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File: 1629982924306.jpg (295.5 KB, 827x1752, 1629982362075.jpg)


>hoodie pulled up halfway onto head
>white shoes with high white tube socks
>"vibes" to his music making that gesture all soundcloud rappers make
>charli xcx
>100 gecs
>le tucute is a slur
>#MAPrights no cap frfr yeet
>wym lolicon is pedophilia they are just drawings baka s w e a t y
>owo uwu owo
>ok boomer ecksdee
>no cap bruh
>gods plan
>deadass bruh, no cap on God I'm not white just mixed frfr 100

Why are zoomers such faggots?





File: 1629995631721.jpg (118.12 KB, 378x481, 1624336144640.jpg)

>Ay bruh this movie is lit frfr deadass no cap
What movie is he talking about?



File: 1629995675218.jpeg (6.16 KB, 194x259, download.jpeg)




No dat ur mum lol









Diddint i tell u to stfu earlier skitzoSpergY







File: 1630011925970.jpg (311.89 KB, 1500x1407, 1629979289366.jpg)

>YOOOOO grandpa rec some movie frfr
>finna low key chill on god. no cappin issa vibe.






File: 1630014890497.jpg (92.45 KB, 600x600, 439bff9b2678348bfebbab53d4….jpg)

De irony in ur mum zuccan mah cawkerino LOL




what is this?






File: 1630082848210.jpg (125.37 KB, 600x777, 1630078636846.jpg)




File: 1630198641747.jpg (773.4 KB, 750x903, 1630162294052.jpg)

Zoomers are totally fucked.

They lack style and they all look like some tasteless eclectic vomitfest: '00s alt/emo/goth parody with dyed hitler jugend haircuts, mexican drug lord styled tattoos/piercings all over the body, "nigga" slang. They just dress like subcultures from the past but don't actually participate in the actual culture around it. Everything zoomers do is stolen from another generation from movie remakes to fashion trends. Something that used to have a symbolic/sentimental value has been reduced to pointless cosmetics and fashion accessory.

They don't have any views, beliefs or anything that would resemble a personality with this whole pretentious shit like "neo-progressive-post-meta-alt-avant-minimalist left/right" and "haha funny memes with frog pictures and anime avatars" just for scoring online validation and internet points.

They have nothing. No new music genres, cult pioneering bands/musicians. No more cult films, movements, creative directors/actors. No subcultures. No genre-defining videogames, new generation of consoles. No more technological innovations like in 20th century. No inspiring political figures, sport figures, scientists, activists, entertainers, explorers, leaders, artists, writers. No interaction with material things you can touch (petrol cars with manual transmission, girlfriends, vinyls, paper photos, books, paintings, musical instruments, precious stuff, mechanical/analog devices etc), just digital cuckoldry (porn, VR, smartphones, online videogames, online dating, online prostitution, online education, jewtube, tiktok, streaming, bitcoin), mindless consumption of defective/unfinished products (from processed food to shitty remakes) and broscience (gender studies, cybersports, "influencers", "motivational jewish father figures" ala peterstein, musk/bezos "innovations").

The world has truly stopped evolving since 2008. There's nothing that would define their era or their prime years, they will never have any fond memories.



File: 1630199334267.jpg (5.44 KB, 200x250, 1585155613172.jpg)

Zoomers have no objective sense of beauty so all of their thoughts and feelings are insane. They are incapable of judging good or evil and will even rush to their own deaths without hesitation given the opportunity. The masses are constantly bombarded with meaningless artificial stimulus that is self-contradictory. They don't experience nature. Everything around them is artificial from birth. This causes a fundamental disbalance in the brain and nervous system in general. Their senses of sight and sound are stimulated out of proportion to the rest of the senses and this causes the parts of the brain that deal with these senses to become overdeveloped. Other parts of the brain fail to develop properly and eventually they're forced to deal with this excess information since there is nothing else going on and they don't get the stimulus they are biologically expecting. This is where mental illness becomes a problem, they are trying to comprehend and conceive their surroundings in terms that are fundamentally incorrect, using the wrong parts of the brain to try to describe things and generating nonsense explanations. Most of this is subconscious so their very perception is insane and they're incapable of sorting out their own ideas. They are incapable of understanding anything abstract or complicated in real objective terms, they have to be forced by authority and given adequate rewards to enable learning. The external rewards force arbitrary patterns to be learned, but they cannot innovate or invent or figure anything out for themselves, they can only replicate sketchily. Only a societal collapse will save us at this point.



Dwayne, you are very literally insane.



File: 1630368675127.jpg (106.87 KB, 731x960, 4330f3f8157ee99d40e8c7dfb4….jpg)


Lol what

Take your meds skitzoCuntY



File: 1630397570237.jpg (102.58 KB, 560x747, 1630078022194.jpg)

Gen Z will be the most irrelevant generation for the next 100 years. Everything from their humor to fashion has just been a slight mutation on people 10 years older than them.

They're soulless drones that all parrot the same shit. Even Hot Topic can't figure out how to market to them. The store looks like a bank now.



Implying generation "alpha" wont be worse: a whole generation raised on greta thunberg, proper pronouns and superhero movies. Gen Z got their cultural influences through their parents because showbizz had all but abandoned taking risks by the time they were growing up. Gen alpha wont have any culture except for the opinions the media pumps into their head, something for which the media already puts them on a pedestal.




File: 1630413273790.jpg (1.17 MB, 1000x1289, Dwayne_Johnson_2,_2013.jpg)


the rock confirmed, based, didnt realise he posted here thumbsupemoji



File: 1631194310590.png (194.53 KB, 1119x1119, tv.png)

I laff bloxriginally



File: 1631197764192.jpg (64.6 KB, 549x584, 1630939887840.jpg)

You should see a doctor.



Generational politics isn't real. Olds always say the same things about youngs. These kids are too soft. They aren't raised right. In my day we did x and it was better. Etc. It never changes. We just don't like the fact that we are getting older. Young people don't like the fact that they aren't as established as us. It isn't real. We're all going to die.



low IQ post



File: 1632001391235.png (172.27 KB, 378x487, 95cea1811d7807f1b64e9228d9….png)

Zoomers are the first post-history and post-civilization generation. It’s hard to really describe them.

They’re born and raised in the digital realm, they’re all experimental mice controlled by technocratic overlords, and all their beliefs and behaviors are mediated through social media algorithms. Nothing is unique or original about them. They’ve never had to struggle, suffer or even learn about how to maneuver life, they were born into a matrix and homogenized into all the useless identities, subcultures, trends, memes, pronoun combinations and social activism that they worship. They are perpetually ironic, depressed, insincere and immobile. They are the epitome of soullessness.

Sometimes it’s hard to even see them as equal human beings, because you know that when you stare into their eyes as they do their performative TikTok videos or post their feet on OnlyFans, there’s nothing behind them. It’s just darkness, because the light of life was extinguished years ago. Zoomers never even had a chance to watch it wither away. It’s like watching cyberpunk subhumans being created in real-time.



I want to coom in a zoomie's bussy while holding onto that weird hair tuft thing they have on their heads.



this just sounds like a depressed normie who grew up. so incapable of understanding culture in a non-jewish manner, that he's actually upset that the kids these days aren't consuming the same jewish consumer products that he did



File: 1632206302890.png (25.82 KB, 128x125, 1595522272719.png)

>you tweakin bro aint no way im fucking doin that cuh you fr? deadass I am not doing it you stupid? fuck outta here with that bullshit mane im not doing that deadass bro dont play with me bro fr



File: 1632276839794.jpg (6.68 KB, 250x250, 1569349294486.jpg)

Zoomers are a genuinely interesting generation. They are the biggest with "fuck the rich" but also the biggest with "I love subscriptions that make rich people richer. But yeah, fuck the rich". It's weird.



File: 1632281402540.jpg (130.78 KB, 750x1152, 1485569789947.jpg)

People give them a lot of shit but I kind of like them. Probably the kindest generation but also the most socially awkward and isolated.

I like being around zoomies though. They're pleasant company.






File: 1633198623723.png (250.77 KB, 458x462, 1633194249331.png)

I’m finna cry fr no cap



>zoomer hair




File: 1633919342102.png (441.95 KB, 854x480, avg zoomieoid.png)

>When de blacked sub hits



>Zoomers are the first post-history and post-civilization generation.
western civilization has been decaying for well over a century



File: 1634626267512.jpg (60.16 KB, 340x528, 1633161440514.jpg)

LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOO yooooo dayum bruh ngl this shit fire no cap
My gaw this shit rly lowkey slaps rn, deadass
Lmao hook me up bet we finna get litty and flex all over them vibing sussy baka skeezy hoes POGGERS chu chu chu it's hella lit af fr fr fr
Sheesh big yikes on god this isn’t poggers tho cuz it's kinda sus no cap cuh
You feel me f'am?
Bruh moment doe sussy lil bakas be malding and simpin bro
Y'all the same?
Oh and hold this ratio silly baka



"Psychology Professor Vaknin, who specialises in psychopathy and narcissistic disorders, and also has some interesting things to say about the deleterious effects on humanity of the Internet and, in particular, social media, had been doing some preparation for his 2021/22 academic year syllabus, reading the ‘literature’ — international studies and reports ‘comprising a few million people’, talking with young people and investigating under-35 and under-25 activity online.

He has emerged ashen-faced from this rabbit-hole, declaring: ‘I must say that I’m shaken to my foundations.’

'He found that the post-millennial generations live in a personal hell-on-earth, having rendered redundant every existing psychological understanding about human beings (…) They are walking dead who live in a dystopian hell, a psychopathic landscape… They have no higher functions, no intellectual life, no interests or hobbies. They are incapable of meaningful conversation. Their speech is flat, comprising dismissive one-liners with no depth or background.’ They are, he says, ‘as dull as drying paint. They are zombified, the walking dead.

‘The people I talked to, the people I read about, what the studies show — these people have sex without commitment, without emotion. They openly admit that the sex is perfunctory, fast, meaningless. In 20 per cent of the cases they don’t know the name of their sexual partner. They regard the partner’s body as a masturbatory tool — a dildo or a sex doll. Many of them abstain from sex altogether.

‘The rate of relationship failure is mind-boggling. First of all they have an average of nine relationships before they reach 30. And what they call relationships is also in great doubt and question, but even these exact fake imitation relationships don’t work. All of them fail, with no exception.

‘It’s an absolutely psychopathic landscape. Devoid of empathy. Devoid of connectiveness. Devoid of emotions. Devoid of meaningful sex. Devoid of meaning — at all. Rates of anxiety and depression among these age groups have quintupled, and this was three years before the pandemic. We know that the pandemic has tripled this rate. . . . More than half of young people binge drink to the point of alcoholic blackout every single week.

(…) A textual analysis revealed that 91 per cent of all [zoomer] chats are comprised of one-liners and emojis. And the average length of the one-liner is three words. They have lost the capacity of language, which had distinguished us as a species from animals. Luckily they still walk erect, on two legs."



no cap fr



ikr smh tbh fam ngl

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