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What was the most scared you've ever been?


File: 1626742047640.jpg (68.26 KB, 800x523, frozen_knights_by_comicker….jpg)

When i see ur mum pucci's blue waffles lol heh



thought I od'ed
several times



iktf, horrid, everytime I moved I felt like puking, just sloshed about trying not to puke, for half an hour, my friends Mother came in and told me to shut up and just go to sleep, looking back if I could feel anything other than my stomach I'd probably feel sad or angry, I lay back and probably maybe 30 seconds later passed out, I was gone, first time trying it too, my friend was pretty bad, he passed out before me, he was breathing weird.

the pills were pregabolin, some painkiller shite
snorted it, no fucking clue why, was like snorting stevia, the smell was awful, like bleach but without the sweetness.

I actually sometimes believe I died that night and this is an afterlife



File: 1626754307586.jpg (48.87 KB, 693x406, 20210705_223809.jpg)

I suppose those seconds before a car accident that you see coming are a little scary and I've been in a handful of those. I've also had homeless people approach me and my friends after bar close and act erratic which was a little unnerving (having a "never relax" grindset helps in these eventualities though, gotta turn fear into the nervous energy needed to choke a n*gga out if necessary xd).



I laff at le pic



When I had a huge chunk of hamburger stuck in my throat after eating too quickly. I could breath, but I was confident that if it went down further, I would choke. No one was home to help me. Fortunately I was able to slowly puke it out, but it was like glue.



Do you still eat at the restaurant you got the hamburger from or was it home made heh



I think it was from steak'n shake, and I no longer eat there for unrelated reasons, that being they're slow and always get things wrong.

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