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>lol anon, we're finally alone in your room! So what exactly did you wanna show me…?


File: 1631434149880.jpg (241.04 KB, 850x1201, honoka infected.jpg)

*locks door* "well, check out my myanimelist, i've watched over 130 'nime. let's go through the list and i'll tell you about each one"



15 year old me wouldn't have hesitated to fuggings her
25 year old me probably would do this tbh
How things change.



File: 1631474627123.jpg (118.78 KB, 1438x1776, 407b9fd.jpg)

*pushes dresser aside, revealing the booger wall*



You too? Not sure why I did that. Eating them would have been better probably.



i have one too. i don't feel ashamed as i had some bad colds and flus. i guess i could have blew my nose on the blankets but my mum was bipolar and would go for months at a time without washing anything.



FBR, bitte komm zurück nach /deutsch/
ich vermisse dich
dein "dox" wurde nicht mehr pfostiert

t. Flugzeugf.



>these are the schematics for the united nations building
>tomorrow afternoon, i make the ultimate sacrifice for the good of all



Lads… iktf too. I only started doing it after I got a job, so mine were always black and crusty with the dust I'd inhale work. Eventually reorganised the room so that I'm far away from any of the walls when I'm at my desk, so I started wiping them on my pc instead, the streaks look indistinguishable from big crusty cum stains smh.

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