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File: 1578846577286.jpg (96.36 KB, 945x531, 945x531_cmsv2_df03cd13-c41….jpg)


Uber and Hyundai Have Established a Drone Taxi System That Just Might Work




File: 1578846795781.png (262.44 KB, 636x446, kino flying car.PNG)

Pilotless air taxi from China’s Ehang takes flight in the US for the first time




File: 1579200791341.jpg (63.49 KB, 500x500, 1579193418856.jpg)

File: 1579199924895.jpg (926.67 KB, 2889x3429, 1579178305601.jpg)


Elon Musk keeps traveling to Texas to work on SpaceX's new Starship rocket



That's a guy, isn't it?



Yep. And it got really obvious since last year when we posted a younger her with a rose on my 8ch.net/kc/ thread about the purpose of beauty



File: 1579200475415.jpg (44.64 KB, 331x403, asspained kike.jpg)

LOL take haldol tranny medz

File: 1575162362059.jpg (121.17 KB, 949x842, elsa_and_anna_as_vikings_b….jpg)


Kinoass Germanic Vikangz Series Sequel announced!

If you've been down in the dumps ever since it was revealed in January 2019 that the upcoming sixth season of History's drama series Vikings would be its last, it's time to pick yourself back up. A new Vikings spin-off series has been announced, and soon Vikings: Valhalla will be streaming on Netflix.

The flagship Vikings series kicked off back in 2013, and quickly established itself as one of History's most successful series while also blazing a new trail for the network as its first scripted fiction series. Though billed as a historical drama, Vikings has a largely invented narrative that inserts real and legendary figures from Norse culture into actual historical events, having them interact in ways that historians deem unlikely. On the early seasons, the series followed Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), a historically-debatable figure and folk hero of Scandinavia, and his wife Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), a legendary ruler whose historicity is also debated. (Vikings gets a lot of things wrong when it comes to history.) Also featured heavily were real-life Viking conqueror Rollo of Normandy (Clive Standen), presented as Ragnar's brother in the show. Later seasons of Vikings focused more on the offspring of Ragnar, most notably Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) and Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh)

Throughout its run, Vikings has chronicled, well, the Viking way of life, the Norse peoples' first forays into England and France, and the constant power struggles and political machinations that went on in Europe during the eighth and ninth centuries. So with a lot of ground covered through six seasons, what's left to explore on Vikings: Valhalla? Here's everything we know about the spin-off series so far.

Read More: https://www.looper.com/176808/vikings-valhalla-netflix-release-date-cast-and-plot/?utm_campaign=clip
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File: 1578655397748.png (708.31 KB, 640x640, 1578563688146.png)

What le actual fuck did i just watch xD

>dude feminism

>dude literal cuckoldry
>dude tatoos






Nu episode in 24hrs



File: 1579193178058.png (1.47 MB, 1680x1050, when de gods call u.png)

Goddamn Lagertha's funeral scene right towards the end was kino as fuck and acshually made me tear up a little like a lill nibba

Also that sacrifical bish was qt as fuark heh




File: 1579196865704.png (1.95 MB, 1680x1050, ragn.png)

Dose diccusccan lipz heh

File: 1577360872234.jpg (117.79 KB, 1000x813, 38b4738266adb3ce0c05428db4….jpg)


Last night I went to my parent home for a holiday meal.
Last time I've been visiting my parents was almost half a year ago.

My mother even called my today before I went and told me what she was cooking and that I should not eat so much beforehand because she is preparing three different meals only for me. You could tell she really was excited and happy that I'm coming visiting her.

So I went to my parents and my mom served me a home maid pizza that was great. The moment I started eating it with a fork, my mom laughed and asked if I needed a knife. This moment I went batshit insane, started screaming at my mom while still having food in my mouth for 15 mins about how the fuck she every time dares telling me what to and even how to eat and comment every fucking shit I do and how I couldn't ever come to my parent and eat in piece even once because every time I start eating there she does that stuff.

My mom didn't even say anything, turned on the TV and didn't look at me a single time I sat there and ate the food. You could tell she was crushed.

After I was finished eating, my mom swallowed her anger and talked normally to me and asked me how I was and how things were going. She even gave me 150 EUR as Christmas present, which I declined. Also I didn't bring a present myself.

After that screaming I was so upset, that I stayed at my parents home for only two hours and then I went home.

Tbh, I somewhat expected me to be sorry about what I've, but I don't feel anything. Really, there isn't a single thing that I feel.

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File: 1578107035332.png (287.52 KB, 692x794, 7cee765e224195bae5f3c3d0e0….png)

We betrayed our families



Best thread



They betrayed us first.



Be the bigger man



File: 1579196959036.jpg (166.96 KB, 720x960, 1579145570086.jpg)

File: 1578634036570.png (617.3 KB, 748x700, 706896194995ac4c7614b88f80….png)


I don't know who the guy is but he seems legit, at least less disinfo than most conspiracy sites and I don't trust Miles Mathis:
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File: 1578643180766.jpg (86.58 KB, 1280x720, 2d75b1ce0009b43e3695f7019f….jpg)

>but those criminals on trial
Nothing inspires me more than morons who can't spell.






leave her alone




rate this conspiracy theory




File: 1579175525771.jpg (146.94 KB, 500x500, 1579109839250.jpg)


>Try looking up Mr Bond stuff on (((bitchute)))
>Results still show but all the videos refer to a custom 404 page

Le phucc


>Try looking up your mom stuff on (((pornhub)))
>Results still show but she's too fat to fit on my screen


File: 1579111327187.jpg (942.15 KB, 1536x2049, 1579031998232.jpg)


>Shopping Mall Vacancies Hit Two-Decade High

Shopping malls across the country are under severe financial distress, with vacancy rates hitting two-decade highs in 2019, reported the Financial Times, citing a new report from Reis Moody's Analytics.

US retailers announced 9,300 store closings in 2019, according to Coresight, indicating that the retail apocalypse and a massacre of malls are far from over.



Shopping malls, strip malls, and suburbs were a colossal mistake. Taking businesses out of cities and towns not only ruined local economies, it made people too stupid to keep up on how to do anything for themselves, making them utterly reliable on corporations who don't give a shit about standards. Top it off, the fucking boomers that made this happen also ran out to the horror scene that is suburbs, shirking any responsibility in maintaining the cities their fore-bearers made so they can rot into old age in the middle of nowhere amounting to fuck all while their children fall into drugs, poverty, and no future. Land that could be used for farming is now lost to mediocre, overpriced fake neighborhoods. Murrica is so completely FUCKED.



File: 1579164515267.jpg (31.19 KB, 617x411, 1552469655777.jpg)

100% this! I can't even find work to escape this hellhole.



What I hate even more is how the vast majority don't even see this, or those that do just don't care. It's insane. It is genuinely insane. And then I feel insane about it because it's like I'm the only one who ever brings it up and if people ever get angry about it, it's because I'm talking about it at all. People are so lethargic in everything.
>go to college for debt
>go to work to pay off debt
>but house to get back into debt
>get into more debt to buy random shit
>end up in a care home being run by uncaring subhumans

File: 1579117674641.jpg (113.5 KB, 960x674, 960x0.jpg)


GameStop Stock Plummets After A 27.5% Decrease In Holiday Sales

The hits keep on coming for GameStop as the beleaguered retailer announced in a note to investors a 27.5% decrease in holiday sales to $1.8 billion, which sent its stock diving as much as 16%.

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Don't liquidate ANYBODY



i liquidate ur mum's pucci, lol



File: 1579133585792.png (243.88 KB, 599x741, 1565232395442.png)

>i liquidate ur mum's pucci, lol



File: 1579151032779.jpg (266.7 KB, 1534x2100, 2361165-nes_battletoads.jpg)

is battletoads on sale?



GameStop shuts down completely by 2024?

File: 1579135268452.jpg (19.75 KB, 606x327, 1579128525310.jpg)


Imagine the Gravettians breaking through the caves of Europe.
Grugina, a daughter of an Aurignacian shaman, is hiding in a secluded part of the Chauvet caves in France.
She hears footsteps and angry men screaming.
Suddenly her lair is exposed and Gravettian men start entering it.
Grugina tries to fight them but she is weak from the lack of food since she hid.The Gravettians put her on all fours,they strip her clothes and her butt is nude for everybody to see.This is the beginning of the end for Aurignacians. The Gravettians breed Grugina in the name of the great northern spirits and soon all other Aurignacian people of Europe shall meet the same fate. Now Grugina lives in the harem of a Moravian Gravettian chieftain, the harem is full of Aurignacian women (collected from the campaigns) who have given the man a lot of babies. (Now Europe is I-M170 lmao)


Nobody can even understand what you are talking about.



What a strange sexual fantasy.



Aurignacians BTFO

File: 1579144699119.jpg (89.67 KB, 1600x900, p0808wc9.jpg)


From cocktails to karaoke, more Japanese people are going it alone. What's causing the huge change in the traditionally group-oriented country?

A decade ago, many Japanese were so embarrassed to be seen eating alone in the school or office cafeteria that they’d opt to eat in a bathroom stall. Appearing friendless was a no-no, leading to what became known as “benjo meshi” – taking a “toilet lunch”.

But many think Japan is changing in a big way. One of those people is Miki Tateishi, a bartender in Tokyo. She works at Bar Hitori, a cosy spot in the Shinjuku nightlife district that is designed for solo drinkers.

The bar, which opened in mid-2018, represents an unusual opportunity in conformity-driven Japan – to go out and drink by yourself. And it’s doing well: instead of hiding in toilet stalls, people are stepping out and embracing being seen solo.

“Some people want to enjoy being alone, others want to build a new community,” says Tateishi. She believes the bar’s “solo only” policy helps potential guests who might otherwise get turned off by big groups or regulars.

Customers can strike up conversation with each other in a laid-back environment that accommodates about a dozen people. The flowing booze and tight quarters make for easy interactions.



maybe i should go there and drink a japanese girl under the table then take her home



Uhm…that's called rape, sweaty. It's illegal to do that in Japan aka the most progressive and feminist country in the world.

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