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Cont. from autosaged previous thread


File: 1613726705736.jpg (1.36 MB, 5506x1220, 1613706949179.jpg)

heh lol




Down to 10k on my loan, up about 30k on my 401k and ~$10k in savings. I know i'm a retard for having it in straight cash but I think i'm already too deep in stocks and i'm too scared with crypto(everyone in my family is in it now, if i was nervous before I'm fucking horrified now), will buy silver though when i can.

I read somewhere that 1 oz of silver is historically 1 months wages, and that silver today is horrendously undervalued? Is there any truth to that claim?



File: 1613791050288.jpg (489.09 KB, 1926x1350, (((Inflation))) and war sp….jpg)

It's true. All of it.



The cryptocurrency industry is a giant scam. Cash out now before you lose all your money.



File: 1613793588310.png (41.66 KB, 965x448, Screenshot 2021-02-19 2157….png)

Can you explain more or give me some links to read it sounds right to me. In any event I bought 5 coins, not much but I'll put in a few hundred dollars every paycheck. I always read that you should have ~5% of your assets in hard bullion, i guess i'll bite the bullet and start stacking like everyone else lmao. Again any tips you guys have for me would be appreciated



That guy doesn't explain anything though.



Is the shitcoin scam crashing rn or summin? Faggots have been spamming kc since yesterday with biz-esque threads



Ah nvm heh



File: 1614096799030.jpeg (42.36 KB, 740x492, MCO-visa-card-740x492.jpeg)

I think you're just watching what naturally happens when something comes under the grasp of muh pure evil.

Notice the hexagon logo for the new bee-ings to reserve their spot in the cata-combs.
>Mastercard said it would support the use of some cryptocurrencies on its network in 2021, while US asset manager BlackRock and payments company Square have outlined plans for supporting digital currencies.
Neat names, huh? Master(mason?)-card, BlackRock (Kaaba?) And Square (I guess "Compass" comes later?)



File: 1614127636127.jpg (109.22 KB, 739x739, 1605060399800.jpg)

Take em laddo



>it's a rerun
new material when?



Wen i cum in ur mums ass LOL



Got my refund today, was surprised it came back so quick. Did the following

>paid off credit card

>bought more silver
>gave brother some cash to spend
>put the rest straight into savings



File: 1614225553658.jpg (48.53 KB, 700x467, 1606976014093.jpg)

>bought more silver

Uno basado



God she's so pretty. tfw i will never be loved by her



congrats on lending the government interest free money then acting like a cuck when they sent it back to you.
I could buy 10x the silver you have without even noticing it.



>I could buy 10x the silver you have without even noticing it.
do it then and show use the receipt.



Wait 10 years moar LOL

The wall cummeth fo all



But in the present she's incredibly pretty. Like a young Amy adams. At least she's doing much better than milllie bobby brown(the stranger things girl) is 17 and literally looks worse than a kardashian.



File: 1614238253890.jpg (93.84 KB, 750x750, 1614227823564.jpg)

U kno who else is incredibly pretty?

Ur mum LOL



File: 1614238323576.jpg (285.54 KB, 1440x907, 1613890573845.jpg)

God she always makes me think of my former magyaroid oneitis

Same northatlantid phenotypical energy going on



File: 1614240304616.png (41.81 KB, 1257x237, Screenshot at 2021-02-25 0….png)

Nobody gives a shit. Stay out of this thread.



Shut the fuck up kek

This is my own thread and YOU stay out of it



This slut and Millie Bobby Brown. Good lord.



That's too bad. I guess I didn't notice, because other people were actually posting in it and it wasn't total shit. Looks like you're making an effort to ruin it anyway.



Now that I think about it, there's no way you made the last thread actually, so the only way you're capable of even making a decent thread is by copying one LOL!



Didn't read either one of your schizo spam ramblings + hid them straight away LOL



File: 1614243507170.jpg (80.78 KB, 496x750, 1614054532811.jpg)


Le moon mene



is that a boi or gril?



LOL u blind or what nigguh



File: 1614275329190.jpg (63.09 KB, 600x649, 1561450168497.jpg)




lol, get lost trumptard



File: 1614298564682.jpg (133.36 KB, 637x639, stampy tim.jpg)

There's zero mention of my lovely little Trumpy in that article you jerk.
Why did you get my hopes up?!
breddy boring article, loads of shit "everyone knows already" but continue to stick their heads in the sand about. Especially the supply chain breakdown and crops being destroyed due to *extremely* natural weather.



File: 1614319141416.jpg (115.92 KB, 900x578, butthurt-bitch02.jpg)

*släp schmäcc*




File: 1614581513242.png (127.46 KB, 657x527, 593.png)

how much is
average rent for a bretty good 1 bedroom apartment
in a decent area

where you are from



Got my first bit of silver today. 5 x 1oz coins. Hopefully I don't regret it.

i would say 1200 for a decent one, i'm in the north houston area.



The only decently-priced 1/4 oz coins i cud find on ebay at 10 bucks were from some austrian seller, shit sucks because i really don't know if/when i'll be able to cop myself some silver again in the future



I think my dreams of investan inna BTC are over for now seeing as the unemployment benefits diddint git approved and i'm looking at "basic security for those with reduced earning capacity" now which is one step below regular benefits here. I think you can't hold more than 5k in savings on that kind of disability buxx



what causes your reduced earning capacity?
are you mongoloid or just a lazy nigger?



Neither of those kek

I just lost my last rehab job training thing at the trade skool as a result of the narc egg donor sabotaging it (like many other things she sabotaged in my life before that) and now the employment agency does what it's supposed to according to their protocol

See also >>23488

I might just be able to turn this around despite the sabotage but it's gonna be a while until i can invest in BTC and by then the bubble will have burst most likely i think



File: 1616031052084.png (48.79 KB, 648x220, Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at ….png)

>in some crypto discord
>the token has a 200mil market cap
>they're doing an ama on discord call
>everything is unmuted
>as they're doing the ama I say NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER and then mute
>they can't find who I am amongst the hundreds of people
>keep repeating this for an hour
>watched as the price of the token tanked millions in value in real time



keep your sob stories to your shit threads that i've hidden.



File: 1616033625463.png (101.4 KB, 313x515, 1553808311158.png)

LOL the skitzo kike is asshurt af once again

GTFO of my thread if you don't like it, no one forces you to post in it



lol & dubs



>being this retarded



>You get the bag and fumble it
>I get the bag and flip it and tumble it

the wealthier I get the more I relate to rap lyrics heh

I saved a pleb from losing a stack of 800k that he made from crypto in a week

then that mfer lost 200k from doing brainlet shit a day later lmoa



File: 1616122614082.jpeg (84.71 KB, 1928x878, EwwpKyjXMAQjGpx (1).jpeg)

It’s never been easier to get rich than this past year,

If you haven't felt that way, you've been wasting a massive opportunity.

MOST of you are probably worth atleast 2x more than you were this time last year,

Not because you worked much harder,

You just weren't a retard



File: 1616150081911.png (861.84 KB, 752x658, 1616088557803.png)

Me onna rite




this is the first month i've made over 100k in a single month

>ex gf told me last year i'm ngmi in life because i always try to do things 'my own way'

>I started with like $500 last year btw heh

we're all gonna make it bros



current listening settis as I work


The Science Of Getting Rich (FULL AUDIOBOOK)

at the same time



proof or ban



ok alphabet agency, I'll dox all of my wallets for you



File: 1616300694402.jpg (4.58 KB, 317x159, download.jpg)

Spent my stimulus on my car, new tires, shocks, tie rods, oil change, fuel filter, spark plugs, brakes/rotors. Did most of the work myself. The most expensive thing was the tires, but I got some higher end ones. Couldn't buy the pistol I wanted or more silver though. Maybe next time.



>make a few thousand max per month
>everybody thinks you're a ngmi loser

>make over 100k

>people either hate on you or think you're making it up

I'll never be good enough h-heh



I made some truly awful decisions tbh but I'm still worth nearly 100k now

>until the crash and bear market sets in in a month or two



Starship, FSD, Star Citizen, Bitscoin, are all the same thing. Soymales whose souls have been drained by neoliberal capitalism join a technobabble cult to desperately try to fill the sucking vacuum inside them. The fact that everything about them is totally clownish, every expert laughs at them, and that despite infinite time and money, the only thing that comes out of them is an appearance of progress, but never results, doesn't bother the cultists. When a hundred water towers of hubris have crashed and burned without a commercial launch, there will still be believers that the beta-preproduction-serial-version-101.0 just around the corner is the final breakthrough that solves everything.



File: 1616412381901.png (424.25 KB, 584x618, 1616400547347.png)

Mfw the card i bought back then only has increased like 30-40 bucks from the MSRP i paid for it



File: 1616428403300.png (50.88 KB, 1019x640, 1616428245133.png)

Le hönc




When people try publishing their own coins you'll see another jump



File: 1616441689063.jpg (182.19 KB, 793x1360, 71W7qv4hWGL.jpg)




books that have increased my networth

*48 laws of power
*Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World










What is the total networth of u lads?
and age



6 hundred trillion billion and I'm 69420 years old



I just came back from selling my motorcycle. I didn't want to but didn't use it either and it was gathering literal cobwebs and rust. At least that's one less thing I have to worry about in terms of maintanence and insurance and shit.



Heh i sold a couple books the other day too from the trade skool



Also i hope CRT's increase inna value even further so i can sell mine for a massiveass profit



File: 1617008346695.jpg (20.89 KB, 480x427, fb236e49e9af41c536a49fad6c….jpg)

Huh it b liek dis doe



whenever i make substantial money i blast this song



> make substantial money

Liek ur mum onna side of le road at nite ? LOL





give us a tl;dr



literally takes 5 mins to read u brainlet



yeah but it's on twatter and you gotta scroll though a bunch of bs.



Took me closer to 20



damn you nibbas have the attention span of a squirrel



>Heh i sold a couple books the other day too from the trade skool

Must've been for pennies like when I tried to sell mine after finishing a tech program in community college. I kept them for a couple of years but ended up trashing them and keeping digital copies instead.



Nah i sold them for around 18 bucks on avg if you subtract the shipping

They were worth a couple more since they were almost in nu condishen but it's better den nuffin



File: 1617106644835.jpg (39.07 KB, 552x499, 4fa3782e5d7c9276d00819a65a….jpg)

>me trading close to a mil



Dunno what your trade is but why didn't you keep them as references? I refer to one of metallurgy books all the time from tech school. For $120 that sumbitch got me two jobs.



Is 100 bucks a gud initial BTC investment fellas

How much would that be a year from now most likely



100 dollars is essentially meaningless. Let me put it this way, even if it's value increased ten-fold, which it won't, it would only be 1000 dollars.



Okay i'll invest 100 each month then



File: 1617122499525.png (207.21 KB, 748x776, f3078e89302dec1db9f548c9ea….png)

Paypal now does checkout w/crypto

BTC is ZOG approved now, i told you niggers



File: 1617135216863.jpg (339.42 KB, 1080x1722, c4e5713a60b5a3af8807544167….jpg)

Huh dat b tru



Will give this a readarino soon



don't bother. it's all tl;dr.






File: 1617212060605.png (102.7 KB, 1334x1339, Cockshott Butthurt Pedant ….png)

Everyone in a capitalist society is a capitalist as they either have capital, or the potential to acquire capita in the myriad forms that can take. e.g. a car, a 3d printer, a ball-peen hammer, a lathe. This is just their semantic bullshit way to say "rich guy".


>meaningless commie hyperbolic tripe


25% doctors work between 60 and 80 hours a week, most work at least between 40 and 60 hours and doctors in the US all have to spend their youths paying off half million dollar student loans and they as a group have to adhere to rigid external standards to remain employed (this is why it was so easy to get them to spread the meme virus meme). They are some of the least autonomous workers on the planet

>small businessman

This applies more to freelance trade workers than anything, unless you believe Apu made all of the products in his store himself and has no other employees. The only functional difference between Apu and Mr. Burns is scale.


This image suits the text of the small businessman section better considering Lenny is publishing, printing and delivering his paper himself.

>average alienated

What would this person have if those "above" him were not allowed to exist because some nerd control freak pedantic pseudo-intellectual dunning-kruger virgin like Paul Cockshott or his tranny resooter legions in Discord were in charge instead? We have many historical precedents suggesting they would be significantly less well off materially than they are now.




Great stuff, thanks for sharing man!



RT was pro bitcoin because it was even cool to be pro btc

I remember the very early days



ethereum $2,000

video describes how i feel



>Cryptocurrency Is a Top Theme for Soros CIO Fitzpatrick




File: 1617357458833.jpg (214.25 KB, 798x1080, 20210402_025609.jpg)

DeFi is the one shot we have to make it frens

all in



Dont ghostbump you faggot



File: 1617508998201.jpg (146.22 KB, 1600x900, Nagato.Yuki.jpg)

alright i have started to verify with a local crypto retailer in order to purchase some in my local currency
it seems to be the most difficult part of all this and what has always put me off in the past
being easter who will probably be tueday before verification completion




research self-directed Roth IRA




File: 1617557970019.jpg (692.05 KB, 1291x1008, 0399fd00b766992d2210a1c019….jpg)

Just get a firm handshake sonny



Just get a haircut and put on some deoderant bro, you can get a new girl from tinder every night. Wait..



File: 1617666206771.png (617.98 KB, 1099x1012, 4857.png)

Thoughts fellas



File: 1617667127416.png (146.19 KB, 2062x478, Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at ….png)

the contract is nothing and this retard doesn't even know how to a proper transaction

its still pending for the contract lmoa

>b-but its an april fools joke

also its a blatant copy of this project:




Pill me on contract(s)

Wut dis meen



Ugh tldr xD gimme qrd



tl;dr its the code behind the token



Ah i c thanks heh
So basically deez mgtow nibbas have no clue what they're doing



Anyone invested in XRP? 3rd world economic shitholes are adopting it as a means of payment (saves them using a literal stack of overinflated notes)



File: 1617697907275.png (77.4 KB, 414x303, 10_195948_974_1400.png)

just bought my first ever crypto
given the bank i was using to transfer and the after hours transaction i was expecting at least a day for it to clear but happened in a few hours to my surprise



nice man, what crypto did you buy?

welcome to the elite



just a small amount of bitcoin to test everything was working
will purchase some more later. the retailer does exchanges also so will have to check what is more cost effective
it's all quite interesting



Welcome to I'm assuming spreadsheet simulator



File: 1617771396918.png (83.13 KB, 1156x743, 1617770323941.png)

early crypto people were redpilled af heh

i miss the early bitcoin days

before it was all price speculation

and it was all about freedom from the system



File: 1617771479255.jpg (487.32 KB, 750x1149, 1617769981802.jpg)

this guy was one of the few people mentioned in the original bitcoin whitepaper

and he is openly /pol/

i'm still waiting for "the problematic past of bitcoin" articles by soyboys heh



File: 1617771816137.jpg (797.55 KB, 3464x2974, uz0u8ey25tq61.jpg)




File: 1617773395401.jpg (211.4 KB, 769x1024, 1617739188255.jpg)

I cum on cat it hiss at penis



File: 1617775368734.jpeg (171.71 KB, 640x865, 6C8A637E-A0CD-421C-A996-D….jpeg)

I hope you guys held because I think we're just getting started



you nibbas talk about graph often

i briefly chatted with the founder of graph (i'm everywhere in the world of community heh) and he seems bretty cool and authentic



over 100k, nice man

proud of you

like a full year ago I was looking into BAT, I should've gotten a bag like you heh



I think the Graph might be okay but I legit fucked my life up buying and panic selling it LOL heh



I generally do not trade large caps

the harder the rise the harder they fall



lol I just traded my bat for link like 2 months ago after holding it for close to a year

t. doesn't know what he's doing



File: 1617856784490.jpg (875.75 KB, 1600x1507, 0b90faeb4b4caafd49285b7b26….jpg)

Another silver coin has been purchased, last one before the next inventory (i last did an inventory at the end of january)

I noticed too late it's from the same guy i bought the last coin from, he's apparently selling his entire collectshen

Thought the thing was fake at first but it's prolly genuine

Also when that NEETbuxx finally cums rollin in imma do a BTC test purchase most likely, among other preps i need to buy still



After holding BAT for 2 whole years (you all may remember me posting about it) I sold a BIG chunk of it anticipating it remaining stable (as it more or less had that entire time) less than 12 hours before it nearly doubled in price ($.45 to $.70+). Absolutely bonkers, "luckily" I was able to get back in at $.55. I'm pissed I ever doubted the shit but who's to say if it will ever become what I think its potential is.

For those two whole years it seemed to me that Brave could have cured cancer and their project BAT would have stayed in the $.20 to $.40 range however the facts remain the same:

>$1.8 trillion dollar crypto market cap

>$350 billion worldwide digital advertising expenditure
>$15+ billion crowdfunding market
>1.5 billion circulating supply of BAT

Brave only needs to capture a small chunk of any one of these markets it finds itself as a competitor/disruptor in for BAT to increase its value substantially. I am still debating on whether I continue to buy more or put money away anticipating a major market retracement and then buying in (it's still beholden somewhat to BTC's movements).



made a $1.86 with my solana holdings
so this the power of crypto eh

of course im still down 55$ somehow over my other holdings lmao
the retailer jewed me hard on the BAT purchase
dunno what happened there



sol is bretty good

worth buying anything associated with Sam Bankman-Fried



File: 1618024698644.jpg (72.74 KB, 640x640, 6ad57ea87b251bdc71bbdb08e1….jpg)

Hungarian Central Bank Boosts Gold Reserves By 3000% In Less Than 3 Years



Imma try and sell my smaller coins and exchange them for 1/2 oz ones i think



Nvm i bought another 1/2 oz coin instead LOL

Holding physical bullion just feels gud and it's prolly prudent to keep stackin seeing as the jews are causing hyperinflation



Nothing like being able to physically see and touch your own "savings account" heh

I would like a portfolio that is around 10% fiat at most and the rest some combination of guns, metal and crypto (all of which will be lost in a boating accident), right now my portfolio is very crypto heavy just because my long positions are finally paying off. I'd like to build up to about $30,000 worth of Silver.





I've already told you guys. fluffy was flat as an oklahoma parking lot. I saw her tits plenty.



I unironically think I can make it to 20mil

song settis for unbridled energy:
metallica - creeping death



File: 1618319576560.png (Spoiler Image, 905.2 KB, 791x712, the gang.PNG)

Nu stack pic fuckerinos

Around 11oz wew

This is actually substantial return of investment at this point if i were to sell dem (which i won't though heh)



any unironic 2009-2012 bitcoin ogs here?

here is proof that I was early into bitcoin, only real nibbas remember dragon's tale

watch the video, this guy makes the modern equivalent of over 100mil in bitcoin in a few mins from the bitcoin gambling game lmao

>never purchased large quantities of btc since I was under 18 at the time and couldn't have a paypal/bank/credit card, F



File: 1618343226809.jpeg (222.66 KB, 1162x757, 308BE0B8-5B60-4A83-8D87-6….jpeg)

G-d I am one good goy. Post your credit scores fellow Shabbos



File: 1618360987050.jpeg (131.29 KB, 1590x876, 84320C02-5722-4B73-8A19-2….jpeg)

I used to be in the 800s.



File: 1618361036224.jpeg (98.73 KB, 1561x349, D578DF3C-843C-48EC-931B-F….jpeg)

fucking kikes are docking me because I'm not in debt to them.
gas them all.



File: 1618381685620.jpg (1.51 MB, 2150x3035, 1617663403056.jpg)

have never had any credit for anything
never even checked my score
literally whip out my debit card to put credit on my phone every month



t. renter




>Coinbase Direct Listing Discussion (2hrs from now)


>CNBC livestream




Physical metals will form the heart of the underground black market economy. Off-grid, untraceable, untaxable. This is especially true if the central banks successfully migrate everyone over to digital central bank currencies (with negative interest rates) without imploding all the massive sovereign debt bubbles. Someone will still want their banned prostitutes and tobacco. If all the sovereign debt bubbles implode, god knows what will survive out of this wreckage. Only thing that's guaranteed is anyone holding physical gold and silver will have assets worth bartering with.



Saw dis onna RT frontpage yesterday
Is it still viable to invest in BTC after said IPO



File: 1618501946208.jpg (156.2 KB, 1024x576, 1618500194881.jpg)




Just pulled out my smoll investment of btc and put it all into weights and books, the best investment there is besides weapons ofc.



I pulled my dick outta ur mums ass LOL



In 2018 or 19 I was tossing up between putting $300 I had around into LINK or buying a Schiit Audio Magni 3 (amplifier which I didn't really need). I went with LINK and that $300 would be $30k+ today. I have much more than that, but its still a moving little story thing to me.



sometimes you gotta live though
cant buy back your time no matter how much money you have



File: 1618671915825.jpg (7.25 KB, 217x233, 1535296588068.jpg)




if you made an absolutely retarded amount of money during the crypto bull market of 2021 what would you buy?

>axing for a friend btw



I would start a comfy business and pay some 7+ out of ten girl to run the store while I did whatever I wanted heh



Actually it would probably be best to either buy properties or invest in dividend-yielding stocks



I helped a 1mil mc project get jumpstarted
and I was one of the og admins of their project
did advertising/shilling for them
I paper handed it

now it's at 500mil mc and riding

I would've had over 20mil at least

I keep randomly screaming from the stress

fuck mans

I've made it but not nearly as much as I could've with some of the projects I helped out for fun months ago






Once my NEETbuxx finally arrived on the account i will start investing in BTC mayhaps



File: 1618966507982.jpg (6.68 KB, 250x250, 1569349294486.jpg)

Jesus fuck i've got over 2k onna account now all of a sudaaah (it was 330 yesterday when i checked)

I'll wait until things settle down somewhat (aka when i have my own place and sorted thru most of my digital and physical shit) before i start investan inna BTC methinks



File: 1619048192734.png (698.65 KB, 1574x798, honk2.PNG)


origischmelly suck mah dick




so she's in the tribe? is it really that surprising that an ex-porn star jewess is now a money manager and whore?



File: 1619201950030.jpg (139.7 KB, 900x1200, 1618999736085.jpg)





I found some of my first /biz/ threads from early 2014
when the board was first made
and it kinda depresses me that I was a broke teen who never hodl'd anything and just shitposted for years


I'd just redpill people on the rothschild family



File: 1619243718399.jpg (170.74 KB, 684x1008, anna totes nekid.jpg)

Money is temporary, karma is forever



File: 1619414528588.jpg (1.1 MB, 1280x1720, e307a0c050d8c5ce3e4422e462….jpg)


Quick rundown–
• Hashgraph algorithm is mathematically proven aBFT (COQ proof), (aBFT is the highest possible security standard)
• aBFT is achieved through Virtual Voting and Gossip about Gossip protocols
• Hashgraph is a patented technology
• Hashgraph cannot be forked
• Fair ordering and fair timestamping of transactions
• quantum resistant technology

• Finality in 3-5 sec
• 10.000+ TPS (practically unlimited through Sharding, tested at 100k-250k per Shard, keeping aBFT)

• the Governing Council (GC) takes over the management of the project, which consists of 39 companies, universities and NGO‘s from all over the world, so far in the GC there are:
Google, Boeing, Deutsche Telekom, Avery Dennison, DLA Piper, FIS Global, IBM, LG, Magalu, Nomura, Swirlds, Tata Communications, UCL, Wipro, Zain, Dentons, eftpos, Standard Bank, eDF.
• All GC members have to sign a LLC agreement and become temporary owners (max. 3 years per period and max. 2 periods)
• GC members have to run a node
• So far it’s a permissioned ledger and in the course it will become a permissionless ledger where everybody can run a node

Further properties:
• Hashgraph is a DAG (directed acyclic graph)
• POS (plus proxy-staking) - The only 100% proof of stake ledger in existence
• Interoperability with permissioned ledgers through HCS (Hedera Consensus Service)
• HTS (Hedera Token Service) for Tokenization
• Fees are paid in HBAR, but are linked to a fixed dollar price (fees never go up)
• Code base -> Open Review
• Tools -> Open Source
• Regulatory compliant

Also a few hours ago, South Korea's largest bank, Shinhan Bank, has joined the governing council, pic related is news about the bank and their future plans

This is a long term hold, it's a serious project with very strong fundamentals. I doubt it will moon that much during this bullrun. Expect it to be in the triple/quadruple digits in a few years though. This is unironically the eth killer.



File: 1619469388200.jpg (81.19 KB, 1080x1350, kike godess.jpg)




to you nibbas DEEP into crypto

add some fantom to your portfolio




Dis nibber trippin before investin



File: 1619677230478.png (1.19 MB, 954x1080, 8d342aa81cd7e5266db9549ac3….png)

Psychedelic drugs have been a hot topic in the financial press this week. Between the hallucinatory experiences of a German billionaire, and the market debut of 'magic mushroom' company MindMed eliciting talk of a "shroom boom", most of that coverage has been refreshingly positive. But that changed Tuesday morning when Bloomberg reported that the germanic CEO of a $2 billion startup has been unceremoniously fired for "microdosing" with LSD at work.



>When asked what type of hedging he uses, Angermayer responded: "None".



Clown world wtf



I think this is a clear sign that we're nearing the end of this current social and financial paradigm more than anything really. Just randomly assigning value to objectively worthless things like this NFT shit



File: 1619934551312.png (1.53 MB, 1049x618, 4545474851.PNG)

is BTC still viable to invest into laddos



i suggest buying SAFEMOON



unironically do not do this

t. was around safemoon first week or two it deployed and saw how shady it is

redpill: the ceo and his father are spooks
(look up who the ceo is and make linkedin account and see his previous job)



update: you would've made money if u followed my advice





Doesn't look like CP to me



Dats cuz it's nawt LOL



anyone had success buying hbar?
my retailer cant purchase at moment, could be days, weeks even



File: 1620072609327.jpg (502.88 KB, 540x698, 20210503_130943.jpg)




File: 1620126180554.jpg (116.65 KB, 1242x1530, 1619992073001.jpg)




File: 1620131983060.png (338.7 KB, 972x992, 1565843464176.png)




File: 1620134233257.jpg (622.01 KB, 1428x1404, 1556534369156.jpg)

EBay Plans To Enable Crypto Payments And Break Into NFT Market



File: 1620148427430.png (6 KB, 414x403, 1517079605114.png)




she looks like my ex

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