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What is the best martial art


There's this 55-60 year old GOOK boomer that opened a Thai Boxing gym not too far from where I'm living now. I'm unironically tempted to check it out and see if I can channel my inner slant-eyed jungle warrior heh



most practical: boxing

based: muay thai, kickboxing

if u want to roll around on the ground with sweaty men: bjj



there used to be this meme of "judo + 6 months boxing", also chon synchronicity because I was just looking up open hand vs closed fist and fma videos heh



I hear bjj is effective 1-on-1, especially with big bois you could never hope to out-box, but expect a boot to the noggin if he has a friend. I heard kyokushin karate is supposed to be good, too.



I always believed boxing/greco-roman wrestling (as uh…gay? as it is heh) are probably the most practical. As fun as it'd be to be able to kick someone right in the fucking head it seems like it would be dangerous to attempt in an uncontrolled setting because of the risk of slipping or facing multiple assailants etc.



Buy a gun and get more friends, the glory of combat is dead.



I can attest for wrasslin, though I haven't done grecco, highschools use a different rule set which allows for leg grabs and such. It looks gay on the outside but even against grills it just feels like 3 minutes of fighting for your life. After an extensive 1 season of training it is now about impossible to poke or tickle my sides from straight on, all the grip fighting makes you good at deflecting hands



>I can't out box this h'big h'boy
>I will have better luck physically wrestling him into a compromising position instead

If you're fighting someone that can lift you off the ground with one arm the absolute last thing you'd probably want is for them to be able to get a grip on you where they can control your movement, I'd think. Then again it worked pretty good for the Gracies in the early 90s against the goofballs in the UFC roster of the time I guess. Would you really want to roll around like that on the street though? heh



bjj is different from wrasslin, it allows choke holds and joint locks. Doesn't matter hoe big you are if your leg is bent the wrong way or your arteries are forced closed. There was a park ranger once who killed a bear by shoving his arm down its throat to lock its jaw, then he blood choked it by biting its fuarkin neck. He then bashed its brains in with a stick after it was KO.

You're right that rolling around on concrete isn't fun, that's why I want to learn judo, you still get submissions but it's focused on standing up while making the other guy roll around on the concrete



boxing. if you get into a fight odds are it will be against multiple people or someone out of your weight class and all the training in the world won't help you then. with boxing at least you have a chance against anyone and multiple opponents because your main instinct is to NEVER go to the ground. mma retards are fucking chumps who think dry humping their opponents to submission will work in a streeth fight when more than likely they'll give up their advantage of stamina and training to some VERY dirty fighting.



I called a local Thai boxing gym up last night and I could hardly understand the guy and before I knew it I'd agreed to sit in on a class this wednesday heh



props for taking the first steps anon, I've been pussyfooting for years over going to a MA gym.



It was totally unintentional tbh, I just called to ask what time they were open until and the language/phone static barrier was so strong and we just went back and forth in this muddled circular conversation until he was like "Ok I see you wednesday" and here we are. I figure no time like the present though heh



I learned a fun lesson in not going from 0 to 100 today.

Knowing that I'm kind of out of shape I decided to run around a lake near my house which is a good 3 miles circumference, this was pretty brutal having never done so before-but it ended up being more intimidating than anything. Luckily I had doggerbreh with me to give me motivation heh. Then I go to the Thai Boxing class as promised in the evening and it's (thank G-d) a pretty chill environment in kind of a sorry excuse for a gym . The instructor is a nice old man, I work really hard as clumsy as I am; I kept fucking up some pretty basic shit. After everyone left I start talking to the instructor you know like "thanks" and "how much is it going to be" and so on and I basically start passing out right then and there and have to sit down lol. I even had to duck out into the bathroom for like 15 minutes (where I also happened to take a huge dookie heh).

Pretty embarrassing tbh, I felt really bad for holding the old man up but I felt like I was unironically going to lose consciousness. I'm even starting to wonder if I'm anemic or something, there's potentially more to my work-shyness than I know; I remember other instances where I've also almost collapsed but it's usually been from heat. I'm still going back friday though



>I'm even starting to wonder if I'm anemic or something, there's potentially more to my work-shyness than I know; I remember other instances where I've also almost collapsed but it's usually been from heat. I'm still going back friday though
Good luck. Now that you mention this, I am reminded that one of the main reasons I haven't been able to do something like martial arts is because from an early age if I run around too much I end up coughing, out of breath, with a bloody taste in my mouth, and it feels like my organs are going to burst. I was never really that out of shape compared to my peers, but they all seemed to hold up just fine doing the same exercises. I can walk long distances, I can lift weights, but I can't do anything that involves a lot of running.



File: 1581736905092.png (289.56 KB, 672x365, bald guys.png)

Went in, the old man told me Fridays are "usually slow " the other day, and I guess today being a holiday didn't help things because I was the only n*gga there heh. I think the old guy was either disappointed he didn't get more students in or that he didn't get the night off because he was a little low energy today; he mostly just had me do the same shit I did last night. The roof was leaking in the hall outside and the water was seeping into the gym (which is basically just a makeshift carpeted office space) too smh. I'm still pretty clumsy; it's hard for me to manage what my hands, feet and lungs are doing at the same time so I'm tripping on my movements here and there.

Considering I've only done it for a combined 2 hours I guess I can't be too hard on myself though. At least I didn't almost pass out this time.



I ran around the lake again with doggerbreh. I think I pee'd a little and it froze to muh dik; I kept trying to "adjust my underwear" but I think my shrinkage inchworm wiener was just frozen solid the entire time so it felt like it was poking out of my boxers heh. Doggerbreh adds an interesting element in that he'll often stop to sniff stuff when I want to run but will want to sprint when I'm tired so it keeps me out of my comfort zone in either case

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