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File: 1581573215251.jpg (115.9 KB, 900x562, meadvikbeverage12.jpg)


What have you been drinking famalams

Finally 21 so now I can drink in the failed society of America, poast recommendations

been drinking dat based mead


>Finally 21
It's all downhill from there.



I still like 🅱️lur Moon and Kona 🅱️ig Wave tbh




Fricking KIKE touchscreen smdh



Having some sake, although I had some delicious cider the other day. Def gunna buy that again.



File: 1581574092726.png (86.78 KB, 300x284, betaemacs.png)

>we wuz vi kangz



Drinking a bloody mary rn fams.



Blue Moon is one of my favorite beers by far
tastes gud as h*ck



diet pepsi



picked up 2 sapporos, downed one with ramen last night, taking the next with tacos 2nite heh



I remember trying Steel Reserve malt liquor a couple years back. The first time I drank it it tasted okay, a little sweet which I thought was gross but tolerable. The second time I had it it was just absolutely fucking disgusting for some reason. Not sure why. Cheapest way to get f*cked up though heh



Me and my mom are addicted to this sh*t and diet coke as well. I feel like I really only drink it because it's cold and I'm the one buying it most of the time-and I'd feel like a simp if I didn't have a little at least. There was a time when I was drinking about 4 a day but I'm trying to refrain. My mom can drink like 8 of them easily smdh






File: 1581667851228.jpg (1017.98 KB, 2152x1688, 1571999208568.jpg)

fridey nite
drinking gilbeys again, heh

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