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File: 1602976470100.jpg (271.81 KB, 1080x691, Screenshot_20201018-001401….jpg)




i've been predicting a pre-election oil spill for the past few weeks
here is the rapidly created wiki page to help facilitate the psyop



it's just oil it'll evapourate



Learn to spell.





>encountered in the UK and Canada
muslim countries cannot into engrish
lmaooo stupid niggers

File: 1603001284739.jpg (180.91 KB, 1996x1748, 1305169 - Anna Elsa Frozen….jpg)


How Home Depot Is Enhancing The Ecommerce Experience With AI


File: 1603006262620.jpg (209.78 KB, 2048x1435, 1601137806055.jpg)



>unregulated police facial recognition camera
oh noes! someone saw muh face
reeeeeeeee muh precious face

File: 1603002109846.jpg (651.12 KB, 1000x2573, 1576900255329.jpg)


A glib facsimilé


File: 1603020998431.png (93.74 KB, 755x1255, troll.png)

left column: some bored former /b/tard trolling niggers by pretending to be girls
right column: some bored former /b/tard trolling niggers by pretending to be a nigger
this reply: some bored former /b/tard trolling niggers by posting unrelated pics



you: gigacoping

File: 1602365825865.jpg (88.46 KB, 750x1000, 1601170988681.jpg)


Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awarded to 2 Germanic Scientists for Work on CRISPR Genome Editing
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File: 1602367831428.jpg (59.47 KB, 331x402, lol-elsahurt.jpg)




File: 1602369777739.jpg (21.84 KB, 598x317, 1602234485760.jpg)




File: 1602452038363.jpg (343.44 KB, 1011x1019, 1602419194965.jpg)

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Jennifer Doudna and a team of researchers in California have developed a rapid COVID-19 test that can detect the virus in just five minutes using gene-editing technology, SCMP reports.

The innovation, which must still be peer reviewed, could help lower the average turnaround time for COVID-19 tests, which in the US is currently 4.1 days, making it difficult for officials to get a real-time picture of how the virus is spreading.




File: 1603000943666.jpg (157.07 KB, 828x1024, 3043c76478bc06fcf4b7de989c….jpg)

Nobel-winning germanic biochemist Jennifer Doudna on the future of CRISPR




File: 1603001033570.jpg (120.66 KB, 769x938, tumblr_nd6nle6Gm71rti868o5….jpg)

(actual link which was hidden in that aggregate article)


File: 1593277721169.jpg (246.12 KB, 1013x1332, 1593267195559.jpg)

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"Human females cannot have conversations. All they know is McDonald’s, charge their phone, twerk, be bisexual, eat hot chip & lie."

- Andrew Anglin, 2020

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>over 99% of alcoholic beverages are consumed by people who are not habitual abusers of alcohol

This has got to be low-key trolling



He's right actually, alcoholics are a VERY small percentage of people that drink alcohol (which itself is the great majority of adults). Then again-I don't think it counts people who are technically alcoholics by any honest metric but aren't "diagnosed" as such.



what this niga is even doing, i'm starting to GET the lolcow appeal



DS has just turned into sperglo's personal blog. Now he's starting to bemoan his personal situation like a woman. The funny part is how he consistently begs for e-shekels as if anyone thinks his complaints are worth patronizing.



Eh there's nothing wrong with reflecting on the hardships you are faced with, long as it's the right place and setting

Nagging about it is not advisable though


Was it kino?


File: 1602365027268.png (383.75 KB, 852x394, capeshit.png)

Looks like kim jong un watched too much star wars heh



File: 1602365054589.png (580.54 KB, 818x448, ghillie nibber.png)

Dis nibber play 2 much cod



File: 1602980873254.jpg (152.51 KB, 940x521, North-Korea-Pukguksong-mis….jpg)


File: 1602969537341.png (1.39 MB, 1448x2047, fa7983e932e9e4b404bffc68e4….png)


Nick Fuentes Confronts Tim Heidecker on His Show, Unfunny Man Curls Into Fetal Position and Cries
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File: 1602975734327.jpg (23.48 KB, 770x433, els2.png.jpg)

Jesus fucking christ why are you americans like this



Baked got his YouTube banned, he also lost 15k in superchats because YouTube yoinked them

He's currently on an RV trip

The kid who popped the mace goes by smooth sanchez btw



Sauce me up on this mace thing drama, when/where did dat shit happen



>he also lost 15k in superchats because YouTube yoinked them

Found it without commentary. Only 10 minutes.



Gimme a stamp for the mace actshen

File: 1602958107115.jpg (336.1 KB, 1079x682, Screenshot_20201017-190705….jpg)


>develop potential covid vaccine
>here's 25k fuck off

She should've doubled down tbh


Very robust indid specimen

Wud wife (soon as she turned 18 heh)



File: 1602966279888.jpeg (55.55 KB, 720x720, 1612139481883654_c5_720x7….jpeg)

Get some taste tf



File: 1602966506339.png (623.54 KB, 538x577, fsaasfs.PNG)

My taste lies in robust women other men can't handle broheim



doesn't look white. no thanks.



Not white but sure as hell evropid

File: 1598535966382.jpg (345.57 KB, 960x1440, 1520784001416.jpg)


Most recent news is that the organizers are planning to go ahead with the anti-lockdown demonstration regardless

The regime has now responded to this by saying they're going to use ZOGbot force to dissolve any gatherings (while still allowing the regime-sponsored conformist "counter-demonstrations" by NPC's mind you) liek in Stuttgart back then where people lost their eyes and shit thanks to water cannons firing directly into the crowd

They just keep adding oil to the fire by pissing the normies off like this kek

I'll prolly post updates here the day after tomorrow as the situation develops heh
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File: 1602271376637.png (39.33 KB, 200x200, t_4f76f88435e3f82b6eda15a6….png)


So this guy is being tried by the regime for "incitment", he's a well-known activist

I thought it had to do with the camps but all he said was repeat the fact that the strike on the USSR in 1941 was preventive in nature. Whole fucking books have been published about this by historians and yet they're putting this guy on trial for it all of a sudden now

Fuck i hate this regime so much



Ah the judge acquited him but apparently ((state)) prosecutors have filed an appeal to the ruling, they're prolly not going to be successful w/dat methinks








File: 1602966813580.png (857.29 KB, 814x1525, npd.de_2020_10_wer-schwar.png)

The de facto-outlawing of the Reich's flag was just sacked in Bremen, not sure if it's still active in the other länder

File: 1593456225120.jpg (206.39 KB, 536x900, yagoda.jpg)

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Bolshevist WaPo editor deletes tweet claiming ‘white germanic women’ are lucky ‘we are just calling them KARENS and not calling for REVENGE’

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File: 1601100703297.jpg (125.62 KB, 1080x1080, 1600465773797.jpg)




File: 1601754714737.png (401.61 KB, 800x445, Screenshot_2020-10-03-TPM-….png)

Former CEO of Twitter Fantasizes About “People Lined Up Against the Wall and Shot” in New Bolshevist Kike Putsch




File: 1602252535881.jpg (15.9 KB, 474x334, judeobolshevism.jpg)




File: 1602454313212.jpg (123.33 KB, 650x483, COMMIE-JEW-NKVD-BUST-XPRT-….jpg)




File: 1602965887616.png (109.6 KB, 1344x928, bolshevikipedia.png)

Makes ya think huh

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