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So this is going to be my temporary blog thread since the tranny mod on 4cuck went apeshit again

I was just minding my own business when the n!cunt came stumbling upstairs again drunkenly talking to herself, first doggerbreh scratched against the door and then out of the blue there was the usual banging of shit against the bathroom wall randomly in textbook crazed lunatic fashion

That's about all that took place within the last 5 minutes, will update w/moar mayhaps
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Unless you cut all the way to the back and made a very clean cut it will come back even worse.



Also this includes if you killed the nail matrix as well.



Yeah well i keep getting these every other month anyways no matter how smooth and tight the nail is sitting against the skin, there's nothing i can really do about it and it's probably related to my inflammatory chronic condishen

And i don't think it's advisable to "kill your nail matrix" lel



You're trimming your nails too short grow them shits out for a couple month Damn



File: 1589460202122.png (51.7 KB, 860x621, 1589437794208.png)

the fuckin retarded GP clerk bish gave me a completely wrong referal three weeks ago when i picked it up in advance but i only just now saw that it's invalid lmao

And i already got the train ticket booked, i need to get the proper referal tomorrow at all costs wew



God i feel like shit rn

The pruritus has been quite extreme and some asshole kept loudly banging stuff downstairs since 4pm shit you not, of course it susbsided soon as i got up again though

Also had a couple nitemares bcuz o' dis

In approx 6 hours i'll also try and get the correct referal from that bitch when the GP opens up again

That fuckin pruritus onna right ear though wew, i can't remember the last time it's been this bad+persistent

Just threw some antihistamines and NSAID's and shit in to combat this



I've been in a hardcore food coma for 2 hours now jesus fuck
fuckin gluten



Fuckin n!bitch kept stumbling around 10 minutes before i was scheduled to phone the GP and kept banging around drunkenly again, fucking kafkaesque. Couldn't get thru anyways tho

Luckily they have open at noon aswell so i'll try again l8er



Just woke up after a digestive nap heh



File: 1589667808028.jpg (71.1 KB, 400x536, 1559042801501.jpg)

I am so fucking determined to get my health fixed/life in order holy fuck

There ARE nonstandard treatment protocols out there that have eliminated the conditions i am suffering from but they are all experimental and not exactly easy to get a hold of

I am fucking sick of being sick fellas

I will dedicate all my off-work time and resources toward obtaining said treatments later on, no matter how far i may have to travel and how many hoops i have to jump thru first

I will also learn the language of any non-ZOG country so as to relocate there at an opportune time and escape the forced RFID implant enslavement

/just a lill rant



File: 1589670910526.jpg (68.85 KB, 639x951, 7f7813cdddcb398bb059b4af6e….jpg)

Apparently some science nibbers are developing microbiome-specific pills for autoimmune diseases now


>One line of enquiry is whether the enormous genetic variation between microbes leads to immune cells becoming confused as to what is foreign and what is self. A meta-analysis that examined 3,665 human samples identified more than 22 million gut microbiome genes2. The proteins produced by these genes are scrutinized by the immune system, and, overwhelmingly, found to be harmless or easily handled.
>But sometimes microbial proteins that alarm immune cells contain fragments that closely resemble those of normal human proteins. With roughly a hundred times as many genes in our individual microbiomes as in our own genomes, there’s a high likelihood of similarities, says Martin Kriegel, an immunobiologist at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. The result, so the theory goes, is that this starts to teach the immune system to recognize human proteins as signs of a threat. In such cases of molecular mimicry, “the immune system gets confused”, says Baranzini. “It starts reacting against the bacteria. And then it ends up reacting against our own self proteins.”

My own condishen is not directly mentioned in this article but it wud b epic if this gut fixing approach would be an one size fits all-type of cure for all kinds of AI condishens inna future heh



File: 1589671313838.png (27.04 KB, 1222x208, 5445454574.PNG)

Feelin dis here nibber's post



File: 1589695793494.png (14.48 KB, 1642x132, tranny23.PNG)

What this seething tranny doesn't get is that none of us chose to be born into this degenerate dying world/these circumstances

Xyr on the other hand made a conscious choice to promote tranny shit instead of resisting it so the whole post is projection basically



Holy fuck like half of the stem cell posts on reddit are on this /biz/ tier sub called ATHX

Some kind of meme company shilling/astroturfing its stocks apparently

There's a lot of stem cell charlatans out there



File: 1589700271423.png (21.84 KB, 1220x193, fqwqwfqwf.PNG)

Wat de kike meen wit dis



>But just know that, as difficult as things get, and as hopeless as stuff seems sometimes, it does get better. Even when it feels like you're just spinning your wheels, or nobody's got your back. As long as you know what kind of man you're trying to become, all you need to do is stay on your path, and you will get to where you're going.
>You got this.

Wholesome af



File: 1589717363273.jpg (64.63 KB, 632x1024, 1577636516486.jpg)

Did a bunch of stuff i wanted to get done at all costs and now i'm pretty much ready for the appointment tomorrow and whatever else cums up next week

Also that other remington clipper was a good investment, cutting your hair used to take me 30m or more but this shortens it down to like 10m max, plus another 10 if you factor in beard/facial hair trimming and so on



On a light sidenote i also pulled out a giant piece of residue out after showering and immediately felt a great pressure relief, this really should have been all of it now

Put sum antiseptic cream on and i trust that it will fully heal up by next week



File: 1589733774936.jpg (24.6 KB, 399x399, 1568602550612.jpg)

Imma try 2 git sum moar sleep now



File: 1589776955643.png (27.99 KB, 128x128, 1588992045839.png)

God i have to venture to the other city again in two hours



Thread posts: 123
Posts made by redditcucky: 101
Posts shitting on redditcucky: 14

Will this schizophrenic maniac ever cease?



>e-everyone is foky!!1

Shut the fuck up dwarf you infertile schizo virgin bitch kek



Thread posts: 125
Posts made by redditcucky: 102
Posts shitting on redditcucky: 15



My glasses are fucked up for some reason, the frame is all busted which is weird af

Ah well i need to get nu ones anyways



File: 1589910463486.jpg (44.88 KB, 485x590, 5c643f9eeb3ce83c3d004415.jpg)

I fucking shit you not i had TWO (2) fucking glasses break on me today, talk about bad luck right there lel

First one were my trusty sunglasses, luckily the side pieces are replacable though and i had an ersatz one handy (one regular piece and the elastic band thing you wrap around your head) but i still had to get a nu pair with regular temple stems because those KIKES didn't want to send me replacement ones for dat unit

Then when i just now tried to take off my other regular readan glasses the fuckin thing LITERALLY fell apart holy fuck

I then pulled out all my vision tests from the last 4 years i could find and basically picked the values that seemed most reasonable to me (got sum real aberrant pupil distance values but ended up picking the one measured by the actual eye doctor guy), all in all i paid less den 50 bucks including shipping heh



God now i have to lurk w/out proper glasses until de nu ones arrive

Deez gunnars get smeary as fuck for some reason all the time too, must be something about the material methinks



Thread posts: 128
Posts made by redditcucky: 104
Posts shitting on redditcucky: 16

Soyence will never cure his AIDS lol!



Fucking spastic cunt has been blocking the bathroom again for almost 20m at this here point

I want to brush my fucking teeth already holy fuck



Brush your teeth with mommies milkers.



Ew ur dizzguztan dwarfcunTy



Second day without my glasses

I still miss em



Just ate a lill bag of magyaroid-flavored chipserinos



>Be me readan an interesting article about königsberg almost being given back in 1990
>narccunt stomping around again for the umpteenth time today

You seriously cannot make it up

This is also the precise reason i haven't blasted thru the rest of RE2 yet, the fuckin unemployed cunt is practically here stumbling and banging around drunkenly 24/7 and the only time i have some quality alone time is when she's gone for barely 2 hours - and also only on 4 days of the week - and between roughly 3-6am when she's a in a drunken comatose stupor too drunk to bang around the whole house



File: 1590096203718.jpg (664.24 KB, 1425x1178, Deutsches_Reich_nach_1945.jpg)

Here's the article btw


Scroll down to skip the fucked up formatting



My nu glasses have already been manufactured and sent out, hopefully they will have arrived at le post office by tomorrow mornan heh



Takin another foot bath rn



You should give yourself a 'head bath' until you drown.



File: 1590282363602.jpg (298.6 KB, 1896x1707, 1577494592571.jpg)

i REALLY fuckin hope the toe wont get worse again or else i'll have to end up taking antibiotics or go to the surgeon w/dat referal or some shit

Shit has been actin up for a solid month now at this point



File: 1590282425768.jpg (59.46 KB, 331x402, lol-elsahurt.jpg)

*schmäccs u *



day 1 of 3 day weekend over. i did absolutely fuck all.



For you, that's business as usual.



File: 1590317343405.png (209.12 KB, 512x512, 1578447473982.png)

>Dwarf!roaststkitzo yelling at random posters again thinking they're me

LOL i unironically lol'd

Cannot make it up heh



It's funny to me too, because that's you literally every post where you cry about 'Dwarf'.



Just put another foot bath in

Wew hopefully that toe will stop sperging out now



Fuark i can feel the diarrhea actin up again already

Also i got some mail from the uni hospital yesterday and thought my blood test from the other week came up with a red flag for the second time or something (which would've had serious implications due to the immunosuppressive medication) but it turned out to be a voluntary questionnaire about the coronibba heh



Lmao those fuckers just told me that my nu glasses are being produced in fuckin thailand of all places, i reckon it's going to take a good while until i can actually pick them up at the post office because there's customs problems apparently due to covid rn jesus



File: 1590576180349.jpg (71.1 KB, 400x536, 1559042801501.jpg)

Lmao turns out the fuckin boomer eye doctor measured my values all wrong, i can't wear this nu shit without seriously wanting to throw up after 5 seconds

The other values i basically used since 2013 and they still seem to be close enough so right now i think my best option is to take my chances and have it replaced with those values again and hope the newly manufactured glasses will be completely similar to the old ones

I am so fucking tired and fed up of this glasses bullshit, the other values probably aren't 100% spot on either and cause eye strain aswell but it really is the "safest" option if i don't want to blow any more money than necessary on this since my health insurance does not cover glasses of any kind even when medically necessary



File: 1590576883034.jpg (59.52 KB, 640x640, 1588439773109.jpg)

So i changed the nose pads out for the vanilla ones again (which are very squishy and accomodate ure nose better) and then reseated the frame and now it's a lill better already, that is to say i can wear this thing without feeling an urge to throw up

Image seems a lill clearer too but my visual snow is massively acting up too as a result, i'm likely going to try and give this thing a chance for at least one or two weeks after all and see if it's any good



File: 1590577019893.jpg (59.52 KB, 640x640, 1588439773109.jpg)

So i changed the nose pads out for the vanilla ones again (which are very squishy and accomodate ure nose better) and then reseated the frame and now it's a lill better already, that is to say i can wear this thing without feeling an immediate sudden urge to throw up, still gettin a lill nauseous tho

Image seems a lill clearer too but my visual snow is massively acting up too as a result, i'm likely going to try and give this thing a chance for at least one or two weeks after all and see if it's any good



Useless fuckin piece of shit bort software is refusing to delete the post again

I could smash the monitor right now FUCK now i have to manually hide it via ublock

hdv pls delete dis nibber >12963

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