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Stop using windows, nigger-cattle.
Get new hobbies too.



jewnux can't run all my favorite applications and wine still sucks, photoshop cc 2014 is still bronze (shit) rating on winehq



what's so "bad" about windows anyways? the only people i know having problems with it are literal idiots and boomers.



File: 1579027795617.png (1017.24 KB, 1440x900, 1578726494481.png)

I think it's just contrarianism for the most part. Windows is successful and mainstream, easy to use and versatile. You can do almost anything on a windows computer you can do on a linux or mac computer.

Linux has a niche as a mainframe system os and in servers, and mac as a niche as a trendy fashion statement, and they arguably fill those roles better than windows does, but for any other use case windows is simply superior, even if it is "uncool".

The irony of using the Terry flag while making this post is palpable. Terry thought linux was trash that should stay relegated to running 1970 mainframe computers with 2 mb of ram, which is what it was designed for.

He's right too. Loonix is the classic example of a product that tries to be everything but ends up being nothing; a convoluted mess that technically "can" work as a desktop operating system but has so much convoluted baggage it carries around with it from the 70s that you need a reference manual and years of experience to do simple tasks that are trivial in windows, like installing software or changing file permissions.



Also end of life doesn't mean anything. Even windows xp is still usable, if your hardware supports it.

Your windows 7 computer will be usable for years and years to come, so don't worry about it.



I knew that! I'm not a nigger-cattle! He still used linux for the internet and VMs



File: 1579030807852.png (343.68 KB, 585x606, 1569962714086.png)

Imagine gettin a footsiejob from nanami



Testan cross bort linkan

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