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File: 1603052022651.jpg (478.32 KB, 1000x879, 4ed.jpg)


In the middle ages (12th century) in England a day's wage for a farm labourer was 3 silver pennies. This works out to about $134USD/week for a 6 day week, assuming the traditional silver/gold monetized ratio for the value of silver of 15.5 to 1 (as later set by Issac Newton), and assuming that the pennies are pure silver, not the later sterling. A measure of free beer was also provided at lunchtime.

File: 1603050838788.jpg (49.74 KB, 516x679, 1603041185117.jpg)


>Ach… Just ein more Luftwaffle…


File: 1603051601818.jpeg (5.68 KB, 183x275, images.jpeg)

But mein fuhrer…

File: 1603044056368.jpg (40.57 KB, 543x920, 120948309_2744073575866724….jpg)


/new/ BTFO


>non quantifiable anti-white bullshit that runs counter to the whole educational canon of humanity

Bugman extraordinaire



>>23759 this is why i exclusively read black queer slam poetry transcripts


is that 4chan voter fraud shit real?
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Nothing, just a false flag to justify shutting down 4chan and further consolidating Twitter and Facebook's influence



File: 1603041336201.png (484.06 KB, 856x854, 1602615338466.png)

maybe it is bullshit, haven't got into details, but half of the internet is in this really weird state of damage control (incl 4c /g/ for some reason) where they must prove at all costs that
>hur dur retards you can t just like hack and abuse a shitty outsourced insecure website api using windows cmd and some python script thats just impossibru, like thats just literary not how every on-the-spot made website scraper or bot ever works



File: 1603042935638.jpg (166.44 KB, 850x619, 3517015 - Anna Chesare Els….jpg)

This post has been debunked by snopes already



it's also been debunked that comrade tv goy jim carey is allowed to make fun of joe biden and, in fact, that was just an accidental mistake



File: 1603044076187.png (343.68 KB, 585x606, 1569962714086.png)

Actually this has been debunked a while ago


Germanic Researchers 3D Print Bio-Inspired Heart Valve and Stent


File: 1603001548272.jpg (54.55 KB, 912x1140, 1602996929916.jpg)

Germanic US Army and Researchers 3D Print Microfluidic Channels on Curved Surface in an Open Lab



File: 1603021368904.jpg (12.14 KB, 400x412, cant-fap_o_814954.jpg)

>muh soience
>muh reddit muffuggr
>im gonna coooooommmm



File: 1603028552385.jpg (44.64 KB, 331x403, asspained kike.jpg)

i slap ur ass KIKE

File: 1603023726767.jpg (60.68 KB, 474x605, steesatsu penis pic.jpg)




There's no way that this headline isn't getting Alex sued if it's not 100% true so we'll see kek



File: 1603028451554.png (210.74 KB, 1200x659, 1578029480066.png)

Very frazzledrip-esque

File: 1602976470100.jpg (271.81 KB, 1080x691, Screenshot_20201018-001401….jpg)




i've been predicting a pre-election oil spill for the past few weeks
here is the rapidly created wiki page to help facilitate the psyop



it's just oil it'll evapourate



Learn to spell.





>encountered in the UK and Canada
muslim countries cannot into engrish
lmaooo stupid niggers

File: 1603001284739.jpg (180.91 KB, 1996x1748, 1305169 - Anna Elsa Frozen….jpg)


How Home Depot Is Enhancing The Ecommerce Experience With AI


File: 1603006262620.jpg (209.78 KB, 2048x1435, 1601137806055.jpg)



>unregulated police facial recognition camera
oh noes! someone saw muh face
reeeeeeeee muh precious face

File: 1603002109846.jpg (651.12 KB, 1000x2573, 1576900255329.jpg)


A glib facsimilé


File: 1603020998431.png (93.74 KB, 755x1255, troll.png)

left column: some bored former /b/tard trolling niggers by pretending to be girls
right column: some bored former /b/tard trolling niggers by pretending to be a nigger
this reply: some bored former /b/tard trolling niggers by posting unrelated pics



you: gigacoping


Was it kino?


File: 1602365027268.png (383.75 KB, 852x394, capeshit.png)

Looks like kim jong un watched too much star wars heh



File: 1602365054589.png (580.54 KB, 818x448, ghillie nibber.png)

Dis nibber play 2 much cod



File: 1602980873254.jpg (152.51 KB, 940x521, North-Korea-Pukguksong-mis….jpg)


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