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File: 1617857177884.jpg (114.98 KB, 548x492, 1390342696017 (2).jpg)


Nu tinder thread laddos, last one is onna autosage

Since april 1st you can change your country for free again on Tinder w/out the need to use a VPN/geolocashun spoofer


File: 1617857250153.png (102.36 KB, 600x390, 1579033976169.png)

Wright in a bepis




File: 1617857267409.png (77.26 KB, 500x375, external-content.duckduckg….png)

Literelly me



Another thread where the /u/maxwellhill soyence coomer talks to himself for a year and never gets laid. Don't worry though, because our hero spends a copious amount of time watching other people have sex instead! But will he be stopped by his mom making too much noise? Be sure to get the update every 20 seconds as he floods the board with trash!



File: 1617858479482.jpeg (137.99 KB, 1080x1080, 7a1b14.jpeg)

Found another unique phenotypical match to the former oneitis earlier - This particular specimen comes quite close in the lower facial half but doesn't have as much nordic admixture resulting in a less pronounced/robust temple area

To make up for it though she's also sporting some massiveass neanderthalensis-like strong brow ridges which is an unique trait in women

I would definitely breed this one even though going by her profiles she's a retarded NPC

But yeah i'm getting this geographical area where i can find this particular phenotype most frequently locked down now, slowly but surely



File: 1617858521225.jpg (59.47 KB, 331x402, lol-elsahurt.jpg)

LOL take meds kike pedo skitzo spammer spergY

Diddint read + slapped ur ass raw



RoastieCupid now has a "climate change advocate" section in their "discovery queue" LOL what the fuck



File: 1618058557302.jpg (93.82 KB, 519x533, 1493421743475.jpg)

Apparently i got a like from some kind of degenerate BDSM chick kek - She does look axe-crazy too and gives off severely red flag-ish vibes, the bitch is prolly sane enough for a quick pump & dump though

Also matched with a phenotypically quite pristine (despite the brown eye colour) local specimen which reminded me of the apex chick very much (almost the exact same dress + hair style + facial features), she's likely a bog-standard NPC roastoid but i sent out a quick PM regardless because idgaf



File: 1618059309760.png (554.46 KB, 797x818, bish2.PNG)

This bish has really wide-set eyes, it's almost sid from ice age-tier

Still qt though



Why don't you just post pictures of the actual women themselves? You spam the shit out of 4chon and ban dodge constantly, so obviously you're not trying to be polite in regards to these thots. I bet they're all just ugly and you're embarrassed



File: 1618070406620.png (228.04 KB, 686x526, 1583616531151.png)

1. I don't "spam", you do. Nice projection again skitzoSpammerCunTy lol

2. I do not "ban dodge", you on the other hand clearly do with those countless VPN's you are hopping through every time

>trying to be polite

Wtf are you even talking about

I obviously do this obfuscashen for my own opsec purposes and not to protect "them" kek, if you weren't dense you'd readily realize this

4. They're obviously not uggo either or else i wouldn't be interested in dem inna first place



Nobody can track down your ugly tinder whores if you just post a face picture



You missed the pimeye thread by the looks of it



Pimeye will only work on women that do modeling. It's theoretically possible one of the thots that Foky is pursuing has an instagram with a bunch of pictures up. However someone would then have to pay pimeyes 30 dollars to get the link, which itself probably has no doxxing material on it

I've posted plenty of women on here that I've fugged and none of the five 4chon users ever tried paying money to use facial recognition technology to track down my geographic location. Even if they did find the same girl, they'd probably just find images of her fucking around in tourist locations thousands of miles away from here

In short, nobody will attempt to track you down. Post your ugly tinder whores



File: 1618215143670.png (526.02 KB, 3212x1968, 432f61e3800c1cdff6c4e2911f….png)

The eternal femoid



No ur wrong LOL




File: 1618225425894.jpg (125.54 KB, 842x675, avpd.jpg)

That volcel feelio when i keep matching w/deez random bog-standard zoomer stacy lite NPC's in their early 20's but have like zero interest in dem heh



File: 1618284657068.jpg (54.81 KB, 624x568, 1618284259816.jpg)

Literelly me safasasfafsasf



For some reason it's completely legal and socially acceptable to exploit the loneliness of the socially awkward and ugly, while women get paid to do nothing.
That's about as far from fair and equal as it gets. It's also evil because men are biologically designed to chase women



Kek the bitch literally deactivated her account after i sent the second response out

Fuck is wrong with some of these hoes i swear



>change region to israel
>match up
>"yeah id fuck you but what you did to Palestine is scummy as fuck so no"



kek based if tru

Got any screens



no, it was just an idea



Would Israeli girls like a cashed up Aussie chad?



I have matched w/anuddah bosnian thot apparently

Zero interest in deez hoes doe



File: 1618759028396.png (1.66 MB, 3212x2604, femoids vs men.png)

safasfsff brappn sharten original



File: 1619095876616.png (621 KB, 976x1014, 1606746471815.png)

>Dreamt of the """"former"""" oneitis again tonite

Fuckin hell laddos



File: 1619139852849.jpg (133.09 KB, 1366x489, 5ff1fd3725bbdd7fba10f4ba2f….jpg)

asfasfas disboriginell



File: 1619320930900.jpg (215.15 KB, 375x667, 851c3758a19f5d536b8eeaa2fd….jpg)

Found a carbon copy of the magyaroid former oneitis slut heh



File: 1619420850627.jpg (44.88 KB, 485x590, 5c643f9eeb3ce83c3d004415.jpg)





File: 1619453491095.png (482.82 KB, 1080x2300, Screenshot_20210426-120304.png)

Alright, my wife told me she's cool with me fucking a random whore from time to time, so about 10:30 last night I installed tinder. So far I've matched with 11 thots and have 4 somewhere in the card stack. So far I've messaged one nigger, had one sexy nigger message me (from South Africa) and I've been snapchatting back and forth with this cute, short and slim asian girl

However because I got less than 5 hours of sleep last night due to staying up extremely late playing league of legends which was really terrible and I uninstalled I won't attempt to start smashing or making serious contact with these women until tomorrow



gas for you.



File: 1619456384940.png (514.17 KB, 796x1695, Screenshot_20210426-125810.png)

Every womb in the world belongs to the H'wite Aryan man. I'm also gonna try to smash this slim redhead first when I'm not sleep deprived



does she fuck other men, odd setup lad



Hell no. My wife is strictly monogamous with me. She's just fine with me seeing other women "once a month" right now. In the past it was unlimited but I went overboard and now she's hesitant



o im laffing
anon, i have bad news for you… you know, if she's letting you bang other women it's because she's being riding the cock car*usel behind your back for a while now, and she doesn't want to feel that bad lmao so she's letting you have a go too



We literally only have one car. She's pregnant and stays at home 24/7 raising my one year old son. I have 5 security cameras on the property that give me a constant live feed of the entire house, where she remains with my child, dogs and awkward, virgin, programmer brother who never leaves the house

Now sit back and watch as I smash these thots and post pictures of them because I'm not a coward



I'm gonna try to get my brother laid or a gf too. I'll namedrop him as a successful programmer and virgin to these thots and see if any of them take that bait instead



File: 1619470760573.png (98.94 KB, 1080x2300, Screenshot_20210426-165139.png)

Heh I hit this BLM bish with this



File: 1619470967786.png (70 KB, 532x1036, Screenshot_20210426-170019.png)

Texting is going well with the asian girl. I can't screencap the entire conversation because snapchat deletes everything after viewing and alerts users to screencaps. I have to oddly cap it while highlighting another program



Degenerate faggot



Calm down Foky



I have matched with multiple chink women onna OKC once moar



What the fuck

How do i meet slutty women like this



Heh I was just making a joke but she responded to it like "omg lmao" so it seems she's actually receptive to the idea. Plenty of slutty women on tinder though. My profile directly states that I'm already in a relationship and just looking for "cute girls to sit on my face" and I will unironically NEVER eat any of these women out

Post pictures of the chink women you matched with



found this penpal sub, seems to be predominantly female looking for men strangely. i find it hilarious to read posts fetishising beastiality or pedophilia.



File: 1619492422903.png (342.92 KB, 814x789, gookmatches.png)

>Post pictures of the chink women you matched with



File: 1619493903957.png (226.97 KB, 364x448, asfasfafsafs.PNG)

Vgh matched with a bimboid thot again aswell



File: 1619494671851.png (1.07 MB, 1123x869, from chad to chud.png)

Kinömathiqües for this here feelerinodino



File: 1619542833048.png (232.17 KB, 1080x2300, Screenshot_20210427-125850.png)

Rory can't handle the bants



based keyedblox



Good work FoKy. Kek! Kek, I say!



I'm not Foky. Thanks though. I deleted her after this discourse like an actual embarrassed man would



>I'm not Foky. Thanks though.
Funny. If I was compared to foky, I'd be super offended.



File: 1619637653225.jpg (52.29 KB, 600x764, 1582776960346.jpg)

>Funny. If I was compared to foky, I'd be super offended.




Reddit cuckold guy doesn't talk to women. He just watches other people have sex, a lot.



File: 1619662540675.png (276.9 KB, 1679x466, nibba2.PNG)

Dis b origischmell



Shud i set my locashen to tutorial island/south east asia heh



File: 1620007833093.jpg (54.8 KB, 582x393, 1521133517096.jpg)

Matched w/sum qt flip bish who bizarrely enough looks quite similar to the apex chick (on a surface level, she's obviously not white-passing heh but does have some of the same features)

Changed her location from Bali to Berlin too (which is why i matched w/her inna first place) so even though she has the usual jazz in her bio about "not being materialistic" and so on she's prolly a gold-digging bish, AWALT heh. Still i'm pretty fed up with white women and am willing to lowkey betray my race with a semi-white thot like this heh

She prolly has one white parent whose phenotype is some exotic nordic derivative or something, which would explain her clearly evropid-derived features and comparably light complexion for the region existing alongside her other flip features like her almost nigger tier lips

I really ought to do more research on the phenotypes in that region in the future



File: 1620008245757.jpg (127.98 KB, 1080x1080, toon.jpg)

Heh the toonme algorithm can't quite decide on her being SEA or evropid either, it doesn't seem attuned to these kinds of obscure muttoid specimen at all

Getting lots of lo-confidence mutt results on pimeyes too for this one, most of them are some kind of mix between white and sandnigger or white and north indid which geographically makes sense i guess



You can do better than that. Her skull shape almost looks negroid. She's maybe do-able depending on her body



File: 1620011993760.png (106.12 KB, 526x325, flipbish tmp.PNG)

>You can do better than that

Yeah i probably cud but i'm looking at long-term prospects here

From a non-chad POV it does make sense to date slightly below ur own looks, keeps the bitch loyal and shit because she won't be as tempted to monkey-branch as all unimpregnated femoids are inclined to do

Idk about her skull shape, liek i sed it's quite reminiscent of that magyar chick i simped for earlier which is something i really like about this one… I guess if she did a 23andme it wud come back as maybe 40-45ish% euro with the rest being (souff) east asian and maybe 10% nigger tops, or broadly polynesian perhaps

She does seem to be more on the ectomorph side of things as evidenced by this here pic. Definitely a very interesting specimen to me, not sure if she's really viable for breeding purposes though heh

One big plus side of flip women is that they mostly seem to be very traditionalist/trad!cath in general whereas the average wectoid white woman defines herselves through liberalism/feminism primarily



What a weird bitch, i just asked her casually whether she's from the phillipines and shit and she goes like "Oh sorry wrong location xD" and deletes the profile

Ah well



File: 1620350548854.jpg (245.45 KB, 1472x922, 1599762279911.jpg)

Women know that all women in the U.S. expect and feel entitled to a relationship if you have sex with them. All women in the U.S. expect and feel entitled to marriage if you are in a relationship with them for a variable amount of time. Marriage in the U.S. carries with it an award of half a guy's shit if you can guilt him into it. Therefore all women in the U.S. believe, truly and deeply, that if they have sex with you then you should 1) forfeit ever having sex with anyone else ever again and 2) bequeath half your shit to them. This is how fucking insane women are. The arrogance and entitlement is incredible.

It costs half your shit to get rid of a woman, half, and people still pay it. Also, pic related. Women have unlimited amounts of energy when it comes to trying to wear you down and lower their attraction to you. Yes, all women are constantly TRYING to be LESS attracted to you. Women are somewhat aware of this, but their biology overrides their ability to confess it to you in anything but riddles.

Women will absolutely try to change you, they will try to get you to stop going to the gym despite your results at the gym being a big source of their attraction to you. They will sabotage your professional life despite being attracted to the results it brings. They cannot control this, but when they say "just be yourself" it is their rational side warning you to not listen to them. "Be yourself", that cryptic advice women give, literally means "don't listen to me…please build an identity that will attract me and when I attempt to destroy your identity, resist me."

If you men only knew that women are entropy made flesh, constantly seeking to wither and erode order and progress and in resisting them, subjugating them, dominating them, civilization and prosperity grows (and of course, they are ultimately all happier).



File: 1620366290045.png (8.75 KB, 215x234, 74fb05871356d029aa678739f1….png)

Just had the best idea ever. I found some semi famous dude who looks almost exactly like me and I'm gonna steal his photos of him doing cool stuff for Tinder. Pretend its me.



Holy based. That's hilarious heh

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