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File: 1626870172178.png (585.53 KB, 790x584, hitlr bbc.png)






Very rude.



Talentless dumb schizo whore.



File: 1626917329559.jpg (75.3 KB, 1280x720, narwhal plush.jpg)

Hitler became a conservative on his deathbed?

We can only hope!



Dog's delve into obesity and retardation is proof that the nature of the female cannot be overcome. No matter what, they will return to their basic instincts (to be a vampiric parasite on the race of man).



>3 am

>I have a poo poo
>poopoo on my chair because all poop jugs are full
>stomp on the floor and scream "MUMMY POO POO POO POO POO POO" at the top of my lungs until I hear mum's footsteps up the stairs
>she cleans my poo poo and brings me some clean jugs
>say I want a happy meal
>she tells me it's late and she has work in the morning, she's not getting me a happy meal
>take off my clothes, start pissing and shitting on the floor until she understands I need my happy meal
>she cleans up the mess
>dresses me and we go to mcdonalds
>I get 3 happy meals
>want a baloon
>cashier says they're out of baloons
>make mom take me to the store to get a baloon
>go back home and play with my baloon and mcdonalds toys
>hear mom crying downstairs



Thats what happens when you take the meds



Dog's life is over. She's dead now. Replaced with a festering spectre of shit.



This is one of the most autistic art style i ever seen



File: 1627096140559.png (594.83 KB, 830x602, eiᚦne in ward.png)

Okay schizo



File: 1627096235959.png (665.88 KB, 746x752, Untitled - Copy.png)

Uah, you don't even know the drama



File: 1627096260148.png (534.38 KB, 814x722, tom coloured.png)





>dog goes to the ward
>comes out pro-globohomo
>also really FAT

What brainwashing and torture did she endure?



You missed that she referred to herself as a "he" now as well. Respect her pronouns BIGOT. I mean "his' lol heh



File: 1627098677432.png (446.27 KB, 682x549, TRANS KIDS.png)

I Snapped out of the nazi shit before I was sent to the ward wrongfully you fucking cunt!



You did a pretty good job rendering the flesh tones on "Tom"'s forehead and brow ngl, the form reads well.



File: 1627098845417.png (1.03 MB, 737x894, coloured racist anti abori….png)

An'd btw its not globohomo.

Just because I am not a nazi does not mean I am globohomo.

I know lgbt group are pedos, I am against the group, and against tranny surgery etcnI am not a leftist, I am pro aboriginal.

Everything is globohomo to you fucking retards if it doesnt fit exactly what you fucking believe.



Aboriginals are in fact ugly baboon people. I know you're having marital problems, but please aim higher.



File: 1627105206189.png (1.29 MB, 1125x822, bruce pascoe.png)

Fuck you kike I am an octoroon aboriginal.
I grew up around them too.



Yeah I did miss that. So she's a tranny now, LOL. Well that's alright, she looks more like a man than a woman now.



I'm sorry, but you belong in a zoo now.



You're white you sperg.



nice try, i know you only want me for the numbers.

Once you win, out come the dna tests and killing of all of us who are not white enough.

You cun'ts are all obsessed with percentages.



File: 1627120431430.png (71.61 KB, 455x404, HungryBanker.PNG)

i am fat acceptance schizo i enjoy toddler jewess panties

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