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File: 1582403760437.jpg (653.33 KB, 1772x1772, 1582401256580.jpg)

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>Balding men can't look goo-





File: 1582427426372.png (39.09 KB, 309x266, 7c6e67cebb778f79c77dcf4727….png)

heh asfsafsafsa



File: 1582484505217.jpg (51.55 KB, 500x603, 1582472745794.jpg)




File: 1582485759419.jpg (18.35 KB, 460x300, 1581898276796.jpg)

how would social dynamics change if women had the same balding patterns and rates of balding as men





File: 1582489264503.png (49.47 KB, 300x250, 1582485670422.png)

Kek deez wahl fuckers literally named one of their models "full head balding" and specifically market dem towards men suffering from male pattern hair loss



If you get a pair of clippers don't forget to oil the motherfuckers. I've ruined tons of based h'Wahls that way heh. At this point though I'm acktually shaving the shit out of my head and I think it looks a lot better, tragedy though it is. You'll want clippers for when you're a couple days late and the hair gets longer than is desirable to shave directly still though.



Ugh id rather go for a self-sharpening model w/no need for oil and shit

Looking at dat remington quick cut thing closer now but i need one with detachable steel combs



I've done enough research on this subject to sadly report that yes, balding is an objectively unattractive trait to the great majority of pre-wall females. However, it is just one trait of many that we can curate to improve our SMV

>I am also able to sadly report that I personally have several other shortcomings

Just do your research I guess. I've bought several h'Wahls and they'd all burnt out after a year or so-but I never oiled them once despite being directed to so I can't necessarily throw shade on the brand. Oiling them takes seconds to do (just place a couple of precision drips at specific areas on the blades and turn the thing on for couple seconds to disperse it) so no need to let that be a factor in your purchasing decision heh.



File: 1582509854628.png (436.59 KB, 1000x655, smiley vs hdv.png)




File: 1582509929347.png (119.3 KB, 311x244, laffin shoe nibbas.png)

>Dat pic
>Dat filename

FUCKIN hell lad





File: 1582589453866.png (116.26 KB, 1352x476, fa on baldness.PNG)




Take the hatpill. Just court a women until she's too involved with you to care about your lack of hair. I'm engaged to a gorgeous redhead who has a fetish for me fucking other women that I also seduce while wearing a hat.

t. wearing a hat



Literally every one of these men looked better before they shaved their heads.



File: 1582786259413.jpg (80.4 KB, 576x680, 1578868448119.jpg)

theres def some faggy undertones to that sub/r



Unless you're Fraser Crane, it's better to be bald than balding. Almost everyone probably looks better with a full head of hair of course.



File: 1582789930839.jpg (81.23 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Think about it, being bald is like existing as the default character in a character customization screen. You have to put in extra work to make yourself stand out visually.

Bald guys in hats tend to be the rapist in ero doujins. Very appropriate for you.



File: 1582797633728.png (76.08 KB, 632x569, 1582790646043.png)




I was thinking the exact same thing. I like the scruffy look more than the smooth shaved look.



Is getting shredded up and tattooed the only solution for balding men? I’ve always considered tattooes a desecration of our sacred bodies, but the guy in the OP undeniably looks good with them.



Tats are ugly, and people will just assume you are a meth addict.



Seriously, don't be too worried about being bald though, especially if you're already successful with females.



File: 1582833220567.jpg (69.52 KB, 960x549, j9a56lc92hi41.jpg)

Shaving your head just transforms you from "scruffy aging man" to "cancer patient" 90% of the time. If you grow your beard out to look less like a cancer patient, you look like a soyboy.

There's no winning when it comes to baldness. Might as well just hang onto what hair you have left or wear an (expensive) wig.



Mfw i got myself a new clipper now which is supposedly geared towards buzz cuts specifically

Gonna try out the 4mm setting later on heh



No ur wrong heh



File: 1583022773473.jpg (111.74 KB, 629x775, punk_elsa_band_tee.jpg)

This is #notokay heh




File: 1583077352626.jpg (171.95 KB, 435x634, anna-disney-elsa-frozen-Fa….jpg)

Just tested out the nu clipper earlier laddos

At first i wuz extremely skeptical since the damn thing wouldint cut properly onna sides and shit but once i switched to the 3mm comb guard thing it went a little smoother, overall a subjective slight improvement compared to the other clipper but den again i never used dat one onna 3mm setting either heh

I'm not fully satisfied with the way it cuts however, or maybe 3mm really is too long still for my current receding hairline who knows heh

Gonna be interesting to see how fast it grows back now and whether it will still do a clean job a week from now when the next maintenance buzz is due heh



It looks like a good supplement to an actual razor at any rate, I'm botva big fan of using this huge h'Wahl for that purpose. Shaving the head clean to the point where there's basically just the discoloration from hair follicles is based heh





*not a



File: 1583081217113.jpg (63.09 KB, 600x649, 1561450168497.jpg)

Wat ur opinien on finasteride laddo



File: 1583081786377.jpg (149.69 KB, 735x720, hehh (2).jpg)

Just wish they could've added a proper handle to this thing, "ergonomic shape" my ass heh



I don't even know what that is tbh, I heard the KIKES have invented a way to grow your hair back called (fittingly) vampire therapy heh. Keep an eye out for that, maybe it will be affordable by the time we're in our 50s lmoa



Oh I looked it up, I only knew of it under its various brand names


>Commonly reported side effects of finasteride include: impotence and decreased libido

Well, it won't affect me any apparently (can't get an impotence or decreased libido side effect if you already have them heh) but you have a few things to be concerned about, so j-just shave it bro!



>but you have a few things to be concerned about,

Wat he meant wit dis



Certain hairs in a balding man's head have a genetic weakness to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which causes the DHT to slowly destroy the hair over time.

Finasteride operates by blocking testosterone from turning into DHT.

DHT is a very potent form of testosterone and stopping this natural process from occurring will cause impotence, lack of sex drive, lack of muscle development and so on. Using finasteride to stop hair loss is basically neutering yourself.



File: 1583094694377.png (532.17 KB, 2000x2000, 1522830077961.png)

Fuark dat b a hugeass tradeoff rite dere if i ever saw one



So pony man iz u be sayan ur just better off shaving it all off or hwut






Yes. I just buzz mine off about once a week.



Maybe if you stopped fapping so much, you wouldn't have a fucked up endocrine system. It is undisputed that balding is a hormonal issue, and if you can fix that and maintain blood flow to your head, there should be no reason you are going bald. Finastride isn't the only way to do it, but it is an effective way. Too bad there's so much disinfo out there that it's hard to know what actually works and what doesn't. A coomer like you is fucked anyway though LOL!



File: 1583674435959.jpg (18 KB, 259x287, hdv upon posting on 4chon.jpg)

is this the only confirmed pic of HDV?



n-no I look much more virile than that (but am not tbheh)



File: 1584580876563.jpeg (98.16 KB, 980x551, 5e72617285f5405cef79a7f2.jpeg)

me soon heh



Shud i get an RX fo minoxidilerino laddos



File: 1585597560887.png (380.95 KB, 583x485, 1585583552410.png)




Goddamn it's literally over for that dood

if he had good facial bone structure/a decent phenotype he could get some muscles, grow a beard and really make this look work but he got cucked by his own genetics heh



>tfw he has a better jaw line than I do

At least I don't have a lemon head though lmao



File: 1585700531669.jpg (46.07 KB, 178x250, Big_Show_October_2018.jpg)

In awe at the size of dat dere laddos heccinass bearderino heh



File: 1585975002031.png (113.41 KB, 1552x320, interpals dood on trv.PNG)

Lool fucc



Pill me on interpals.



Its very gud heh



File: 1586019068392.jpg (69.09 KB, 699x485, 1477184629634.jpg)

Hmm, a year and a half ago I still got laid on tinder with some high quality women while displaying my bald head in a picture and listing my occupation as a pizzaman. So it is possible, it's just playing on hard mode.

The best course of action for all men is probably to just grind your own lives, looksmax, and not worry about women. I can count the women who have been a positive influence in my life on one hand. The vast majority are poisonous and not worth messing with.



>Hmm, a year and a half ago I still got laid on tinder with some high quality women while displaying my bald head in a picture and listing my occupation as a pizzaman. So it is possible, it's just playing on hard mode.
Says the guy who's over 6 feet LOL. Short, bald, and fat is the unholy trifecta, and the only one you have any real control over is the last one.



Need additional information.



You can get hair transplants and height-increasing shoes



File: 1586038309180.png (581.74 KB, 620x639, 1586000161737.png)

Some dude on /int/ made a script called QtCrawler many years ago, you would basically set it and then run + forget about it and a couple hours later/the next day there would be TONS of femoids in your profile visitor page

You could specify which cuntry you want to crawl and shit but simps overdid it and last i heard the script wuz broken

There's not that many thots on interpals and quite a few spergish women due to the nature of the site, it's a fertile ground for pucci breedin indeed heh

The site would be perfect if indian and arab men were completely banned from it, they're simping up even the most obscure profile pic comment sections on there like they do on fb et al

Also the design is very comfy, it's one of the last major sites i know of still rocking this web 2.0-type design not optimized for mobile goyphone cancer



Hair transplants are far from perfect, and you're not fooling anyone with lifts.



File: 1586046435289.jpg (443.88 KB, 1147x1200, 1550693953849.jpg)

no ur wrong lol heh



How? Please tell me of your bald manlet experiences.



File: 1586047117056.jpg (1.82 MB, 3600x5400, 1585318769270.jpg)

I am neither bald nor a manlet dwarfSkitzocuck



We already know you're bald, and probably fat too, so you're already confirmed 2 for 3.



File: 1586048243569.jpg (117.25 KB, 750x408, 1578010099164.jpg)

i could have a hard cunt sperg chad like the driver
cool quiet and mysterious
instead i think people just think im a criminal or something and avoid me



Stop lying skitzocunTy



File: 1586062082019.jpg (409.88 KB, 1280x1512, Ganesha, Tibetan.jpg)

Yeah if I had the unholy trifecta I'd probably just resign myself to celibacy honestly. To be fully celibate (no porn, no lust, and semen retention) is an immensely fulfilling way to live. However one has to choose this lifestyle, and it's damn tough if you haven't tasted the other side and know that nothing there is worse pursuing.

Before I began to date my fiancee I had grown very weary of thottery, deleted my tinder account, and decided to fully devote my life to God. For a time my life was consumed by nothing but work, meditation and prayer and it felt absolutely amazing.

If for some horrible reason my child were to die I'd certainly become a celibate renunciate. It's the most certain path to fulfillment and happiness.



tldr LOL




File: 1586234508862.png (152.65 KB, 1066x957, 1567219963529.png)

I really want to try out finasteride but i'm not sure for how long i need to take it, whether it fucks w/mah fertilitay and whether the insurance covers it (i doubt it though but it's still RX apparently what fucking bullshit)



Ah i just remembered there's poojeet "doctors" giving out online prescriptions too if you send them a timestamped pic of ure head lel



Give me the pilldown on RU58841 and dermaneedling laddos



Apparently there's literal tranny niggers posting on 4cuck /fa/

God what a shithole



Oh wow apparently buzzers are completely sold out everywhere cuz people cant visit barber shops anymoar thanks to de coronibba heh



I guess that's why the clipper I just ordered is going to take 6 days to get here. Really missing my next day delivery.



File: 1586273164687.png (61.9 KB, 1201x355, (((RU58841))).PNG)

Holeeh heccin shid



File: 1586437860905.jpg (621.76 KB, 1534x2048, 1586306241778.jpg)

>Stem cells can fix autoimmune diseases, baldness and foreskin loss

Truly epik heh



>Research shows that a lack of vitamin D in your body can lead to hair loss.

Imma b needin sum o' dat shit stat



File: 1586439425373.jpg (155.21 KB, 1280x853, hair-loss-alopecia-vitamin….jpg)

My hair looks like this right now basically with the middul intensely thinned out and the hair on both sides being normal and thick like before


I also do have a coin-sized spot on the back of my head which is another symptom of that condition apparently

Gonna try out chugging vitamin D down daily



Also it's not as extreme as this dude where there's literal skin in between, just that the hair grows noticably shorter/slower in that area somehow



Once more i will bump this



Dis nibba have all his hair still and buzz it off regardless



His hair is receding, but the thing is, even when they shave their head, people who have hair still look better, because you can still see a visible hairline.



I wont argue w/dat but i wud also argue that you can compensate by doing a gymcel looksmaxx heh



Jesus fuck i just saw an used (!) hair clipper sell for over 60 bucks

Imma get in on this shit stat i got 2 spare ones heh



File: 1587054441740.jpg (279.75 KB, 1080x565, 2019-04-15.jpg)

Finna cop deez heh



File: 1587091130220.png (379.9 KB, 511x469, stilted.png)

If elevator shoe trends continue at the current rate, the arms race between elevated manlets and high heeled thots could get out of hand.



whats it like having psychological insecurity about your physical appearance? i haven't ever experienced it.



File: 1587152145715.jpg (58.59 KB, 645x900, 1568591006427.jpg)

I actually dont

But anything that helps u to up your SMV game is GUD redart



Kill yourself, nothing you type in this site is even remotely interesting, you're boring as fuck and I hope you die.



File: 1587164618646.png (183.02 KB, 422x472, der untermensch.png)

Shut the fuck up dwarf lel



File: 1587540096635.png (60.21 KB, 831x799, 1587420499800.png)

Here's something interesting i observed and just now fully realized

My main profile pic on all dating sites is roughly 3-4 years old at this point

I edited the contrast and such so that my hair is almost non-visible (it's shot against a completely black background and i have dark brown hair)

In the other photos too the hair as such is not a prominent aspect of my presentation at all, despite being more plentiful overall compared to right now

This means that i get all these matches and shit (with solid 8/10's) based solely on my phenotypical disposition/facial bone structure and such

This is very good news come to think of it, it means when i do some proper gym maxxing i can potentially do very well regardless and heighten my SMV to chad-lite status or above even most likely



File: 1587704068923.jpg (125.77 KB, 800x800, Full-Swiss-Lace-Mens-Toupe….jpg)

thoughts on toupee
honestly it would increase my attractiveness at least 2 points
and most people wouldnt be able to tell
i suspect they're actually pretty common
like when i see older men with nice full heads of hair i do suspect

from child molester to chad



Eh to each their own

Personally i'd rather work with what my body gives me but if this is the kind of shit needed to procreate then i'd probably get one for said purpose



Men might not notice, but women will.



File: 1587756118739.jpg (39.94 KB, 400x553, download.jpg)

Hell no, that's a whole new level of pathetic. It would literally be better to wear one of these things.



Probably unironically true. I remember I read a PUA book awhile back, and the author was bald, but he would sometimes wear stupid-ass wigs to get attention.



being bald is pretty pathetic too
it's such a bad look
and then you have to constantly keep it clipped
if i had hair id look ten years younger



You're hopefully talking about someone who just lets himself go and doesn't shave off the sides of his head at all (aka the child molester look heh)

That really is a crime against nature

But a fully shaved head can in fact look good w/some musclemaxxing



File: 1588082747857.jpg (10.47 KB, 380x334, 3034446938a737a89219b4be21….jpg)

ror heh micky



File: 1588097818628.jpg (206.26 KB, 960x960, 1588096846990.jpg)

Imagine bein dis here feller



File: 1588131770856.jpg (119.14 KB, 1610x932, 1588128910888.jpg)

Unoriginal content! You have been mute



Why do you have to imagine it? That's your selfie.



File: 1588143113909.jpg (26.01 KB, 352x416, literallyme.jpg)

STFU dwarfuntermensch



If you add 200 pounds to that guy's face, it might be closer to reality.



Also his mouth should be gaping open like flag related as he browses reddit to complain about his mom.



qwestion for the chon gals itt

what's worse going bald or going grey? 👽
asking for a fren btw
t. 50yo zoomer



Well, all of my extremely attractive female friends and I think that being bald and short is extremely appealing; a boyfriend with a well-shaved head is like having a mirror wherever you go!





lol'd; well played, anon



>a boyfriend with a well-shaved head is like having a mirror wherever you go!
yeah just look down



That is why it's impossible to love a man who is taller than me with heels on. If you're taller than 5'9, don't even swipe right, sweetie.



File: 1588524902938.jpg (65.7 KB, 640x480, amerikan family.jpg)

Cast them inna biokino



File: 1588560622764.jpg (123.07 KB, 1080x1080, 1580064588817.jpg)

me inna future heh



File: 1588877721815.jpg (28.17 KB, 460x460, 1588876867565.jpg)

me soon safasass



File: 1588970828331.png (557.02 KB, 780x768, 1588962686555.png)

Imagine bein a baldcel while ur head looked liek dis
This is why i avoid any heavy gamer headsets



File: 1589168496730.jpg (400.3 KB, 1200x875, 1589164091626.jpg)

>haha he's only 9 now not 10! WE WON HAIRCELS
goes to show the whole game is just the position of bones in your face



He turned to a 6 though.



He'd actually look better completely bald than with that dying hair of his.






File: 1589356176038.jpg (169.19 KB, 1280x720, 1589310931982.jpg)




File: 1589356194821.jpg (946.5 KB, 1440x1518, 1589290552767.jpg)

cast him



File: 1590120838757.jpg (64.37 KB, 1080x859, ef4e1533dc428f9dd797a37a7e….jpg)

lul too soon



decided im gonna wetshave my head
figured id look like the bald and bankrupt guy but will probably be closer to the coomer
bought some expensive adftershave and bodywash and shaving cream and some razors

will leave my facial hair as just trimmed



Post sum pix wen ur done laddofeller



alright did the deed
was harder than i thought it would be to get everything off, had to use the cell phone camera to see the back of my head, used a disposable bic 4 blade
looks good but not that different because i kept it pretty close cropped anyway, skin tone is pretty even, cranium shape is good

i am now a bald man, if anything it looks more intimidating



It was pretty hard at first for me too, but I use a Harry's® razor that isn't meant to be used for head shaving. I still get decent results but I'm thinking about getting a HeadBlade or something goofy like that heh



File: 1590265421001.jpg (593.4 KB, 1160x779, MV5BMDNlYTBkZTktMjhmMy00Yz….jpg)

time to commit some crimes



File: 1590317198606.jpg (85.6 KB, 640x539, 1590314450487.jpg)

Wew deez eye bags are only gettin bigger

Wonder if this is due to age or kratom usage heh



File: 1591060616076.png (340.16 KB, 705x432, 1591052812799.png)

>Femcels dont exi-



she could do an amazing bobs burgers cosplay



>Upper facial half 8/10 easily
>lower half 2/10

What the fuck did nature mean with this heh



File: 1591178834945.png (207.72 KB, 781x720, colwn-life.png)

Covid 19 fucked us over bros
A balding cure was going through clinical trials in Italy

Now its set for 2023



File: 1591240584834.jpg (78.83 KB, 413x395, 1565304483357.jpg)

Just took a look in the mirror and somehow my hair receeded even further lmao

Gonna have to shave once a week without a guard comb at this rate before i turn 30yo



I told you to stop cooming, but you wouldn't listen.



File: 1591337015041.png (173.33 KB, 232x324, safsaffasasf.PNG)

How does steve have such perfect hair bros



its a toupee



Yeah nah the 3mm guard isn't cutting it anymoar kek

Gonna go down to 2,5mm tomorrow



File: 1591360569892.jpg (39.72 KB, 414x371, 5cbbe2283bd213b4f3588bc09f….jpg)

Kek yeah i unironically harbored that suspicion aswell

He would look like a chad if he gym-maxxed aswell

Personally i'd rather own the look though and go completely bald vikang-style heh



File: 1591364131393.jpg (294.6 KB, 1500x1000, 1289693 - Anna Frozen Kris….jpg)




File: 1591392736983.jpg (402.05 KB, 2289x2289, 03e78669f731e29e9a490c2aa5….jpg)

dae le bald of ebul xD



been keeping up with wet shaving
cant seem to get a super close shave
head feels like sandpaper
maybe i need to buy those expensive gillette the best a man can get© 6 bladed super razors like a true consoomer



Don't use Gillette they've been promoting tranny shit HARD. Get one of those goofy Headblades or whatever. Literally anything other than Gillette



Shud i shave down to 2,5mm at the sides fammers

Even with the 3mm cut it looks a little uneven there due to the contrast in differing hair growth



File: 1591418251675.jpg (279.15 KB, 1560x1297, 1591160464095.jpg)

Failed to resize image! Details: gm convert: Incorrect sBIT chunk length (/tmp/phpfgd98a).



File: 1591519564674.png (1.04 MB, 893x620, 1591502127534.png)

take the baldpill and wetshave already



Ugh i feel like i should transition gradually

Like if my hair looked like this guy >>13257 i would go directly no-guard comb but there's still enuff hair onna middul heh



slidin this huh kike



I wonder if dumping my stubble down the sink is going to cause problems later heh



File: 1591629226422.jpg (217.06 KB, 841x1494, 1591607594273.jpg)

Just let it fall onna floor and vacuum it up feller heh



Could girls like that ever love a baldy?



She's look perfect if she didn't have butterface. Oh well.



File: 1592616011707.jpg (1.04 MB, 1579x1429, 1592506544164.jpg)

went into town after a fresh shave this morning
greeted a work college who looks very similar and he remarked people would probably think we were white supremacist skinheads having a conversation
i had a chuckle but actually hoped minorities were intimidated by my appearance



>i had a chuckle but actually hoped minorities were intimidated by my appearance

This is defo a plus too

I look like some kind of nordic slav even with hair but i imagine going completely bald wud amplify the effect heh



dis nibber killin it






he looks like he's about 5'4''



File: 1593381681859.png (23.22 KB, 1155x197, body maintenance.PNG)

Imma try dis



Getting an abwheel would be redundant if you already do pic related i assum heh



Don't take fish oil supplements. Fish oil goes rancid really easy. Eat actual fish.



File: 1593453963895.jpg (315.81 KB, 1080x1080, 1593347759514.jpg)

I think they're selling them in capsules too, which i was thinking about getting if it isn't ass-expensive



Fuark i hope this chink exercise mat i ordered arrives soon so i can start doing planks



File: 1593476231264.jpg (90.77 KB, 1024x742, 1592760872687.jpg)

Mfw i just realized when i do this IT-based apprenticeship doing a daily routine of at least 10-15 minutes like this is likely paramount to keep my body from breaking down completely and maintaining a proper healthy amount of muscle mass



>Bodyweight training comes with a load of unique benefits that lifting heavy weights doesn't offer. “Bodyweight training develops body control and keeps your joints healthy,” says Speer. “Probably the most important aspect of it is development of spacial awareness and body control.

Yeah imma call based



File: 1593550003545.jpg (51.1 KB, 768x384, mh-4-15-split-1586958805.jpg)

Here's What Planking Every Day for a Month Did to This Guy’s Body

60 seconds per day apparently

The 8 minute workout seems a bit overkill lel



Literally just a lighting and posture difference



no ur wrong

brapppp original



Post body jhbkjbnewjbfewfjuib



no dat ghey



Coppd mahself sum fish oil/omega 3 fatty acids aswell as collagen heh



File: 1593836332226.jpg (43.76 KB, 624x702, 1179_What-Is-Frontal-Hair-….jpg)

Aight the hair inna very front just above the forehead basically has stopped growing out almost completely and is pretty flat in places which does have me a lill worried, hope it's not caused by anything serious

On the other hand i turn 27 in just over a month so this may be a sign of dat

Any of u fellers know whether deez errectile dysfunctshens with fin are temporary or chronic?



I'm erectile dysfunctioned without it and I wouldn't risk it tbh lmoa



File: 1593897894501.jpg (272.49 KB, 1778x1362, 1593844289819.jpg)




remember seeing this guy on /fa/ wayy back in the day
and now he just looks like some random soyboy



File: 1593970480692.jpg (483.77 KB, 2000x1125, ct-perspec-indian-crying-e….jpg)

fetal alcohol face lol. roasties are worse about booze than the native savages, pretty much every woman that has access to alcohol ends up an addict and most children these days have a touch of fetal alcohol syndrome. lucky for me i had a infantile, violent, short tempered alcoholic grandmother so my infantile, violent, short tempered mother ended up being repulsed by booze and i ended up being born with an undamaged brain.
feels good to be smarter than everyone else.



File: 1593991377079.jpg (173.31 KB, 699x757, 8e2fbed114064d5c0b4f0858f6….jpg)




File: 1594455291566.png (243.92 KB, 740x740, bc300682d90bde0370fad42a89….png)

löl héh



Wow what the fuck all that hassle just to impress some vain cunts

Rather just own the look instead tbh



File: 1594491151458.jpg (39.54 KB, 410x598, 1592271113895.jpg)

Absolutely the best attitude to have. If someone bases their life and looks around females, they're beta males at best.



Went down to 2,5mm today for the first tiem

Feelin confident



Just shave it with a disposable razor, man. I did the electric razor half-measure for years and looking back it just looks like shit in comparison. The problem is doing it consistently because you'll notice how much worse it looks after even just a few days of letting it go.



>it's better to be handsome and bald than ugly with hair anyway

This is the true redpill

Facial aesthetics/the bone structure as predetermined by your phenotype trumps any other physical factor

Women will look at this first and foremost



File: 1596841965955.jpg (34.15 KB, 750x750, 1596670767640.jpg)

Wat u think bout dis



I've never tried one of those but I'd like to, someday



ok ten week update

shaving is a major chore and i've dropped to every 5-6 days
still looks based though
girls look at me and i assume they're sexually attracted
or maybe scared
either way is ok



Someone took a picture of the back of my head while I was at the shooting range and I could see the discrepancy between my bald spot and hairline and it was at that moment that I decided that I'm going to have to deal with by shaving thoroughly every day. When I see it from the front it doesn't seem so bad but it really gets Costanza-tier quicker than I ever imagined.



I started shaving my head regularly when I was 20 years old at the gym one night, and in the lighting my hair looked completely Constanza-mode. However these days I just like to buzz it completely off about once a week. A millimeter of stubble looks better than shining imo



File: 1597015945154.png (89.83 KB, 1000x851, download.png)

The problem is I'm a Norwood 4/5 and I thought I was a Norwood 3 (i.e. I thought I just had a very high hairline) so it was a pretty shocking reveal. When I shave close there's still that discoloration from the hair follicles which looks okay. I can't get it completely smooth anyway and I agree, I think it looks better that way.



File: 1597028398096.jpg (24.33 KB, 487x629, 1596981170333.jpg)

My niggas rite dere

I started doing 2,5mm the other week and am very satisfied with the result in conjunction with my goatee (which i usually trim down to 6mm at max), it makes any bald spots at the back of the head fade in nicely too



File: 1597596083898.png (85.26 KB, 1268x623, Screenshot at 2020-08-16 1….png)

Just saw this on some gay module I have to do for work. Reminder: Baldies are probably some of the most discriminated against people on the planet LOL!



Y de matriarchy b persecutan us so heh



File: 1597883280089.jpg (539.11 KB, 960x1200, 1597878603145.jpg)

Ngl i cud prolly easily achieve this kind of frame when i really keep at it for a couple months

My partially fälid phenotype should aid in this since it is of naturally bulky stock



File: 1598204916151.jpg (207.71 KB, 926x1145, d91a55f01f71e67c43cc6b9350….jpg)

I have that SAME exact balding pattern shit you not

Thinning hair on the middle that doesn't fully grow out anymore and okayish hair on the sides

Read somewhere dat the hair onna side of the head actually counts as body hair so that would explain some of it i think heh



Also when i buzz it all down to 2,5mm it seamlessly blends in with the hair onna side. I think i'll be gucci for some time still on that setting till i have to go no-comb heh



File: 1598490574557.jpg (994.48 KB, 2686x3200, 0cab4d7537bb89931b53d31e82….jpg)

Im not gay at all but damn

Imagine being ripped like this and having the ladies drool over ure schwongerino heh



Dude's the same age as me but still has full hair

Im mirin dat heh



File: 1600374964892.jpg (23.46 KB, 400x400, 1583583835383.jpg)




Millenial men lose their hair earlier than any generation before them, germanic scientists find



File: 1601141801921.jpg (388.95 KB, 1051x1406, 1601108556870.jpg)

Aight, so cutting the sides of the head just once a week definitely isn't "cutting it" (see what i did there) if you want to pull off the sleek+smooth buzzcut look

The problem is that the hair on the side basically grows just as fast as regular body hair, which means by thursday you can clearly see the thinning hair on the middle and it doesn't look like a buzzcut anymore at all but rather like a very obvious norwood situation going on

The solution obviously is to keep it trimmed down so that the scalp hair and the hair on the side of the head match up w/each other visually

I don't know how longer 2,5mm will suffice or if the scalp hair regresses any further, if it does then i'll be doing the no-guard comb shave in no time kek

I think 2mm is the smallest guard comb available for any clipper

Anyways imma b getting that exercise and i know i can pull off the look in any case

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