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This is a wellfare check for a user who used to visit the /deutsch/ general on 4channels /int/ board.
He left the threads 2 days ago after some fat retard tried to dox him.

it was not posted anymore! please come back, or, if you have been banned, tell us in this thread!

/deutsch/ is not the same without you, we miss you and want you back (at least I do)


You know who needs to be doxed? foky



Jesus fucking Christ man, you should see a doctor with that obsession of yours, especially considering who we're talking about.



File: 1631563329105.jpg (223.86 KB, 720x413, Screenshot_20210913-210150….jpg)

i ju st ate a wh ole b ag of oreo s



hes a good man and doesnt deserve whats happening to him



File: 1631584558969.png (81.2 KB, 775x141, New Bitmap Image (12).PNG)

not this shit again (-)

werent you just told to stop bringing this weird stuff here the other day?



i never posted on this site before, i know that FoKy frequents here and he vanished from /deutsch/ after some idiot tried to dox him.

i dont want anything bad happen to him.



Lol based fuck foky



why do you guys hate him, honestly?
>posts funny shit about his life
>uses words that are unusual and amusing
>has an extremely strange but sort of interesting writing style
>gets bullied by his mom/brother/grandmom/dad
>has many illnesses but tries to overcome them despite the odds
>tries to make something out of himself and starts over every time even though his own mother sabotages him
>is in general nice, doesnt threat people, just exists
i know many hate him but i honestly dont get it



He's an annoying faggot. He'll ghost bump threads nobody else replies to over the course of months until they hit the bump limit, where he will then proceed to make another thread about the same thing that nobody replies to. Every one of his moronic idiosyncrasies are incredibly grating. He's incapable of holding any kind of conversations, he's incapable of any introspection, and he just spams memes like an idiot. I'm pretty sure he's unironically a certified retard. When you tell him to cut the shit he just gets worse, while he fixates on blaming all his criticism on whatever imaginary persona of the month he thinks is heckling him. A board this slow can't handle it. He took over the site and didn't give a shit about other posters.

>tries to make something out of himself and starts over every time even though his own mother sabotages him

He's a loser who over-embellishes things, and wants a pity party. He's not trying to improve, he's not going to improve, and the fact that he made literally no progress in any aspect of his life after all these years is proof of that. Ultimately no matter how shitty his mommy is, he can't blame her for all his problems. He's in his mid-twenties, and he's a liar if he claims he's trying his hardest to do something about his situation. If he hates his mom so much, what kind of insane mother fucker do you have to be to take her to court in order to prevent her from evicting you? Maybe he should get a job, or even live out on the street if his evil mommy is always 'sabotaging' him. He is my least favorite kind of person. Completely useless, mean, and without a shred of humility. I don't think you comprehend the saint-like patience people have had with this guy. I tried to be reasonable with him for a long time.



He posts funny memes sometimes tho heh



File: 1631702577327.jpg (69.57 KB, 649x527, dummer apu schaut.jpg)

>A board this slow can't handle it.
yeah i can understand that. he probably used this board as personal diary but it doesnt work if its that slow.

>wants a pity party.

>He's not trying to improve, he's not going to improve
i disagree with both these points, i dont think he wants pity tbh, and i do know that hs tying to improve. its hard in his situation and im aware that its also because of his mental shortcomings that he has a hard time, but you gotta respect that he is not 100% right in the head. he was abused as a child, of course it will have lasting effects.

> take her to court in order to prevent her from evicting you

your "hes not trying to improve" line is a lie, straight up. he managed to get a permit from the govt. that allows him to basically get an apartement with the govt. paying for it. it wasnt easy, he had to talk to people, travel around etc.
he was also looking at a few apartements by now, he didnt get one yeah but its hard in germany. what im trying to say is: he IS trying to improve, its just a very slow process.

>live on the street

you keep forgetting that he has some actually serious illnesses man, he has infections all the fucking time (he even posted pics), he has to take meds etc., he has an auto immune disease which would fuck him over completely if he was homeless. and he got into programs for get him a job! yeah, it was fucking retarded that he dropped out because his classmats were too "loud" and whatnot, you dont have to tell me that hes oversensitive when it comes to noises, but dont tell me he didnt try.

>Completely useless, mean, and without a shred of humility

is he mean, though? his insults are usually quite tame, he never plays the internet rambo and goes "oh i would beatyou to shit IRL!!!" and all that.

> don't think you comprehend the saint-like patience people have had with this guy.

honestly, i dont even really know why i want him to succeed so bad. maybe its just that compared to many other lowlifes on /deutsch/ hes actually not that much of an ass.
never threatened to dox anyone, do anything in the RL of other posters and so on…
idk man, hes strange for sure but hes not an asshole.



>kraut filename
>knows shit about foky nobody cares about
>is talking about foky instead of just ignoring him

youre foky, stop being a nanobrain, you stick out like a sore thumb lol



i am not foky.



$5 says that it's hdv defending foky itt



whos hdv?



ill fucking bet 5 dollars HDV foky






move this faggot thread to >>>/meta/



how am i supposed to prove that i'm not whatever HDV is



>never threatened to dox anyone, do anything in the RL of other posters and so on…
You're very wrong. Every time he thought he had someone's dox he would spam it constantly, just like what is being done to him now. He deserves no sympathy there.



I don't exactly keep up with lore of his life, but If he becomes a real human bean, good. I only bring up his personal life at all, because it seems to me like he exaggerates. It's also hard to believe anything he says, because he seems to have a very warped perception of things that have happened online, so I can only imagine how things actually played out in real life. Will he take responsibility if he's still in exactly the same position next year, or is he going to be telling the same sob stories to a different board who isn't sick of him yet? In any case, if he's not around anymore I'd like to forget about him.



i keep up with it a little bit because i really want him to make it, for some reason. I understand that you guys are fed up with him, he posts a shitload of volume and the 4chon is really slow.

i think that he exaggerates in many cases, but he is not aware of it. For instance, if its noisy, he probably subjectively feels that its way louder than it really is.

but there are things that i believe 100%, like that his siblings beat him up and hurt him badly without his mother doing anything about it.
and i saw pictures of his fingers, he really has some illness that makes him have infections all the time.

and there is a vocaroo of his mother, in which it sounds like shes drunk and argues with his sister about bread.

i dont know what stuff he posted here, but at least on /deutsch/ its usually not sob stories, its just blogging about his daily life.

i dont think that he wants to be the "victim", i also dont think he wants pity.



I'm the "TBH" flag poster in this ITT tbh not the other guy heh






who the fuck is HDV



(H)elicopter (D)ilation (V)logs is an up and coming breakdance artist and part time imageboard admin, sometimes he will even do admin duties mid breakdance, he was born and raised in the deep dark trenches of Jupiter and has been slaying the game ever since.

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