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I just shaved my head for the first time after years of just buzzing using an electric razor. Did I like it? heh


Post pics



been thinking about doing this
what's the point though?



I don't know, I'm probably going to have to do it every 3 days or so to keep up with it which sucks, but I guess I kind of had to do that with buzzing anyway unless I didn't give a shit for a week or whatever. I think it looks marginally better like this than having some 90 degree angle pseudo hairline anyway.



My head is cold lol



Just like grow some hair, bro. It's so easy. You just like exist and it grows lol.



l…leave me alone!



I look like a teenage girl and I'm over 30. Humans are funny.



Post pics.



are you bald? you could shave your head and be a shaved head sex weirdo for the rest of your life.



post pics cuteboi



I'm growing mine out its like 5 inches long



My beautiful hair is past my nipples already. I think I'll keep it growing and see how long it gets.



i'm a alien HEH that's how I laugh

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