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(Cont. from >>16052)


File: 1614485312188.jpg (46.73 KB, 720x721, 1587242850079.jpg)

Legit almost puked yesterday from that cluster attack, taking 1g of that dutch kratom along w/the valerian was a shitty idea in a misguided attempt to get some more shit done after what had already been a pretty stressful day

I used to have some actual quiet quality alone time since friday and saturday were the ONLY evenings the ncunt would actually do something amounting to actual work under the week (for around 3-4 hours on average) in the ngmom-owned biz but now that there's reduced service due to the plandemic she stays there for barely 2 hours, the n!sperm donor for even less than that

Like, on top of everything else it's something i really don't need. The senseless slamming and stomping around in the lower floor kept resuming again until 2AM or so too so i had to sleep thru till 4AM now




[-]More junk clogging the board[-]



I pressed some collagen caps earlier but the shit was ultra-smoothly powdered and now it seems to have gotten into all sorts of crevices

Gonna wipe down the mouse and shit when i clean the capsule masheen later i think



My dicc clogg ur mum pucci LOL



File: 1614635801666.png (8.92 KB, 375x385, 1541821762491.png)

Spent the better part of the evening/around 2-3 hours fucking around in various panorama/photo stitcher applications to get an accurate 360° approximation of my current lurkan cave setup - Partly to serve as future memorabilia/snapshot of my circumstances as of rn but also because it's probably useful for floor planning and stuff like that

Without a specialized lens/camera it's almost impossible to create a completely (!) seamless panorama image but what i just threw together here with autostitcher and MS ICE (i essentially ended up pasting two different panoramas together in the end, combining them into a single perceivable overview) looks pretty good and after i fixed the resolution and everything else up it gives you a very good feel for the place as if you were standing there yourself which is what i was aiming for

I'm happy with the result overall, wouldn't have had the patience for this without the caffeine though heh



Also i find it pretty awesome that MS ICE can render panorama images directly from moving images/video output sources

Deez algos are pretty advanced ngl



90% of this thread is (h'white) males in their late 20's


Starting to see a pattern there



File: 1614800694449.png (53.75 KB, 878x778, randomskitzo.png)

That sub is p wild




hidden again. and i will continue to do so btw lol.



File: 1614874435378.jpg (115.92 KB, 900x578, butthurt-bitch02.jpg)

I slap ur ass raw skitzoSpergY lol



File: 1614977904566.png (70.75 KB, 686x230, narc mothers.png)

This is so fully accurate and dead-on it almost hurts



My nose is bleeding quite heavily again just now fuck



Fuckin lowlife cunt wouldn't let me dooze off again after i had eaten and lied down earlier

Ah well doesn't make much of a difference anymore now anyways



Just busted a nuterino



ive always thought your english is pretty good for a germ-man
even a lot of the slang and shitty imageboard grammar is functional
is this typical of the modern germ-man?



>is this typical

Not at all heh lol



>imageboard grammer

Fuck u even mean w/dis kek

You mean the intentional misspelling? Idk i just think that's funnay



It's so fucking absurd to me how my own narc grandmother acts exactly like this character

Like, we're talking textbook verbatim carbon copy spitting image in the most literal sense. This instant switching from fake whining and tears/wanting to be kissed right back to the most vicious form of gaslighting/abuse denial is like one of their trademark behaviours really

If you're in the FOG and don't know about a narc's antics and manipulation tactics it's basically impossible to put up consistent effective boundaries with people like this and trying to not get enmeshed within the shit they constantly pull. If you *are* aware though then interacting with them can become very tedious and predictable on the other hand.

It's a shame i can't find a way to go fully NC yet if my stuff ends up getting held hostage by her with that u-haul thing she hinted at



File: 1615663586187.png (100.82 KB, 1123x709, yep222.PNG)

Yeah i'm defo going to have to tread carefully there, when she came over >>23390 again claiming to offer """help"" this was already a huge red flag in itself popping up. The kind of backstabbing that's been going on is insane, she also casually claimed to have been behind the 2012 and 2019 attempts to force me out, or at least the implication was that she backed it financially. Again, i would've been totally at her whim either way. Best thing i can do right now is to get a place far away via government gibs, get a restraining order and assess from there but for that the current proceedings must be halted completely so my stuff doesn't end up getting held hostage



God i wish i had an airzound on my bike this morning

Fucking boomer almost smashed right into me when he drove out of his garage, there's no way he couldn't have seen me approaching because i even slowed down and waited for him and shit

Women and old people really shouldn't be allowed to drive



Fuckin unemployed spastic cunt disturbed me during fapping again just now

Amazing how she ALWAYS gets up when i'm about to quickly rub one out even if it's in the middle of the night/wee hours of the morning



Nothing wrong with sex, I'm no prude, but if you are jerking off all the time you are like some mouse addicted to the dopamine lever in a skinner box.



she wants the dee



File: 1616017646977.png (221.14 KB, 1635x808, kc noise troubles.PNG)

The woman is axe-fucking crazy

She spent the entire morning today (8am-10am or so) banging around again like in pic related

I had to literally switch to sleeping to the other side of the bed away from the wall and even then i still heard her banging

It's something else entirely with this woman. She may believe that her own mental state gets better once i move into my own place but she will just spiral further out of control, being the narc alcoholic that she is. I remember even back in 2016 (when things were "fine"/her mother was still alive) she would get set off and start screaming for no discernible reason by the smallest things

Fuck the egg donor seriously



ear plugs aren't good at banging noises. what you really need is a white noise generator like a marpac or there are plenty of 8 hour long dark screen videos on youtube.

also you seem like such a pathetic person. grow some balls and take control of your life. I'm done trying to talk you up. you need tough love. move out today ffs.



Why are you giving me advice and then continue to insult me in the same breath? That's quite the bipolar/schizo thing to do there.

Also it's not like i wanted this situation or anything. I've been abused and sabotaged/made financially dependant from an extremely early age. Insulting me is completely relevant to any of it; You don't call someone that has had his legs sawn off by an assailant "pathetic" for not being able to walk on his own either, because that would *actually* be pathetic on your part. There is nothing pathetic about the guy that got assaulted through no fault of his own.

But yeah imma try and look into this white noise shit even though i doubt it will help, i have a white noise-type playlist running and the constant crazed drunkard banging against the walls can be hard right thru regardless



*can be heard

Goddamn i need some cofvefe



Good playlist



Ah fuck i need to send out two parcels at the parcel locker later on

Gonna go there early before all the boomers arrive



>Fixed the sleep schedule again
>She can't bang around without me noticing it while being awake/not trying to sleep

Jeez this shit is so pathological + pathetic



Came back from taking the dog for a lill walk earlier

The spastic pampered NEET golden child locked the gate again for no good reason so i had to open it and while i was opening it the shitskin parcel driver guy (which doggerbreh hates the guts of) came speeding along/was entering the other end of the street, fucker took the pedal to the metal when he saw doggerbreh on purpose and almost ran him over



Just came back from the parcel locker shit wuz cash heh



steal the pampered golden child's motorcycle and hit the road



>You should act like a nigger




Fuckin dog has been sperging out almost nonstop again at the window downstairs and i kept thinking it's the matriarch narc cunt about to burst into my room again unannounced to hoover and gaslight + get supply

Fuck this whole situation, seriously



I slept from around 2/3PM yesterday till now (3AM) wew

My sleep schedule has been all over the place this past month thanks to the narc(s)



Just put a heccin 'zza inna oven



Fuckin lowlife cunt is banging around again at 5AM

Would've surprised me almost otherwise

These narcs just need the supply like nothing else



Looks like the unemployed cunt is not leaving the place at all today

I barely took off the hearing protection and heard her stumbling outside in the connecting room again in a drunken lowlife fashion just now



She's gone now finally (just as i was entering the bathroom) but holy fuck is that schedule off again

In an abusive environment you try and learn your abusers schedule to be prepared/know when you have your "peaceful time" without hoovering and slamming against walls and shit

I can't even begin to imagine the kind of freedom and peace of mind your very own place w/no noisy bydlo neighbours would afford you



File: 1616242518861.gif (9 KB, 220x220, 1565492398136.gif)

Oh wow, she was at the office for less than an hour

Gotta be a new record now right there



Just took a lill shower it wuz gud heh





Huh what he mean wit dis



It's amazing how quiet and peaceful things are when the narc cunt is in her drunken coma

Immediately starts slamming shit again when she gets up to gain supply, it's like they have to spread their toxicity around the whole place at all costs



It's amazing how quiet and peaceful things are when the /u/maxwellhill soyence coomer isn't around to shit up 4chon.

It's like he has to spread his toxicity around the whole place at all costs



File: 1616423750541.jpg (79.42 KB, 474x646, ballsac empty.jpg)

Nutted once moar have i, hmmm



This b some neat shit

Gonna try this with some pics of my great grandfather



Fuckin boomer neighbour cunt is creating a helluva lot of noise at 7AM in the morning again with some kind of construction/landscaping crew once again

Fuck i can even hear them banging around w/the hearing protection on, this is some sickass shit im tellin you fellas



I need to fucking CONCENTRATE on this email you noisy assholes

Jesus what is this even



I almost jizzed over my keyboard lol



Nutted for the 2nd tiem today

These fuckers are still going at it below the window jesus



Fuckin lowlife always has to run up downstairs and bang around/against the wall first thing every single fuckin time

This morning i went up at like 5:30am and she was stumbling about in a shitfaced drunkard fashion in the dark upper floor hallway too, shit you not

The woman is profoundly sick



File: 1616788652162.png (169.83 KB, 396x539, peppermintnibber.PNG)

Imma cop mahself sum o' dat shit

Hopefully it will put an end to these constant massive food comas triggered by certain foods



>Take dogger for a walkerino
>Return coincides almost exactly with that of the egg donor cunt

Seriously, almost every time

This shit b cursed or summin



File: 1616870849030.png (85.94 KB, 240x236, asfasaas.PNG)

Picked up the arthritis/carpal relief wrist brace earlier today and tried it out first thing

Shit seems to be working decently enuff, plus these nibbers offered me a good amount of cashback in return for a review so i'll likely end up keeping the thing



File: 1616871225118.jpg (229.15 KB, 1000x674, cargobasket.jpg)

Oh yeah and i also picked up the cargo front basket for muh bike, shit's going to come in handy when i have to do supply runs to the parcel locker inna future

The fucker also drove real fast and smooth after i oiled the chain and shit again and pumped up the tires the other day



Mfw the lowlife cunt is drunkenly banging around again

Did manage to startle me just now a couple mins ago by sneaking into the adjacent room and banging against the wall/smashing into stuff on purpose without any warning

The true mark of a lowlife



>Pulled up the shutters on the right window the other day
>Sun is warming up ousside again cuz its spring
>Funkyass smell spreads everywhere

Fuarkin hell



File: 1617281510131.png (74.74 KB, 399x340, chink pedal trainer.PNG)

This bad boi arrived earlier too, 19 bucks w/shippan included

Gonna train muh arms n legs w/dis



Taking a lill ride to the parcel locker now



File: 1617286504915.jpg (24.75 KB, 474x314, mern2.jpg)

Fuckin KIKEass hay fever fucking me up again ousside and giving me uveitis and shit



Fuckin hell my left eye feels like it's going to fall out

Fuck this imma get some eye drops from the pharmacy stat



Thinkgen bout painting muh bike in black with this spray paint thing i got the other day

Wud b laff if i cud find a cheap but powerful electric motor to slap on too



This leakyass fuckin window frame is pissing me off

It's over 20°C ousside but still feels like winter regardless, the whole thing is busted since that last storm a couple of weeks ago

I would've already installed some kind of mechanical contraption holding it in place under normal circumstances



Ah fuck i bumped the wrong thread dere

Eh it's semi-relevant though, i'll prolly get a response regarding the application next week anyways



Fuckin lowlife spastic cunt is drunkenly stumbling around again following me obsessively everyhwere in a drunken fashion

I got up to throw some stuff out and not even 5m later she comes stumbling into the connecting room just to bang around again

On a sidenote the nu headphones are p nice though which is good cuz i wont have to send them back that whey



These fuckers work almost too well i swear to god

The amount of flatulence they give me is unreal, also had some very mushy stool earlier today which bordered/already qualified as diarrhea

The upside is that i don't have any food comas anymore though



Once moar i have nutted in an original fashion



Fuckin unemployed lowlife cunt is banging around again

Not even 30m after i got up mind you



File: 1617727876660.jpg (77.24 KB, 750x719, 1600003700088.jpg)

Fuckin bullshit april weather i swear to fuck

It's frosty af ousside and that shitty leakyass window/loose window frame means there's tons of cold air streaming in, the heat blanket and thermostatic film are nigh-useless now



Fuckin spastic lowlife cunt is drunkenly stumbling around again at fucking 5.40AM in the morning



Been having very heavy and loud tinnitus since waking up onna right ear

I hope it's nuffin serious



Took a lill gluten-induced digestive nap

tinnitus still there

Not quite as loud as befo subjectively but still noticable definitely



File: 1617856583594.jpg (180.6 KB, 1500x1500, le maglev chink globe lamp.jpg)

Did a lill consumerism again laddos

Can't complain too much for 20 heckin buckerinodinos doe methinks, i can always send it bacc if the thing doesn't work



Just came back from le bank trip

The other GC cunt has been camped up here for almost a week again, gotta fight that cabin fever somehow



Fuckin lowlife spastic cunt came stumbling upstairs again just as i was taking shit in a drunken lowlife fashion and started banging around/against the adjoining wall senseless again in a manic lowlife fashion just now

Had to put on the hearing protection for 5m just now



My fucking finger on the left hurts like fuck rn

It's always the one i almost lost back then thanks to the ncunt



File: 1618122545575.png (59.88 KB, 1270x1110, 1578376493582.png)

It's fucking amazing how i can't even prepare some food at 8AM without the narcs immediately and obsessively trying to stalk me again throughout the place

It's so fucking bizarre the things they come up with to "police" everything you do in a contrived and needless fashion. True OCD-type control freaks if i ever saw some



Piece of shit weather w/the leakyass window ugh



I think i partially dislocated my jaw or something earlier when i ate something

Shit popped loud as fuck and stung like hell afterwards



I will now venture to the parcel locker

Wish me luck laddorinos



This piece of shit has some serious coil whining going on, every time the floating ball moves it makes this high-pitched noise

Gonna RMA the shit out of this, i'd only keep it if they gave me a massiveass discount on it tbf



Fuckin lowlife cunt has been stalking me again and smashing and slamming things around next to my room on purpose

I bet she's shitfaced again right now too



just patch it up with duct tape



File: 1618406382674.jpg (32.03 KB, 366x536, 1565710761880.jpg)

Gonna measure out the floor area tomorrow after i cum back from the bank, i need to procure some modular proper carpet tiles so as to recreate the comfy lurkan cave carpet floor at least to an acceptable degree in my own place later on



I unironically did that laddo, it's pm the only thing that's been holding it in place this past one and a half years or so (i added some more at one or two occasions aswell)

I then put this thermal insulating plastic foil over it and another layer of rescue blankets for good measure, there's still air that leaks through though and the blankets get blown up by said trapped air and make noise whenever there's a storm ousside

It's quite a shitty arrangement and i would've fixed it mechanically already if this eviction bullshit hadn't been looming over my head these past two years. But even without that leakyass defective frame there's tons of air leaks around both windows, this house is around 120ish years old i think



File: 1618406745620.png (287.83 KB, 378x265, yep kino.PNG)

This fucker's going to arrive soon too, paid 10 bucks for it includan shippin

P sweet deal rite there if u ask me

Nothing moar important than having a good comfy lurkan cave going



I literally cannot stop farting holy fuck

The flatulence is really bad right now and it stinks like hell too

At least the digestion is working though, this peppermint oil shit has fixed my shit right up in that regard and i don't feel absolutely miserable after having eaten something anymore



try using bondo



This bish have a kino voice

Imma try and fix this shit, the fucking reflector is loose apparently

Noted that down for later thanks fella heh



no problem, just make sure the seal is first dry so you dont get mould growing, ome of my walls was full of black mould and it fucking stunk, not all the time just sometimes youd get a blast of grotesque smell

i wiped that shit off with some bleach wipes

its pretty cucked living next to a field, its always windy and cold



Fuckin spastic cunt is sneaking and banging around again at fucking 6AM shit you not



Vgh i fuckin hate mold, i once put some cardboard up and the thing was full of it within a year or so



File: 1618642883667.jpg (41.32 KB, 882x720, 1618638872060.jpg)

>be me at parcel locker rn
>App said there's all three parcels in there
>GUI on the display sez there's only two parcels
>Open all of the lockers, double-check and everything
>App now says i "took out 3 parcels" despite there only being 2

What the literal fuck

1st time this has happened to me, gonna be terrific to try and crack this one open

Luckily i paid via paypal though and i assume their computers log everything in regards to how many parcels are actually being loaded in for any given customers

My guess is the parcel guy was either lazy af or a thieving shitskin who thought he could get away with it



Parcel nibber app updated again 2 hours after i wuz there, it says the package has been dropped once again (after the previous step said i took the non-existant parcel out earlier on kek)

Fuck this shit is kafkaesque



Fuarkin hell mfw the nu headphones are pressing hard af against the rims of my gunnars glasses

Hope it loosens up ovah tiem



Fuckin lowlife cunt has been banging around again nonstop since 8am fuck



File: 1618834790561.jpg (24.64 KB, 490x482, 51fwT2ZdGNL._AC_SY580_.jpg)

use these when sleep



Yeah i've been sitting here with construction site-grade hearing protection and in-ear headphones underneath for the better part of the day already

Some noise still manages to get thru though when she slams against the wall

But holy fuck talk about having no hobbies at all to speak of save for pulling that shit all day long and bickering on the phone/to narc supply givers



ear plugs are for high noise environments and won't block noises like wall banging in a quiet environment. get a white noise machine or play an 8 hour white noise/rain/whatever you like video on yt.

also grow the fuck up and move the fuck out.



>move the fuck out.

I literally can't though lol

The municipial admin. won't give me the housing voucher



Mfw muh left fingerinodino is inflamed as FUCK again rn holy shit



you can't depend on a voucher to get you out of every problem, anon



Nice non sequitur response there

See the eviction thread, i literally didn't even have any money to speak of up until yesterday

Now that i'm officially on the dole i might have more luck with obtaining this fucking voucher though and if i'm extremely lucky i'll be able to move away from this place for good



File: 1619055741961.png (80.19 KB, 967x972, FireShot Capture 1649 - Th….png)

Oh wow didn't expect some RBN-esque advice onna /r/trp but confronting this can be considered self-improvement




Fucking unemployed lowlife cunt has been banging around nigh-nonstop again since 12PM



thanks for the update.



Hey man you're welcome

This shit disrupts my lurkan and postan habits quite a bit, i really hate it



Gotta love when she's drunkenly stumbling upstairs shitfaced at fucking 2:30AM and makes noise like right now too



This is the 3rd fuckin time i had to put on the hearing protection today

Fuck this fucking narc cunt and her skitzoid hoovering kek



Vgh imma have to venture to the parcel locker in 2 hours time before the other thing >>25148 gets sent back again

I hope that fucking barcode scanner works better w/the smartphone screen but i'm not holding mah breaf dere



I have returnit from le parcel locker

Fuckin pistol crossbow parcel was way oversized too, it barely fit into the basket heh



Fuckin lowlife spastic GC was hoovering again from 4-5AM inna bathroom and when i was brushing mah teef just now the spastic came bursting in too

At fucking 7AM on a sunday mind you

Fucking incredible the shit these lowlife narcs come up with



Fucking lowlife cunt is drunkenly stumbling about again at fucking 1AM and waking up the dog with her senseless toxic lowlife slamming against walls and shit



Fuarkin hell imma have to press some nu collagen capsules later on inna capsule masheen



I have nutted




Fuckin lowlife cunt is banging around again



Fuckin unemployed lowlife cunt started banging around at 6AM in the morning today shit you not

You simply cannot make any of this up yourself, it's way too out there



File: 1619646202133.jpg (808.68 KB, 4032x2268, tabletop fountain.jpg)

Thinkgen bout coppan mahself an indoor fountain



I like these things. Also you could get one of those machines that produces enough white noise to drown out noise from outside like therapists use. I have one and it can make a bunch of different ambient sounds.



File: 1619659620211.jpg (9.27 KB, 500x369, 1565738752365.jpg)

The indoor fountain thing would just be for the purposes of general home improvement, defo going to check out sum o' deez white noise playlists doe

Gonna do some moar research on the fountain too in any case before i decide on whether to cop one or not heh



Fuckin skitzoid lowlife narc cunt just drunkenly stumbled upstairs and banged against the wall in a bizarre lowlife textbook fashion again



Le heckin fückerino



This nibber build his own tabletop fountain



File: 1619682602325.png (704.5 KB, 1471x520, lolwut.PNG)

This ENTIRE fucking poojeet channel is just one giant water fountain content mill

I found just one single non-DIY fountain video which was a flower pot tutorial or something

Fucking bizarre kek, reminds me of elsagate



Le fuck am i watchan



Just had some terribly explosive diarrhea holy fuck



no one needs to know that.



No one forces you 2 read my posts LOL



File: 1619841164107.jpg (15.77 KB, 250x250, tilenibber.jpg)

I have procured 8 moar of deez carpet tiles now after i tested the first batch out yesterday to my satisfaction - Around 50 bucks in total w/shipping for 16 pieces now which fill out the core area of one mid-sized room

P comfy ngl



you got jewwed!



No ur wrong heh

Deez things are as comfy as they are sturdy

Feels gud to be able to convert any given room into a comfy lurking cave in no time



>Be me just now
>Came back from the parcel locker
>Get onna lurkin masheen again and immediately the rear exhaust case fan starts acting up
>Won't be quiet for 30m or so even when i do a cold reboot and shit, have to wear hearing protectshen
>Likely the bearings inside were fucked for good since i had already bought a nu case fan weeks before but thought i still had time until the thing would die on my completely
>Nothing in the BIOS either so i had to end up plugging it out for now as an emergency solution until i find that other case fan i bought earlier (today is a holiday too so i can't just go out and pick a new one inna city either)

Jesus fucking christ

Always at the most inopportune of times this kind of shit happens



Fuarkin hell it's frustrating af that i can't find this other fan nibber, i might aswell replace it completely if i have to take it out either way like in this vid

Gonna do one real thorough sweep once the house is free and then prep for the appointment right afterwards



Holy fuck imma do this inna connecting room i think where i can vacuum it up easily



>Firs explosive massive diarrhea and now constipated as all fuck because of that anti-diarrhea tablet i took

Fuckin 'ell mateys



Fuckin spastic lowlife cunt has been banging around nigh-nonstop again



File: 1620126209002.jpg (14.24 KB, 474x314, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

'avin dis shizz here again rn wew

It's painful af indeed



File: 1620139612867.jpg (17.16 KB, 236x348, 6f8cc8d988cc743ab3f48b29ec….jpg)

Fuckin storm is still raging ousside and my all-weather sealing tape is still in transit wew

Thank god for this heating device i bought earlier



get some zilactin-b.



Thanks for le recommendashen, have to find out how dat shizz is called here so i can cop it inna pharmacy



God this fuckin shittyass storm is still raging ousside

It's so fucking cold w/deez leakyass windows and frames



File: 1620393615187.png (724.01 KB, 948x928, 1541055524865.png)

Just came back from le ENT doc nibber

Fucking public transport subhuman bus drivers HAD to go on strike later today ofc so i had to walk 6km back just now during this shittyass storm jesus

I was out 'n about for 7 hours in total now just for this checkup fuckin hell, now i know how deez rural nibbers feel when they travel to the cities cuz there's no doctors around where they b livin

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