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should I say fug it and start roiding


No, lol. As lazy as I am I can clean up and shred up pretty well when my diet is on point, you're probably the same-I bet you could look joocy if you put your mind to it. Steroids won't automatically make you look like that anyway, all they really do is make you able to work harder and longer than you'd otherwise be able to-to recover quicker.

>t. Richard Pinata

All of those body builders who obviously roid also happen to be animals in the gym, otherwise they'd just be animals with gyno heh. Just like, lift heavy stuff up and put it down bro. John Grimek's career predated steroid synthesis and he still looked like a god, nonetheless if the worst you can do natty would be to just look like Eugen Sandow or something like that would that really be the end of the world?

The side effects too. Would you trade your benis to cheat your genetics? I was robbed of my benis by zog through no fault of my own, I don't think I'd ever voluntarily give something like that up just to give me a little advantage in the gym.



>should i destroy my body in the long-term for short-term gain?
Are you a fucking retard?



Is there such a thing as a pre-roid Arnold? It's pretty disturbing how small he is compared to modern bodybuilders, as roided out as he was. Bodybuilding was still pretty aesthetic well after steroid use became mandatory, but eventually it became more about size in general than aesthetic and literal mutants like Jay Cutler and Kai Greene started cropping up



File: 1581528414186.jpg (33.31 KB, 375x564, sandow.jpg)

Roids and modern bodybuilding is probably degenerate. If you look at strongmen from a century ago they look like Greek statues, instead of this weird physique.




This guy in the video died of a heart attack, which is something that usually happens to elderly men. Not a great role model.



wow, look at all that muscle and not a single degenerate tattoo anywhere



childhood is idealizing weightlifting
adulthood is realizing that aerobic exercise makes more sense



Drugs will immediately and permanently put you above the natural limit

This happens partly because after a year and a half you can't make any more natty gains anyway so you might as well move to running/cycling/swimming to get better at that which is what I'm doin now.

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