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I have this problem where I want a gf but too autistic to socialize properly.

Wat do


no fucking idea

stop being duped into thinking sex will solve all your problems

it may quench the thirst of normies but autists arent quite so deliberate

i recently realised i want a gf not for my pleasure perse but hers

I just want to drink some pussy water and make a woman viciously orgasm, im not annigger so i wouldnt see it as a power play 24/7 like they do, I literally just want to suck some pussy



Extremely based.



Based and pussy suck pilled



I don't want sex. I want companionship and someone to help pay rent and someone to go to a jazz concert with every now and again.

I also feel same about sex. My idea of sex would be me giving the girl a full body massage (and I mean FULL body) then I Jack off and take a nap.



if you havent had a revolving door of gf's since high schoool ur fucked.



File: 1631473849282.jpg (31.58 KB, 345x460, 20210912_200829.jpg)

technically that aint sex



It is if you believe hard enough.



This would be me but only because I'm sexually impotent because (((they))) got to my weenis before I did heh



Pretty much this, I hate to admit it. Almost every person I know that has a family now had a lot of gfs, most of the people who didn't get any in highschool are either incels or literal virgins into their 30s (not that there's anything wrong with that, fellas).

I know one guy who won the lottery, I think he's only had one solid 7 gf throughout highschool and he's married to her now and has kids while being a manlet, average-looking gamer fella. She's like an unironic trad wife heh



just drink a lot bro lol



I will try this



focus on your own passions (albeit making money, music, art, whatever)

and i promise you'll have a dozen girls lining up

then you'll realize they're all jezebels

btw do not fall for the first chick who gives u attention

how are u supposed to know what bad apple is if you've only tried one

the wrong womyn can utterly fuck ur comfy cozy life up so take it with upmost seriousness who u let into ur life



I've focused on nothing else besides my own interests since I graduated from university. I'd had enough bad experience with females to last me a life time. Honestly though women have found me invisible this whole time.
I'm okay with this.

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