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Nobody cares that within a non Chad flesh prison there is a fravashi. Ten thousand years of progress, steady ascension higher and higher from our animal state towards the light of God, at a time when we could be using technology to destroy many sufferings and progress mankind forward away from the burdens of his residual animal existence. The forces of Ahriman have replaced the civilization of patriarchy with the barbarism of matriarchy.

All the great work we have done with the power of brotherly love and opposition to hypocrisy has been replaced with a brutal free for all to appeal to the greed of Jahi. It won't be long until the lamentations of the poor and righteous men who ask the world why our people are dying, why our world is dying, and why everything we have built is being destroyed just to satisfy the egos of women will be considered a criminal act of hatred. In fact any expression of love that a non Chad male has for any being in the universe, mortal or divine, will be considered a hateful and barbaric act by the hypocritical and heartless barbarians. Feminism is enforced through the barrel of a gun, soon the very act of praying to God will be outlawed because it will be considered misogynistic and terroristic to pray to anything other than the female gender, before the female judge sentences a man to death for prayer she will say "I have power and control over everything of relevance in this material world, therefor, I am God and by praying to your imaginary, formless friend you have committed blasphemy!"

Then, the human male, a man, a non Chad will be brought before the executioner, a Giga Chad who resembles perfection in every way except for the feminist microchips littered throughout his brain and nervous system. The moment before the trigger is pulled and Ahriman claims yet another innocent victim, the believer's third eye sees the Giga Chad's true form, he sees a wild boar that barely knows how to stand upon two legs, blood dripping from his tusks, flies swarming around him. He thinks to himself "why have you allowed yourself to regress into such a degraded existence?". As the hollow point bullets rip though his heart and brain, his soul cries: "I will return again and again, I will suffer again and again until this world is pulled out of regression and lifted into progression once more. I will not allow darkness to defeat the light, we won't even leave Ahriman and Jahi behind."


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tldr lol



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this also too and also some form of bloxx>>28995

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