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File: 1626937101397.jpg (377.03 KB, 1080x1582, 1626932035268.jpg)


She stole and ruined his room. This is fucking tragic heh


File: 1626937325298.jpg (875.13 KB, 4312x5760, 1626934469098.jpg)

Now dis b podracan heh




he was a beta to begin with
>stole btw
nah, he let her as she used her pussy to seal the deal and now hes just karma whoring on plebbit, both my brothers are pussy whipped like this, fucking betas LOL



It looks nice imho-but only if you ignore the subtext that this was his private room that's been twisted into just another place to infrequently entertain among several others that probably already exist. This was supposed to be this guy's sanctuary and now it's a completely uncomfortable, unusable piece of shit. At least when her friends come over once every six months they can go "le wow" though.



are you seriously caring about some mans fucking basement?? yikes



slow news day



you mean you have typers block



I don't get it, why do some gamer-types stockpile so much apple juice?



Should we tell him /v/ros xD



Gotta keep hydrated.



File: 1627021679336.png (1.32 MB, 1518x1075, 1626923390696.png)

working in residential construction, a lot of renovations..
the house is always the woman's space
it's funny going to the house of some gruff guy and it's all super feminine and floral with a live laugh love sign on the wall lel
bro you sleep here among this frilly throw and pansie print duvet

tbh most dont really give a shit



nestle water is good

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