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what change in preferences have you had as you get older? I have a couple to share.

1. I actually like going to car parts stores now. When I was a kid it was old people/mexican central but now it's like a safe haven of sorts. Hard to say when the change happened exactly but it obviously started when I started working on my own car for the first time. I do simple stuff like my oils, brakes, fluid flushes, I think its more than just the practicality aspect but rather that it's like a places that represents autonomy and understanding. It's nice knowing that I know what all the stuff in there is for.

2. Warm summer nights are MUCH preferable to me now that I'm willing to endure the summer heat that goes along with it. It's much more peaceful to me and it fits the vaporwave aesthetic much better. Where before I loved the winter more. I think what changed here is that i actually do shit outside now. I go to work, to the store, or ride my bike, etc. Seems like the days go by a bit slower too in the summer whereas in winter it just flies by.

Now you goys.


File: 1581559138012.jpg (543.1 KB, 836x1022, Luso_and_Ramza.jpg)

1. I have a lot more creative hobbies, including repairing cars. I build all sorts of things and I'm interested in a lot more than just reading and using computers. Rather than just consume media and information like I did as a teen I spend a lot more time trying to create stuff, everything from art to building a house.

2. I really enjoy winter now for the most part. It's really pretty and I guess I didn't appreciate that before.

3. I used to really want to get a job and a nice career and stuff, and "fit in" and be a productive member of society. I don't anymore. I'm pretty happy just being me, and working for myself and the people I care about.

I guess in a lot of ways, the changes in my personality have brought me back closer to how I was as a kid before I got bamboozled into being a wagecuck by school and my parents.



Number 1 is exactly the same as me bro. You just get tired of consuming at one point and just want to create. I still want a career of sorts, maybe not be a super engineer or anything like that but something I can build off of and not be embarrassed to talk about.



1. I used to like metal. Drowning Pool, Nightwish, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Metallica, Korn. All unlistenable now. Especially male voices singing, sounds all gay.

2. I prefer not to be in close proximity of male company. There is always something so gay and sinister about all-male congregations.

3. I can't stand garlic.



1. I can't hold in my poop anymore



Sounds like you became a gay vampire tbh



>"i vant to zuck your deek!"



1. I use to think electronic music was no-skill garbage and hated it, now I know it is such but I like it a lot anyway heh. I also became more open to n-word music from the 90s and earlier which I'd otherwise ignored or just didn't know about.

2. I have a hard time getting into video games even if I can acknowledge that they're "objectively good" it just doesn't hit the same anymore now that I'm over 30. Perhaps it's the shame of having dumped so much time into them and still being a loser as consequence. I really don't know.

I haven't changed a ton, tastes or otherwise, I guess the existential dread is just becoming more potent with each passing year

I still like metallica and ozzy osbourne (don't listen to the former anymore ever but I do go back to ozzy once in a while) but I know what you mean I guess heh.



metallica has some great tracks tho



>I guess the existential dread is just becoming more potent with each passing year

Become a father. Find purpose in work and community and maturity. Not in entertainment. And move somewhere else do not die a consumerist American watching the country become brown



1. I stopped playing most video games, but have become fascinated with aviation and playing DCS World on a kitted out rig in VR. Took a few months of effort, but know how to start an F-16C, taxi it down the runway and go on a 400nm bombing mission with in-air refueling with a couple of other people is pretty rewarding. Relaxing in a weird way too, like going on a cross-country road trip in a convoy of friends.

2. I like baking my own bread and creating all of the foods I eat from raw ingredients. I cook up big batches on the weekend when I have time and freeze it so I have meals all week. A few years back I used to eat out all of the time.



I stopped eating out and started cooking too. It's kind of enjoyable, especially when friends come over because you can share food together.



File: 1581585835462.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1080, uMi59HDrCk9JxfDMeTLzzk.png)

i was a high strung teen

now i have chronic depression



holy shit 4chon is boomers. yikes



It's nearly a decade old community



that's good retart



File: 1581626394347.png (132.88 KB, 463x308, Bernd.png)

When you become 35 you will regret all of the time you lost on anime, video games, porn, drugs, alcohol, consumerism, comparing yourself to others and most of all imageboards the most retarded and degenerate time-sink of them all. Don't be a nerd, get off the computer and go life your life. Open a book even anything is better than staring at a screen. If you're unhappy it's because you don't work hard enough, you don't have enough good people in your life and you don't take care of your body with proper food and sleep. When you have corrected your priorities try to travel, not to be a tourist but to find somewhere to live where you can feel more or less welcome and possibly start a family. Most people on these boards are mentally ill so they will never wake up and they will ridicule advice like this because they want others to suffer.



Stop unironically projecting your insecurities and laziness onto everyone else.



>t. lazy insecure anon



File: 1581631388602.jpeg (14.31 KB, 474x273, th.jpeg)

There you go again!



That wasn't me I'm a new projector heh



This. Your attempts at "advice" are merley you trying to find some atonement for your own fucked up life by projecting your fialures onto the rest of us. I won't deny I personally have wasted a LOT of time on imagebaoards and such but that is not my entire story. At the end of the day you just have to live whatever life you have in front of you. This whole bullshit about how you "need to try just a little harder to get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" is just that, bullshit. From the sounds of it you talk a big game but still haven't learned that fundamental lesson.




Leave that truism speaking senior citizen alone…



File: 1581651932450.gif (853.18 KB, 260x147, wolf blows.gif)

When you were a naive kid or teenager and you arrived to the "darkweb" like newgrounds and somethingawful and 4chan you didn't get "redpilled" from boards, you got exposed to the influence of schizos, pedos and other lunatics and their twisted views and thoughts at an vulnerable age inside an anonymous environment that protects such individuals and makes it easier for them to appear reasonable. Allowing boys below the age of 18 (or even unmarried men) high speed internet was a mistake.



schizo boomer go back to inspecting "trannies.



will do



File: 1581787301804.jpg (94.2 KB, 1280x720, 1019876340946730.jpg)

>Allowing boys below the age of 18 (or even unmarried men) high speed internet was a mistake.
disagree. when i was naive kid i thought girls were gross and stupid but then i grew up and internets helped me realize that some of them were just like me and also had a penis



I'm a boomers and I'm goddamn proud of it

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