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stop using amp links. they are damaging to a free internet as they are google proprietary.




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So this is nigger power, huh….? Not bad…

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this but IRL, possible shitstorm etc etc

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FINAL BOW Comedian Trevor Moore to be laid to rest in private funeral after death at 41, as initial autopsy ruled inconclusive

A source familiar with the arrangements exclusively told The Sun that Trevor will be laid to rest in a private service.

Fans have been asked to donate to NEXT for Autism in lieu of sending flowers.

The Sun has also learned that the sketch comedian's initial autopsy has been completed and that his body was released to his family earlier this week.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner's office tells The Sun that the “cause of death at this time is deferred which means that after an autopsy, a cause of death has not been determined and the medical examiner is requesting more investigation into the death, including additional studies.”

It will be some time before an official cause of death will be determined, as the Medical Examiner explained: “Once the test and studies come back, the doctor evaluates the case again, and then makes the cause of death determination."

Trevor was tragically found dead by his wife, Aimee Carlson, in the yard of his Los Angeles mansion in the early morning hours of August 7th according to the Los Angeles Police Department.



Actually I think there was already a thread on this guy, whoops. However very strange that an "accidental death" would be ruled inconclusive by a coroner.

100% was a vaxx related heart attack lads

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the jews did this
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File: 1628898654984.jpg (1.3 MB, 2083x2000, Dying.jpg)




If your typical germ-man is anything like Foky, it's an improvement



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this tbh fam



File: 1628999232603.jpg (44.64 KB, 331x403, asspained kike.jpg)

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Farewell sweet prince

May you be transported to Valhalla by angels
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File: 1628884359451.png (171.06 KB, 362x298, imageedit_35_4998246816.png)



No way that's him lmoa

Looks close though kinda



Could've provided a sauce



File: 1628897669587.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.13 KB, 800x450, NzczYzgzYWI4NyMveXItMkhkYW….jpg)

It's actually…



Biocunts have much to answer for, replacement with fembots equipped with artificial wombs being the solution leading to biocunts becing first obsolescent then extinct.
This is the only way to ensure the purity of the white race from whores long since kikked into race mixing disease ridden whores


Rand Paul: "They Can’t Arrest All of Us"
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>woke lefties
depend on antifa goons, who have crusty gutter punks in their ranks that are only interested in wearing masks insofar as they are fighting whatever the status quo happens to be at the moment and not because they are worried about some garbage-in-garbage-out computer simulation of health and hygiene
>woke lefties
depend on niggers who aint hearin none of that lock down she-it… ya hear, nigga?
>woke lefties
depend on academics who, whatever their social politics might be, are at least somewhat familiar with statistics and they are, more and more, looking at the numbers and shaking their heads.
>woke lefties
have pissed off middle american and southern whites alike, even before muh rona, and will get no love from them
>woke lefties
overplayed their hand by inseparably coupling their woke with smegma variant bullshit and are too caught up in their own echo chambers to even realize it. paul just gave other politicians the permission to do the right thing by being one of the first among them to stick his neck out like this. senior republican conservative-inc. sell outs will want to front run paul's sentiment if it means they can get back in power. they could spin the narrative and turn a good portion of all those demographics into single issue voters in short order. very, very, interesting.



File: 1628765385983.jpg (239.3 KB, 630x736, 1628741225014.jpg)

Oy vey shut it down



That fellow with the weird haircut is a martyr now.
Possible Streisand effect incoming?



File: 1628832152571.jpg (55.11 KB, 370x223, rand paulberg being jewish.jpg)




File: 1628858487250.jpg (60.25 KB, 618x1024, 1628843729073.jpg)

You guys ready?

File: 1628516613914.jpg (98.99 KB, 719x441, Screenshot_20210809-144320….jpg)


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>projectile vomit of stomach acid
i always liked the way out there speculative theory that there may have been such creatures and their stomach acids would produce hydrogen as a byproduct of digesting the calcium in the bones of the prey that they ate whole. heavy dragons could fly effortlessly through the air because they were filled with hydrogen like a dirigible and would belch fire on occasion.
>Time for your meds
our chad forefathers had no meds to take and thus slayed those beasts to extinction so that we could become the apex predators that we now are and have the free time to invent the religion of scientism and explain away how none of that actually ever happened. here there be dragons.



While the speculation about fire breathing is fun, the truth is dragons were never described as breathing fire. They spat a different fire, not a conventional flame. This survives often in fantasy fiction, where 'dragonfire' is special in some kind of magical way. The witnesses and dragon slayers tell of a mist, vapour or smoke bellowing forth from their mouth. Given the properties it supposedly had, it sounds like a high pressure jet of vapourised venom or maybe acid. Of course, the only way to explain the effect for people who didn't know better was to say it was some sort of magic fire, when the person hit in the face by this attack starts clawing at their eyes screaming about how it burns. Spitting cobra venom is said to hurt like a burning, stabbing sensation, so imagine that only much worse.

You're correct about the ancestors driving them back as well. In prehistory, dragon cults/clans/priests would offer humans as sacrifice to their dragon 'god' for protection. Eventually, men got fed up of that and decided they wouldn't send pretty young girls to die anymore. They killed the dragons and became the storm gods, slayers of the chaos serpents. Acolytes of the dragons were also put to the sword and fled. Over centuries, the pterosaurs learned like any other species does to either avoid us or become domesticated. Later accounts of encounters often end with the dragon simply flying away to terrain we had trouble following them through, rather than fighting against people. We never did finish the job though, they're not extinct yet. You still have a chance to be a dragon slayer.



where are they?



There are reports from several places still sometimes. Far away from large human populations, mountain caves & woodland seem like preferred habitats. If you want to take one down I suggest a large caliber rifle since they'll be hard to get close to. That of course limits your hunting grounds to places you can carry such heat legally or without being caught. While sightings happen in parts of North America, there is also Africa to consider (a local name is Kongamato) where you could use safari as a cover for your expedition. Areas of Indonesia too, calling them 'ropen'/'indavas' and probably other names also.

Don't expect it to be easy or quick however. Even in those locations, their habits seem to be rather timid when it comes to people. Attacks are not unheard of yet scavenging fresh graves is supposedly more common than active predation of humans. Good luck if you attempt it, be careful of taking a trophy though, the corpse of a dragon is still notoriously dangerous. Similar to a snake's fangs, they can still deliver fatal wounds when dead. If you're lucky enough to find a nest and can seize the eggs they are worth a lot to the right buyer apparently. Or take a chance, hatch and raise your own pet wyvern. Incredibly risky but could be cool.



File: 1628831837950.jpg (102.29 KB, 960x541, 1568255780055.jpg)


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