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I still have a piece of lead (graphite) stuck in my hand from about his age. some asshole poked his pencil at me and I put my hand up and it stuck right in me and broke off. I was worried having it in my hand but more worried at getting it taken out at the time. a few times since I've tried to dig it out with a knife or needle but no luck.


That sucks, man. I have a buddy who was stabbed with a pencil in his shoulder I wonder if there's still some graphite stuck in there today?

>and maybe that's why he came out as trans recently LOL



lol some kid back in school tried fucking with me by grabbing stuff of my desk. i stabbed his stupid ass. no regrets. fuck him. i bet you deserved it



File: 1631620271997.jpeg (31.5 KB, 476x358, 2EA04EBB-5592-4842-9908-D….jpeg)

that's not funny man.



maybe that's why I liek boys
it all makes sense suddenly.



i'd do it again, too



those damn nazi pencils smh



File: 1631699821240.jpg (9.17 KB, 394x479, 31tRZQ WjPL._AC_SY580_.jpg)

someone in my class in high school got one of these thrown at him, hit him like a cm from his eyeball

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