entire time. I tried getting a temporary legal guardian a year ago/went to guardianship court but due to the job rehab programme the appointment never materialized, and then the egg donor kept sabotaging that aswell. Apparently the specialist who was ordered to examine me for the guardianship court turned up here almost completely unannounced and then got fed some lies by the narc egg donor about "how i don't need a guardianship", that's what i was told by him and the court at least.

So yeah it's just this nonstop stream of sabotage and backstabbing at EVERY fucking turn, and it's been like this for as far back as i can remember. I was designated as the scapegoat child/black sheep and sabotaged from a very early age and some of my first conscious memories are of the egg donor telling me how she would make sure i'd "end up alone"/never make it in life et cetera. And don't get me wrong, i don't want to stay here or have anything further to do with them either but i have no means at the moment to do anything due to the situation they placed me in (sabotaged mental and physical health first and foremost).



>please do correct me if I'm wrong.

It's hard to grasp the scope of this abuse and its devastating effects for an outsider, especially when you've been raised in a functional and non-toxic environment.

I'm by no means perfect and never claimed to be an angel or never have made mistakes myself during these years, but from a completely rational/cause and effect-type POV it becomes very clearly that my narcicisstic mother (and indirectly her enablers) at the very least played a HUGE part in creating the situation i find myself in right now, not only directly but also in underhanded and not immediately-obvious ways like hitting me physically/breaking my glasses or screaming abuse at me over miniscule things, which did happen many times.

There is also much objective evidence among other things in the form of multiple other relatives having been scapegoated and broken off contact with this narc gaggle before me, in more or less exactly the same fashion.

I highly recommend you to check out the raisedbynarcicissts sub, 90% of the threads there are like straight taken out of my diary entries from over the years and it gives a lot of perspective on what is going on with dynamics like this.

But ultimately it's no use ruminating on any of it, processing it and then moving forward and picking up the pieces/building my own peaceful life free of any abuse is the only thing left to do for me now



File: 1615240259175.jpg (206.55 KB, 1024x1024, 1560294742424.jpg)

Also forgot to mention that there has been significant trauma bonding which had developed on my part over the years during all this abuse, or rather as a result of it.

I used to make up literal stockholm-type excuses immediately after having been beaten bloody, things like it having been "just an accident" and stuff like that. It seems completely unreal to me now but that's how stunted and trapped in the FOG dynamic i was back then. They condition you for this role of their punching bag and narc supply giver in a systematic fashion, it's appaling really.

It's going to take me years/likely well into my upcoming 30's to deprogram myself from all of this and start healing properly. Time does heal all the wounds as they say, and i hope this turns out to be true in my case aswell no matter how tough the initial phase might end up being for me



File: 1615244113232.jpg (30.44 KB, 270x301, 1572527591899.jpg)

God i hope these SNRI's are less dangerous than SSRI's overall, read some bad shit about the latter

I will contact the clinic later on tuesday for the planned voluntary commital on thursday (also to have it actually on file that i contacted them of my own volition first) and they might just end up compelling me to take these while i'm there, it's western medicine's "standard care" for depressive symptoms w/suicidal tendencies as far as i'm aware.

That other ADHD gal from the former trade skool had been on SSRI's too in the past according to herself and she seemed pretty fine/all there



Do what you gotta do, but be careful with those things bud



dude. you're still making excuses for them by saying you have no choice but to stay even against their will.

don't walk, RUN away from these people. as far and as fast as you can. stop paying some jew lawyer to fight these people. you are fighting against the very thing that you should, if all you say is true, save you. that is cutting these people out of your life completely.

your story is a sad one but you gotta get out of there. find some way, any way to earn. if you are 18+ stop looking for the legal system to make this all okay. it's not going to happen.



just read your leddit post now. I understand that you are unable to look at this objectively at this point. I don't doubt that you've been treated poorly. but seriously this is kinda pathetic. pardon me if I get some of this story confused because I don't speak leddit speak so don't know what a Ngmom and a CGbro are.

"my sister threw my toast out of the toaster. I took a nap and my mom woke me up at 11:16am (lol not 11:15am or 11:17am) I went to a birthday dinner and had a bad time. dinner was served over a HALF HOUR LATE!!! everyone was mean to me except the doge so I left."

seriously? THIS is the incident that has ruined the last couple years of your life. again I don't know your age, feel free to let me know. I hate to break it to you but birthdays after about age 11 are pretty shitty. next birthday go out drinking with friends, that's the best you can hope for.

the other thing I don't get is you keep saying 'this was the thing we agreed to, that was the thing we agreed to, we had a verbal agreement that this would happen.' that's not how family relationships work. you can't sue because dinner was a half hour late. that's not too unusual. I guess your point is that it was a show of disrespect and maybe it was but ffs get over it. (you also can't hold someone to a verbal agreement of living arrangement. contracts are in writing or they don't exist.) I don't blame you for walking out of your party but I guess I wouldn't let that ruin my life.

my last point is a blackpill you're probably not ready to swallow. but you should because it will free you from a lot of your angst. what your mother does IN HER HOUSE is her business. even if it makes her a bad mother or a bad human being. you don't get to dictate to her how she behaves unless she is in your house. if she wants to get stumble drunk at all hours and keep you from sleeping she can. when you were 12 you probably could have done something about this legally but at 18+ you don't have any grounds. you are an adult living in another adult's house. take my advice. don't play this game any more. gtfo of there yesterday if possible.



Like i said, some people who have been through this kind of abuse or abusive dynamics similar to it understand what it's like - You obvioussly haven't, judging by your responses above

It's fine though, i'm not mad at people who don't "get" abusive parents and do the whole victim blaming bit. Narc parents are fucked up deviations from normal caring parents so society doesn't really have a concept of it, outside of psychological professionals who specialize in this field and the study of it (hence the knee-jerk "But they're your paaarents" response from most people)



Yeah thanks i will

At this point in the game it's either this or landing on the street/throwing myself at the complete mercy of my mental and physical abusers who pushed me all the way to this point and made me lose my apprenticeship. If i commit myself there should be a way to get an emergency guardianship installed which would be the fastest way to my own place i can think of right now in this situation i've been put in



I said it before and I'll say it now, I don't doubt that you have shit parents and I feel bad for you because of that. I've told you the only solution to that is to cut them out of your life and make your own way in the world. I never said 'but they're your paaaaarents' if you think they treated you poorly fuck 'em.

the thing is your reddit post was literally teenage whining though. nothing that you are purporting happened on that fateful day of your birthday dinner even comes close to abuse.. it's just mild familial fuckery if that. you're upset about the toast? you're upset your nap got interupted? you're upset that dinner was a half hour late? lol for real? reading that and seeing the importance you place on it now even two years later blows my mind a bit. I honestly can't tell if you're 15 or 25 saying this stuff. if you were 15 all you could do was run away. at 25 you can just go get a job, an apartment and a roommate or two. don't make it seem like some impossible task.

you mentioned that there are other relatives that cut ties with your parents. call one of them up and plead your case. tell them you need a place to stay for a month tops while you get things situated.



File: 1615319597473.png (23.97 KB, 500x500, 1557839794194.png)

Man, i really wouldn't wish this kind of situation on my worst enemy. It's godawful as shit

I'm so anxious i could almost puke… Right now there is NOTHING i can further do other than simply hope and pray that by some miracle i'll be getting some kind of protective injunction from the court by tomorrow which would make it possible for me to get my own place in an orderly fashion as was the plan from the get-go

I've sent out the email to the clinic too now, so no matter whether i get the above-mentioned protection i'll go there anyways on thursday with the doctor's referal i've been given on monday. If there's nothing in the mail by tomorrow evening imma take my whole life's essentials with me, otherwise i'll leave it stored here for the time being. But yeah i'm not getting my hopes up, i'll probably have to take it all with me

If for some reason the clinic won't have or discharge me prematurely before i get my own place (which is unlikely based on the situation i find myself in rn) then as a last emergency option i still have the key to the other place (which wasn't mentioned on paper anywhere fortunately) too, i could probably try and sneak in at night or something while i try and get my own roof. It's also good that i have the regional unlimited ticket which is good for another 7 months at least, i can basically freely move around the entire greater region in local public transit as much as i want

The most disgusting and insulting part of it all though is still the fact that the narc's pampered golden child is being spoiled to hell and back and is being treated in the exact opposite way i was. No pressure, no abuse, no "rent" or anything, he gets left alone completely/preemptively supported with everything he does. With the amount of abuse and sabotage i've endured over the years (and am still enduring as of right now) from the egg and sperm donors it's kind of a wonder i'm still standing and pushing on regardless

I just want all of it to be over asap and get this nightmare over with/leave it behind me in the rear mirror. Literally the only requirement i have of the very first own place in my life is that it's quiet and secluded so i can heal



Actually figured out a much better storage solution for my GPU and the HDD's, plus maybe the USFF desktop

Gonna take a little night trip on tuesday at like 3AM before i go but it'll be worth it knowing the stuff is stashed away securely just like my bike



File: 1615331207450.jpg (61.59 KB, 500x669, 1519913362690.jpg)

Ugh great, the other narc is trying to break my NC… Got an SMS saying that she'll "come over to help me pack things" tomorrow.

I told her off and to leave me completely alone and that i would defend my stuff if anone were to violently break in and touch any of it (the door had been violently broken down in the past but this time i'm ready to defend it if i need to). I haven't "officially" gone NC yet because that particular narc might provide me with some useful information down the line for the transition (Like where my stuff is going to be stored IF* there is an eviction on thursday, and she might end up paying for it in the hopes of getting future nsupply in return).

* It's a big "if" but i very much fucking doubt there'll be a readied court injunction on wednesday already, even with the attested suicidality from monday. Best case scenario they might grant an injunction in retrospect until the shrinks give a statement on their own or something, so i'd "officially" still have a regular roof over my head if that were the case

It's weird also, i go through these phases of intense grief for the situation which are then followed by phases of anger afterwards, and a need to spite the narcs and to make it in life despite everything they've thrown at me/how they set me up for failure from the get-go. This is a highly abnormal situation and it's probably not too out of the ordinary to have these kinds of feelings i hope

But yeah wednesday is going to be something else most likely. I will record anything the narcs try to pull off again of course, and i will also do one last report ITT before i disassembe half of my trusty Ryzen lurking masheen and bring the HDD's and so on into storage at the other place before i commit myself



you honestly don't want help do you. you are enjoying wallowing in your self pity and you are enjoying being a victim. (but only in your own mind) you are leaving everything up to other people… your parents, the court, the psych industry. ever consider just taking control of your own life and doing whatever tf you want to do?



File: 1615373144148.png (157.41 KB, 280x392, 1565708618112.png)

>Open phone just now
>ngmom asks me "how i will be getting to the clinic"

How the FUCK did they know i was going to commit myself? Did the doc i went to on monday morning break confidentiality, or did the court respond already and they've just hidden said response from me?

There is NO way for them to have learned about my path of action otherwise, i didn't even hint at it towards ngmom. What the fuck really. I fucking hate this and how they seem to be omnipresent no matter what i do.

Again, how the FUCK could they have possibly learned about it. Fuck all of this wtf



>don't want help

Dude, gaslighting and insulting me at random like you're doing ITT is not "helpful" in any way. I know what i have to do in my situation to escape the narcs and their toxic abuse for good and i will carry on through with it no matter what



I locked the home network down a long while ago so there's no possibility of any info leaking to the outside there either… The system is pretty clean aswell

Man, it seems like physical distance between me and the narcs is p much the only thing guaranteeing me any privacy at all at this point in my life



Ah okay, apparently they received a message from the court about it. No idea yet whether this includes eviction protection/suspension but i'll learn about that soon enough i suppose

There is some danger about them trying to violently compel me to go there/pull off some narc stuff before i get the appointment confirmed.

In that case/if they turn up with a pig escort or something later on i'd try and take the SSD with me regardless, but i doubt they will since i have it on file that i contacted the clinic of my own volition and printed it out for that purpose earlier too.

God what a shitty situation they brought me into again, this will have been *the* very last time they managed to fuck my life up though luckily



Alright just sent out another letter to the court proving that i contacted them first to get commited of my own volition asap

But even if the judge cunt did place an order on me in the meantime and won't reverse it despite the existing paper trail it wouldn't be the end of the world. Last time i was commited like this thanks to the narc's sabotage (back in early 2009 when i skipped skool due to having been beaten on the reg and when they dragged me to family court and claimed i was suicidal) it took roughly 1-2 months until i got transmitted to the "open station". Especially the early phase there wasn't pleasant at all and i still had the occasional nightmare about it years later.

It should be around the same length this time around aswell in the worst case scenario though. Still pm the best path of action i could've taken though considering the alternatives (landing on the street/throwing myself at the narc abuser's feet and wallowing in the dirt only for them to relish in it)



File: 1615418127485.jpg (87.4 KB, 540x540, 1534988325190.jpg)

Fuck me

Apparently my possessions will "not" be removed from the place in 10 hours' time but remain there instead, i just saw it written there. The ngmom told me the exact opposite last week/that it would be taken into some storage facility, now she's switched her story and said "she'd pay for an u-haul as soon as i'm in my new place".

This is advantageous for her ofc because she's essentially holding my stuff preemptively hostage now so that i can't just cut off contact for good, and she will also see my new adress on the bill they will then give her (or which i will have to give her). They probably planned it like this from the get-go to make sure that i'm still "tethered" to them somehow. Also got the usual blame-shifting and matryr routine in that same exact SMS of course

Fucking christ, these narcs really are insidious as fuck. The situation was already pretty bad and in the grand scope of things it's made only marginally worse by this. Once i safely have my stuff back at my own place i then could (and likely will) still try and get a no-contact order placed on at least one of the narcs.

I'm also not leaving anything to chance/take her word for it (they are legally entitled to destroy or sell anything that remains there apparently) and will stash (most of) my data away at the other place anyways, or will try to do so at least later at 3-4AM



File: 1615418472149.png (46.75 KB, 989x412, rbn2.PNG)

Fuckin look at this jeez

These narcs all act according to the same playbook it looks like



I hope you are in direct possession of your silver heh



Funny u shud mention dat because i decided to stash that along with my data at the other place too in case the narcs get any stupid ideas



File: 1615426220323.jpg (24.19 KB, 399x399, 1615412428033.jpg)

Alright fellas, imma take apart the lurking masheen now

I don't know if or when and where i will re-assemble it the next time around, but if i manage to make it through this ordeal relatively unscathed and settle down to a place i can work with (i.e. a quiet one) i will give myself a bigass pat on the back that's for damn sure

Wish me luck



Good luck heckin' fellerino, we'll see you in valhalla heh



File: 1615503779381.jpg (25.39 KB, 315x244, 1499575095271.jpg)

So >>23243 actually ended up working and got the eviction proceedings stopped in their tracks. I don't know yet for how long and under which specific conditions, but the fact that they've been stopped in itself is an amazing victory against the odds (bunch of narcs + their highly paid professional lawyer standing against a battered me with no support except myself) at the last minute, especially considering the circumstances.

The narcs are still desperately trying to keep me in the dark regarding any and all legal details with a total communication blackout regarding any and all court statements since i applied for eviction protection again on Monday. I suspect they hide the mail from the court to me aswell.

I only got to know of the stopped proceedings 2 hours (!) before the guy was supposed to show up originally, and only because i called ngmom myself after i went there. My physical health has taken a huge tool from this too already, my hands were bleedings and sore + cracked as fuck because the autoimmune shit got triggered like hell from all this unnecessary bullshit and i wasn't able to sleep at all anymore yesterday night too. I got home, got some breakfast and then lied down straight away. Two hours later the other narc comes bursting in and tried to coerce me into applying for benefits which would cause me to lose the suicidality status so i was like hell naw

I'm trying to get more intel on the overall situation tomorrow - But the most likely path of action here is a (voluntary) and recuperative stay at the clinic for 3-4 weeks or so, then they give off their statement regarding my health status ("strong suicidal ideation in case of homelessness because of my disability") and then the ball would be in the courts' hands again at that point.

Best case scenario i won't even have to stay at a shitty hotel or anything and can move into my own suitable place right away. Not holding my breath on any of it though but it's amazing how i've gotten this far already, or that i got into an apprenticeship at all under these personal and societal circumstances too, even if the narcs caused me to lose said apprenticeship again back in January



File: 1615898200449.jpg (84.98 KB, 832x782, 9e569c2fc1ca7099143b157d19….jpg)

So i went and got my bike from the train station earlier this morning. Afterwards i called up the ngmom/head matriarch narc and sat down w/her to "talk things through", or attempt to at least. She wants me to move into social housing, while at the same time continously bragging about "her connections" and what nice flats she would be able to organize me and shit like this. Just your typical run of the mill narc shit really, along with the usual invalidation and minimization attempts at every turn.

I recorded this one aswell for posterity and playing all these recordings back and listening to the almost head-spinningly fast immediate switching from bragging to outright coercion right back to invalidation and indirect insults and all the other narc shit really drives home how textbook her behaviour/this whole dynamic really is. Like, the woman claims she's "concerned for my wellbeing" on the one hand and then her actions signal the complete opposite right afterwards. .. What's remarkable also is that so far she didn't even ask me "once" what kind of apprenticeship position it was that i lost thanks to the narc eviction bullshit anyways. All she's preoccupied with is shifting the blame away from herself/her narc!daughter-in-law for me losing the position back in late January, and nothing else.

Anyways she said she'd talk down on the egg donor regarding halting the eviction proceedings, "on the condition that i organize myself social housing". I'm almost at the point where i'm like fuck it and commit myself anyways to see what housing solution they come up with, it can't be much worse than the nightmarish prospect of living in social housing right next to loudass bydlos and shitskins and the like.



File: 1615898508883.png (191.04 KB, 470x459, 1587900188367.png)

Oh yeah and i also learned on the side that the guy whose ""inheritance"" i turned down back in 2019 (after multiple others did the same before me since he had nothing but debts apparently) was apparently the offspring of my grandfather from a thing he had before he married the ngmom. I never even met the guy or knew of his existence until then, which is quite fucked up considering i was partially related to him

Like jesus, it's ridiculous how broken this shittyass toxic joke of a family is. As if the thing with my divorced aunt and uncle and my father's sister + her ex-husband going completely no contact after being scapegoated (just like my other two cousins were) wasn't enough…

No wonder most of the other relatives turned their back at this point too



God i hope the fucking social law association will be able to get me another rehab position too asap

No way in hell i'm going to let myself get relegated to a fucking sheltered workshop by these employment agency assholes kek, i might aswell kms right away because that would be a fucking dead end of an existence right there along with the social housing shit

Luckily my internship cert from early 2019 was very positive and attested to my existing skills inna workplace environment - I might just be able to avoid any of this demeaning shit and get another shot at an internship or something based on said piece of paper

The amount of damage narcs can do to one's life is truly astounding - And now they're trying to enmesh me even further, kek.

I could theoretically take social housing anywhere in the country with one of these govt coupons far as i'm aware, but moving my shit across hundreds of kilometers might prove quite problematic and costly/unfeasible even.

For the moment i'd be willing to take a quiet lill flat somewhere on the outskirts of this declining shithole of a birthtown and then use that as a stepping stone towards central Germania inna mid-term future heh



>Still not evicted
>Even though he claims to hate his parents so much, he's still in his late 20s using the law to force them to let him stay at their house instead of moving out
>It's 'the narcs' fault he hasn't moved out in close to a decade
Redditcucky confirmed for spinning embellished tales of half truths like the sick KIKE he is.



This dude seems to have a complex where he claims everybody else has the disorder that he has. And/or some kind of weird victim complex. That being said, I empathise with being in shitty situations - in poverty, in precarious, insecure or dangerous living situations, and otherwise having an insecure life with little earnings (one of my big issues was job service providers and/or the welfare agency and their bullying/harassment). OP should buy crypto and hope for another bullrun lol, so he can retire in 3-4 years like I'm about to. My life situation has been an affirmation of what Kacyzinski said about never giving up.



File: 1616017914287.png (109.79 KB, 828x586, 1570830135220.png)

>skitzospammercuckSpergy is STILL samefagging in my threads and trying to bait me into responding despite having been proven wrong so many times before

Kek kys

Like >>23236 said before, i live in his head absolutely rent-free. He keeps claiming to hide my thread too and yet he still responds to it and spams it senselessly with non sequitur pseudo-ad hominem posts like the above LOL



And just for the record, NOTHING about any of this is """embellished""" in any fucking way, shape or form

Why would i invent any of this, what would i have to gain from doing so specifically? It's basically just regular diary entries at this point.

As i said before, it's very hard for people living in non-dysfunctional and non-toxic households to grasp this kind of abuse if they haven't lived through it themselves. Some of them go into denial and end up defending the narc in abusive situations like these (not least because they display narc tendencies themselves mind you)



I don't have any empathy for him, because he's an idiot with no self-awareness and he can't take responsibility for anything. I've seen a lot of pathetic people and weird degenerates in my time on the internet, but I tend to find them a lot more likeable than him, because they own up to who they are. If someone is a NEET for example, generally, they will either brag about it or accept the fact that their life choices lead them there. Even on this dead forum he can't own up to the way he acts or the things he says. If you try to talk to him about anything he'll only reply with stupid memes, because he's afraid to actually have an opinion. If you point out that almost nobody replies to his threads and he spends months flooding the board by talking to himself, he won't defend doing so, he'll just deny it.

I do hide your threads. Pretty much all of them, but due to travel I have to re-hide them constantly. It's IP-based, not cookie-based. Would not have chimed in if nobody else replied.

You're looking for a pity party. You want us to confirm that you are in the right. I guess you should go back to the reddit sub that's so integral to your identity then. It doesn't matter if you have shitty parents. Your life is your responsibility and you do not have a good excuse to be in your situation at your age. If you get run-over it might be the driver's fault, but you're the one who has to deal with it, not him. If you hate your parents so much, then leave. Now somewhere in your mind you might think that's exactly what you're doing, but I have a feeling that by next year you're going to be exactly where you are, crying about how the 'narcs' kept you down again. Prove me wrong.



lol. I just posted

I tried to be sympathetic because it does suck being in a place where you feel stuck. in his case though he has stripped himself of all dignity. he could have left home two years ago instead of fighting people he claims he hates and who are mentally ill to force them to let him stay. it makes zero sense. he needs a dose of reality.



File: 1616029103217.jpg (27.13 KB, 380x363, 380px-40k-bait.jpg)

>The narc skitzo kike spammer is STILL samefagging and trying to gaslight and victim-blame

LOL kys. See the response above.

The mere fact that i'm doing the kind of reflection here ITT (something which narcs are utterly incapable of with the grandiose self-image they try to maintain, unwilling to actually reflect on themselves and their own self-hate) proves you wrong entirely. Like every adult child of a narcicisst, i may have caught some FLEA's from the narc(s) in my life, which i'm continually trying to get rid of, but i'm not a narc myself. It's an empty accusation narcs like to fling around though when they feel "caught" somehow.

No amount of random unwarranted toxic name-calling or accusing me of "having a victim complex" changes this or the abusive things i've been subjected to over the years. So i advise you to cease doing it, since you're wasting your time (on the other hand you seem to enjoy wasting it like this too, given the fact you just keep droning on mindlessly despite me giving you no supply that would warrant doing so).

I have no further comment on your incoherent ad hominem non sequitur bait ramblings, all of which i have immediately hidden and will continue to hide as long as you try to shit up my thread



This is powerful and important



This one aswell



File: 1616050842574.jpg (5.35 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

When I said I empathised with him I was mainly thinking of how pathetic I used to be when I was in such a poor situation, as thats the kind of mode (for lack of a better way to put it) you get into, or otherwise those situations really encourage you to develop a pathetic, victim mindset. Being poor and in a shitty living situation sucks and is a hard pit to get out of.

But I see what you're saying, I can't accept what he says at face value due to how long this has gone on. I conclude he must have some narcissitc, histrionic victim complex. Obviously doing it again here >>23551 - accusing others of the very thing he is doing. And I don't know why he made two threads for the same thing (>>22452 and >>22955). This is some weird hobby he has.



The narc skitzo kike is still angry as fuck lol



File: 1616666842601.jpg (97.51 KB, 720x703, 1575586253991.jpg)

Got a message from the district court (which it went all the way up to now) notifying me that they pushed the suspension of the eviction proceedings back even further because the other court-appointed shrink which was supposed to evaluate me chickened out or something, so now they got some kind of professor on the case instead

At first i thought that letter would contain a mandatory referral or something which would've been very bad because that would've meant they could hold me against my will for as long as they saw fit, it would've been like 2009 all over again except under much worse circumstances

But yeah if i get that social housing coupon (which is valid for a full year so plenty of time to look for a place) stat and a good place to live at to boot and the narc matriarch compells the egg and sperm donor to stop the proceedings on their own afterwards like she promised she would then the worst of it will have been over i hope






File: 1616772901971.jpg (112.5 KB, 1068x1046, 1616704533731.jpg)

Aight so i've sent that application for the social housing coupon and shit out now - I can 100% tell already though how the narc matriarch ngmom cunt will be trying to shift the goalposts aswell as gaslight me and deny that there ever was an agreement in the first place.

Luckily i recorded all of it though so this will be all the evidence + justification i'll ever need to cut that narc remnant out of my life once and for all aswell if she tries to pull that shit with me

It's all in the Alfather's hands now in any case, absolutely all of it



No response from the head narc matriarch so far to that message from Friday

I'll check up again on wednesday or thursday at the latest

It's a race against time now too, best case scenario the proceedings will be halted before the other shrink guy gets back to me and invites me for an appointment because without these proceedings the whole shrink thing falls apart on its own automatically since the evaluation is based on said proceedings in the first place






Fuckin lowlife spastic cunt is drunkenly banging around again for no reason



File: 1617923678711.png (879.95 KB, 600x750, 1617869589601.png)

Yesterday at noon/not even 30m after the ncunt left the house for 2 hours the head narc matriarch ngmom came running into my room again completely unannounced (two of the GC's were still present mind you) and tried to gaslight me once more.

Exactly as i had predicted earlier >>23999 she ended up trying to gaslight me to hell and back and tried to shift ghe goalposts/claimed that "there was no agreement" among other very textbook narc statements. I had recorded all of it though luckily, it was a very toxic and narcish exchange once again. Apparently she also held my mail hostage again too because she had two nu letters from the court dated two days earlier. Kept trying to pressure me into letting her read my mail and when i managed to hold my boundary/asked her to respect it she was acting indignant about it like a little child and tried to hide behind the "i want to help you" narc bit again, which was just as transparent as it was predictable tbf

I lowkey gave her one last chance now to heed her part of the agreement and in case she decides to burst in unannounced again i will likely end up ghosting her/cutting the nsupply completely through the aid of the hearing protection so she buggers off again. However knowing her she likely won't end up honouring it and i will have to take the hard no contact route (rather than the "soft"/gradual one) out by the looks of it



File: 1617950491790.jpg (24.34 KB, 355x414, 1567185570596.jpg)

Oh wow the other/local court unexpectedly got back to me again regarding the temporary guardianship/caretaker thing and asked me if i'd be fine with an appointment hearing next week. Prolly going to postpone that though because i need to get that other shit w/the social housing voucher and the disability buxx in order first.

But having a legal caretaker on my side for a while who does all of this other correspondence with government cunts and goes through the bureaucratic applications required in that context would be pretty neat ngl - The social law association isn't good for much and they need my written consent/a signed warrant for every correspondence they are undertaking on my behalf which gets on your nerves after a h'while



File: 1618400478737.jpg (39.2 KB, 720x575, 1581788474605.jpg)

Oh wow, got a letter from the municipal/city authority wherein they gave me a hugeass list of missing documents before the NEETbuxx can get approved

Since the head narc matriarch has pulled another 180 degree heelface turn and backstabbed me + denied the previous agreement this delay regarding the social housing voucher makes no difference now anyways though

Gonna have to figure out a way on how to properly proceed soon, the most important thing by far is that i keep my physical property in one place where the narc cunt can't impound it or anything



>sabotage apprenticeship

how? if true thats pretty fucked



File: 1618407319137.jpg (43.16 KB, 533x1024, 1618365891193.jpg)

Yeah, it's pretty much a given that if my egg donor had been reasonable and called the proceedings off/given me time to finish my education i still would be in professional training right now (or at least that shittyass tradeskool's notion of it)

But her being a toxic narc and me being the narc scapegoat she just couldn't resist sabotaging my shit and now i'm pretty much almost exactly where i was back in late 2018 when i made the decision to try and become independent and move out + go no contact for good

I feel like once i've gotten that other smaller certificate i'm aiming for in the bag though i'll be right on track again, or that's my hope at least



What's really hysterical though is the fact that the pampered golden child sibling (whos only slightly younger than me) gets left COMPLETELY alone and de facto-NEETs around here completely unimpeded (not getting shamed for it either of course like i constantly was when i did distance learning or searched for internships) while i'm getting my job education and future career prospects sabotaged like this

Narcs are truly evil and twisted miserable psychos



The solution to your problem is to kill your father and fuck your mother. Not some wacky lawyers caretakers or a new home. Until you have not realised that and set it into motion you will be imprisoned and a slave to them no matter what you do.

Also where you unwanted?



Seek jesus my man


No but the egg donor did have one or two miscarriages before that

Also smoked right up to the point she was getting knocked up apparently



Who could want him?
>Also smoked right up to the point she was getting knocked up apparently
Explains the poor-health and retardation.



LOL diddint read + hidden

Kys narcSkitzoCunty



File: 1618851515968.jpg (504.3 KB, 1074x1075, 1578087346132.jpg)

Roughly 10 days left for the deadline the court gave earlier

Imma contact these nibbers in writing so i have it black on white that i did my part

NC with the matriarch narc cunt is pm in place now too since she made it clear that she won't do shit to help me save for backstabbing and trying to gaslight me. It was a very good call to record all of the phone and in-person convos covertly, going back to and listening to it really makes it undeniable that i'm dealing with a bunch of toxic textbook narcs here

Being honest about my outlook like this is really about all i can do right now, i hope the judge will decide in a sensible manner in any case once the evaluation comes in from the other guy



File: 1618931961999.jpg (43.38 KB, 675x675, d5f7a084395fa86c379bf3b97b….jpg)

Sent the thing out now earlier

I also got a letter from the employment agency nibbas, apparently they approved my NEETbuxx now even retroactively for all the way back in January

There's no housing voucher in there but i might get one if everything goes to plan



File: 1619094086871.png (440.77 KB, 496x494, 1561910504839.png)

Still haven't received a reply from the municipal admin. on whether this dole shit makes me elligible for a voucher or not

Also got another letter from the other court informing me that they pushed the dedline back further now, also some stuff in there about my diagnoses and shit which they appear to be wanting copies of

Prolly some sabotage/backstabbing from the matriarch ncunt involved again after that recent SMS i sent her in response to the insane hoovering described in >>24736 but it doesn't really matter now anyways since i'm VLC/de facto NC with her anyways



File: 1619781371376.jpg (37.67 KB, 640x533, 1565471834045.jpg)

Got that very important assessment appointment coming up on Monday, no idea how i'll get there yet but imma research the public lines and shit

I'll bring all the paperwork and shit with me, won't be needing that much talking points at all since the whole situation is so clear-cut

But yeah imma prepare for it as best as i can



File: 1620016779162.jpg (52.29 KB, 540x740, 1619959134792.jpg)

Aight fellas imma head out for that very importantass appointment now

Wish me luck



Good luck heh



File: 1620199797573.jpg (71.28 KB, 640x636, 1559885949596.jpg)

Sent out that other jazz for the court and the assessment boomer shrink guy earlier just now

I don't think they're going to commit me/forcefully put me on the street just like that, especially since the guardianship is still out in the open with appointment next Monday and all that

Can't completely rule it out either however. I'm more or less mentally prepared for SHTF either way heh but i hope to god it doesn't cum 2 dat



File: 1620309488018.png (453 KB, 600x842, 1426373461576.png)

>Eviction gonna be halted asap according to head matriarch ngmom
>Got the housing voucher aswell
>Valid for one (1) whole year and covers any place that's up to 50 square metres of living space in total
>Unfortunately doesn't cover the whole country so i can't just move to central Germania like i had initially planed, but still better than nothing in the interim methinks

It's all kind of hanging in the balance still as of right now (especially considering the assessment shrink guy is still drafting his report for the court too and i have no idea what will come of that) but i'll just lean back and see what this upcoman next week brings

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