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(Cont. from >>16052)
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Vgh i fuckin hate mold, i once put some cardboard up and the thing was full of it within a year or so



File: 1618642883667.jpg (41.32 KB, 882x720, 1618638872060.jpg)

>be me at parcel locker rn
>App said there's all three parcels in there
>GUI on the display sez there's only two parcels
>Open all of the lockers, double-check and everything
>App now says i "took out 3 parcels" despite there only being 2

What the literal fuck

1st time this has happened to me, gonna be terrific to try and crack this one open

Luckily i paid via paypal though and i assume their computers log everything in regards to how many parcels are actually being loaded in for any given customers

My guess is the parcel guy was either lazy af or a thieving shitskin who thought he could get away with it



Parcel nibber app updated again 2 hours after i wuz there, it says the package has been dropped once again (after the previous step said i took the non-existant parcel out earlier on kek)

Fuck this shit is kafkaesque



Fuarkin hell mfw the nu headphones are pressing hard af against the rims of my gunnars glasses

Hope it loosens up ovah tiem



Fuckin lowlife cunt has been banging around again nonstop since 8am fuck



File: 1618834790561.jpg (24.64 KB, 490x482, 51fwT2ZdGNL._AC_SY580_.jpg)

use these when sleep



Yeah i've been sitting here with construction site-grade hearing protection and in-ear headphones underneath for the better part of the day already

Some noise still manages to get thru though when she slams against the wall

But holy fuck talk about having no hobbies at all to speak of save for pulling that shit all day long and bickering on the phone/to narc supply givers



ear plugs are for high noise environments and won't block noises like wall banging in a quiet environment. get a white noise machine or play an 8 hour white noise/rain/whatever you like video on yt.

also grow the fuck up and move the fuck out.



>move the fuck out.

I literally can't though lol

The municipial admin. won't give me the housing voucher



Mfw muh left fingerinodino is inflamed as FUCK again rn holy shit



you can't depend on a voucher to get you out of every problem, anon



Nice non sequitur response there

See the eviction thread, i literally didn't even have any money to speak of up until yesterday

Now that i'm officially on the dole i might have more luck with obtaining this fucking voucher though and if i'm extremely lucky i'll be able to move away from this place for good



File: 1619055741961.png (80.19 KB, 967x972, FireShot Capture 1649 - Th….png)

Oh wow didn't expect some RBN-esque advice onna /r/trp but confronting this can be considered self-improvement




Fucking unemployed lowlife cunt has been banging around nigh-nonstop again since 12PM



thanks for the update.



Hey man you're welcome

This shit disrupts my lurkan and postan habits quite a bit, i really hate it



Gotta love when she's drunkenly stumbling upstairs shitfaced at fucking 2:30AM and makes noise like right now too



This is the 3rd fuckin time i had to put on the hearing protection today

Fuck this fucking narc cunt and her skitzoid hoovering kek



Vgh imma have to venture to the parcel locker in 2 hours time before the other thing >>25148 gets sent back again

I hope that fucking barcode scanner works better w/the smartphone screen but i'm not holding mah breaf dere



I have returnit from le parcel locker

Fuckin pistol crossbow parcel was way oversized too, it barely fit into the basket heh



Fuckin lowlife spastic GC was hoovering again from 4-5AM inna bathroom and when i was brushing mah teef just now the spastic came bursting in too

At fucking 7AM on a sunday mind you

Fucking incredible the shit these lowlife narcs come up with



Fucking lowlife cunt is drunkenly stumbling about again at fucking 1AM and waking up the dog with her senseless toxic lowlife slamming against walls and shit



Fuarkin hell imma have to press some nu collagen capsules later on inna capsule masheen



I have nutted




Fuckin lowlife cunt is banging around again



Fuckin unemployed lowlife cunt started banging around at 6AM in the morning today shit you not

You simply cannot make any of this up yourself, it's way too out there



File: 1619646202133.jpg (808.68 KB, 4032x2268, tabletop fountain.jpg)

Thinkgen bout coppan mahself an indoor fountain



I like these things. Also you could get one of those machines that produces enough white noise to drown out noise from outside like therapists use. I have one and it can make a bunch of different ambient sounds.



File: 1619659620211.jpg (9.27 KB, 500x369, 1565738752365.jpg)

The indoor fountain thing would just be for the purposes of general home improvement, defo going to check out sum o' deez white noise playlists doe

Gonna do some moar research on the fountain too in any case before i decide on whether to cop one or not heh



Fuckin skitzoid lowlife narc cunt just drunkenly stumbled upstairs and banged against the wall in a bizarre lowlife textbook fashion again



Le heckin fückerino



This nibber build his own tabletop fountain



File: 1619682602325.png (704.5 KB, 1471x520, lolwut.PNG)

This ENTIRE fucking poojeet channel is just one giant water fountain content mill

I found just one single non-DIY fountain video which was a flower pot tutorial or something

Fucking bizarre kek, reminds me of elsagate



Le fuck am i watchan



Just had some terribly explosive diarrhea holy fuck



no one needs to know that.



No one forces you 2 read my posts LOL



File: 1619841164107.jpg (15.77 KB, 250x250, tilenibber.jpg)

I have procured 8 moar of deez carpet tiles now after i tested the first batch out yesterday to my satisfaction - Around 50 bucks in total w/shipping for 16 pieces now which fill out the core area of one mid-sized room

P comfy ngl



you got jewwed!



No ur wrong heh

Deez things are as comfy as they are sturdy

Feels gud to be able to convert any given room into a comfy lurking cave in no time



>Be me just now
>Came back from the parcel locker
>Get onna lurkin masheen again and immediately the rear exhaust case fan starts acting up
>Won't be quiet for 30m or so even when i do a cold reboot and shit, have to wear hearing protectshen
>Likely the bearings inside were fucked for good since i had already bought a nu case fan weeks before but thought i still had time until the thing would die on my completely
>Nothing in the BIOS either so i had to end up plugging it out for now as an emergency solution until i find that other case fan i bought earlier (today is a holiday too so i can't just go out and pick a new one inna city either)

Jesus fucking christ

Always at the most inopportune of times this kind of shit happens



Fuarkin hell it's frustrating af that i can't find this other fan nibber, i might aswell replace it completely if i have to take it out either way like in this vid

Gonna do one real thorough sweep once the house is free and then prep for the appointment right afterwards



Holy fuck imma do this inna connecting room i think where i can vacuum it up easily



>Firs explosive massive diarrhea and now constipated as all fuck because of that anti-diarrhea tablet i took

Fuckin 'ell mateys



Fuckin spastic lowlife cunt has been banging around nigh-nonstop again



File: 1620126209002.jpg (14.24 KB, 474x314, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

'avin dis shizz here again rn wew

It's painful af indeed



File: 1620139612867.jpg (17.16 KB, 236x348, 6f8cc8d988cc743ab3f48b29ec….jpg)

Fuckin storm is still raging ousside and my all-weather sealing tape is still in transit wew

Thank god for this heating device i bought earlier



get some zilactin-b.



Thanks for le recommendashen, have to find out how dat shizz is called here so i can cop it inna pharmacy



God this fuckin shittyass storm is still raging ousside

It's so fucking cold w/deez leakyass windows and frames

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