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literally every girl is on Instagram deez days

why don't you have a gud IG account for the grills?


How to you get a GF though social media?



I think I've been blackpilled into asexuality tbh. Imageboards have literally driven me insane to the point where I can hardly even see women as human anymore and simultaneously I don't want to have anything to do with some homo either heh.



To fix your asexuality, you must rape like your ancestors did. Don't let the feminist Jews win.



just like, chill out bro. There are lots of shitty people these days but there are good grills, anonymous internet dwellers just hyperbolize the negatives because their negative people through their jaded outlooks on politics and/or lack of social prowess. Be good to yourself and take a glass half full approach, what girls like most in a guy is self confidence.



what would i instagram?
me sitting on my bed browsing imageboards and drinking



imagine being an e-thot with patreon, twitch, chaturbate, etc and have beta orbiters paying you for merely existing. that would be your source income and just a few years later you can already retire with more money earned than in any other "profession". just imagine.



you wouldn't even need to have degrading sex with nasty men. "Oh, I'm such a nerd. Witcher stream tomorrow. Check out my Amazaon wishlist and onlyfans UwU" sasha grey is salty af she didnt go that route.

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