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File: 1584659651786.png (13.18 KB, 241x263, 1474674271609.png)


Gov. Gavin Newsom said the state projects that 56% of California's population will be infected with the #coronavirus over the next two months.

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‘DO NOT TRAVEL’: US State Dept Raises Travel Advisory Worldwide — The Highest Level




Los Angeles Mayor says he will ‘deputize’ city officials to ‘drive around’ & enforce the “stay at home” order, implying there will be arrests if citizens don’t comply

“People are getting guns. They’re going crazy…”

“We’ll pay ‘em a visit…”


dis won't go well is Los Angeles





File: 1584691974867.png (464.88 KB, 717x697, 1565643675652.png)

inb4 LA riots 2.0 muttkino incoming



Senior GOP senators object to direct payments at caucus meeting

they'd rather give money to Israel than to American citizens in need

File: 1584645582730.jpg (350.54 KB, 1080x1920, hnm7ihkzol731.jpg)






G-d I want to fug that coconut n*gger heh



File: 1584691758239.jpg (57.15 KB, 640x640, 1584681228417.jpg)

Imagine taking a deep whiff of her smelly asshole fumes after she did a 2 hour workout and is absolutely drenched

File: 1584678371774.jpeg (115.44 KB, 754x1024, EThQgmsUwAEBN9F.jpeg)


>Like a number of the founding senior editors of National Review magazine, Meyer was first a Communist Party USA apparatchik before his conversion to political conservatism.
what did Wikipedia mean by dis



hes a kike

File: 1584679349246.jpg (568.02 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20200319-214157.jpg)




he unironically looks good bald heh

File: 1584654715295.jpg (76.48 KB, 764x432, GettyImages-611910256.jpg)


Glendora man, 34, dies from coronavirus; recently visited Disney World in Florida: Report

A Glendora man who died just days ago after testing positive for COVID-19 recently visited Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida, it was reported Thursday.

In a Facebook post, family members of Jeffrey Ghazarian, 34, said he died Thursday morning at a Pasadena hospital after being hospitalized for several days, according to TMZ. His family stated he had a history of asthma and frequent bronchitis as a child. He also had beat testicular cancer back in 2016, which made him a higher risk for contracting coronavirus.

According to TMZ, his sister stated, "He suffered a lot and put up a good fight. We will miss our Jeff every day but we are thankful for all the fun happy memories of the times we had together."

According to his family, Ghazarian flew from Los Angeles to Orlando on March 2 for a work conference. During his time in Orlando, he went to Disney World and Universal theme parks with friends.

TMZ reported that Ghazarian began to develop a cough on March 7 and the next day he coughed up blood.

He returned to Los Angeles International Airport on March 9 and immediately went to the emergency room, where he also had a high fever.

TMZ reports that medical personnel performed a chest x-ray and confirmed that Ghazarian had pneumonia. He was reportedly tested for COVID-19 before he was sent home with antibiotics and fluids and was instructed to self-quarantine while he awaited the results.
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This but unironically



Imagine actually caring literally nothing.



File: 1584666065748.jpeg (112.16 KB, 640x1017, ETfBvKJUYAAqjqN.jpeg)






predicting coronavirus looting in america
will use this thread in the near future to post about looting happenings heh


I live in Florida, and I'm only slightly worried about a full-scale chimp out, because even though there are plenty of niggers, I don't live in a city and there aren't many places to go here. I doubt people from neighboring cities would bother to come here to riot either.



broward county muhfuggah




two mystery meat people looting in the open in San Francisco heh

btw is it legal to tackle these people?

File: 1584659843819.jpg (159.73 KB, 1003x752, download (1).jpg)


Justin Trudeau: Working from home just like the rest of us

In isolation with his family, Canada's prime minister oversees Covid-19 response and bath time.

Justin Trudeau’s week will one day fill the pages of Canadian history books — he’s sealed off the U.S. frontier to non-essential travelers, unleashed a huge economic aid package and moved closer to invoking a law that can empower the government to limit civil liberties.

And the G-7 leader has done it all from home, with his three young kids underfoot.

In fact, for more than a week, the prime minister has looked after the children solo — 24/7 — as the only able adult in the house.

He and his kids entered 14 days of self-isolation together after his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, tested positive for Covid-19 last Thursday. He insists he’s fine and says Sophie, who is quarantined in one part of their house, is feeling better despite mild flu-like symptoms.

There are no caregivers or political staff at the Trudeau home, just the five members of his immediate family, a government official told POLITICO.

Like so many parents now working from home, he's encountered some challenges.
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File: 1584661073833.jpg (188.37 KB, 1080x899, Screenshot_20200319-163651.jpg)

finessed these mf hebrews

get that bag my nibbas



Probably never happened; money laundering scheme likely heh



well if you can't trust a random kike off twitter then who can you trust?

File: 1584663004679.jpg (28.91 KB, 240x317, hey-rabbi-whatcha-doing.jpg)


Jew Arrested After Lying About Coronavirus on Facebook
>Coronavirus is just another big ZOG media hoax, prove me wrong
A man in Texas was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor after admittedly lying about having tested positive for contracting the novel Coronavirus in a post on Facebook.

According to the Tyler County Sheriff’s Office, 23-year-old Michael Lane Brandin turned himself in after causing a small panic because his post also claimed that he was told the deadly contagion had evolved to spread even more easily than it already does.

“In a comment on the post, Brandin advised that he was informed by medical professionals in Tyler County that the virus had become airborne,” a press release by the sheriff’s office notes. “Brandin advised deputies his post was to make a point that you cannot believe everything you view online.”

Brandin’s self-described “social experiment” resulted in a slew of emergency calls to local law enforcement, medical, and emergency management authorities in East Texas—and a response from those same authorities due to the emergency declarations issued by both President Donald Trump and Texas Governor Greg Abbott, according to police.

Tyler County sheriff’s deputies followed up with Brandin soon thereafter and learned that he was simply a prankster amidst the pandemic trying something out. But whatever it was, it seemed to have worked—maybe just not the way the man intended.



>it was just a social experiment bro

I laff

File: 1584645084995.jpeg (162.06 KB, 1260x840, im-166452.jpeg)


>Playboy magazine is ending its print run in the U.S. after nearly seven decades on the newsstand



>buying porn in 2020



>Epstein Sr's monthly pro-degeneracy, propogana rag no longer avail in print


Vague emergency legislation gives UK police & ‘public health officers’ powers to DETAIN suspected Covid-19 sufferers

SPOILER alert: This TOTALLY will not be abused by brit!ZOG to blackbag pro-white dissidents, nope not a chance in hell of that happening heh


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